As Shippo slid his rock hard dick into Kagome's wet pussy, he said softly, "I don't want to hurt you, Kagome. But if --" Kagome put her finger on his mouth, silencing him. "Just fuck me, Shippo" Shippo pushed his dick in as far as he could, and Kagome moaned with pleasure. The feeling of his cock in her vagina was too delicious and he reached his climax sooner than either of them thought. "Yes! Yes! Fuck me more, Shippo!" was all Kagome said before climaxing herself. It was then that Kagome heard someone call her name. "Kagome!" It was faint, but it was there. "Kagome, what's wrong?" Shippo asked. "Did I do something wrong?" She told him no, then listened. "Kagome, can you hear me?" It was louder, and the room was fading."What the fuck?!?" Kagome said. "What is going on?" Then, "KAGOME!! SNAP OUT OF IT!"

She felt warm fur on her face. 'Huh?' she thought. Suddenly, Shippo vanished. Kagome closed her eyes. When she opened them, it was as if she hadn't. Everything was still black as night, so she closed them again, saying, "I'll open them slowly this time." Kagome heard Inuyasha's voice and opened her eyes. She was surprised to be looking up at the afternoon sky. "Wha? Where, where am I?" Miroku shook his head. "You're in the middle of the forest with a very large bump on your head. You've been out cold for almost three hours now." Kagome put her hand on her head. "It was a dream? But it seemd so real. It felt so real." Inuyasha raised his eyebrow. "Yeah, whatever. Come on. That village of demon women is right around the corner." As they headed for the village, Kagome looked at Shippo and blushed slightly, but nobody noticed.


The end of this story has arrived.