My second fic. Thanks to those people who wrote a review to my first, "A Young Saiya-Jin's Love". I have added only one new character. HIs name is Sanosuke Uchiha. Yeah, you read that right. Sanosuke Uchiha. Those of you who are fans of Ruroni Kenshin - also known to some as Samurai X - Should remember Sanosule Sagara. That's where I got the name. And Uchiha, of course, means he's Sasuke's brother. I have made him Sasuke's twin, as the title implies. He also has the double sharingan. Sanosuke has a 'clone jutsu' that is kinda unique. It's called "Thunder Clone Jutsu" and is similar to the "Multi-Shadow Clone Jutsu" of Naruto's.

Anywho, my story starts after the Chunin exams have been completed. Naruto and Hinata are out on a date - FINALLY! - at the ramen shop. Sasuke is fighting Gaara, but is trapped in a sand barrier, and trying desperately to get out. Kakashi is again reading 'Make-out Paradise' when he notices a boy who appears to be a shadow clone of Sasuke, but is wearing white instead of blue, approaching them from the general direction of the sand. And Sakura, well, let's just say she's distracted . . .

"Sakura," Kakashi said. "Isn't that Sasuke?" Sakura looked over at the sand barrier but wasn't able to see anyone. "I don't see anyone out there, Kakashi-sensei. No, wait! SASUKE! How'd you get out of the sand?" The boy looked directly at her and said, "I am NOT my brother." He walked over to Sakura and the bridge builder. "My name, Haruno-chan, is Sanosuke Uchiha. Sasuke is my younger twin."

Sakura looked into his eyes, noticing the double sharingan, but also noting the bi-colored irises. "Oh my God! Sano-kun!" She threw her arms around him and cried. "Oh, God, I've mised you so damn much!" Kakashi just raised an eyebrow and turned back to his book. Sanosuke looked at her and said, "Please don't use -kun on my name, Haruno-chan. I just got back from a Jounin-level mission in the Grass Village. I need to wash Orochimaru's blood off of me."

At that exact moment, Sasuke broke free of the sand barrier. "What the hell are you doing here, Sanosuke?" Sanosuke looked at his brother and said, "Just coming home to a lovely lady and good food after an assasination mission ordered by Lord Hokage."

And THAT is where I shall leave it until chapter 2. R&R please. Every time this is read and not reviewed, Naruto gets a kunai thrown into his balls. And it's thrown by Sakura.