Been a while since I last wrote. Anyways, last time a mysterious black fog "kidnapped" Kenshin, Kaouru, Kenji, Yahiko, and Sanosuke from the Kamiya Dojo. It also appeared in Feudal Japan and "kidnapped" Inuyasha, Kagome, Shippo, Sango, and Miroku. They all appeared in some sort of brick labyrinth. Introductions were made, Inuyasha was smacked, and a mystery is begun. . . .


Himura Kenshin surveyed the surroundings. "This one is very puzzled, that I am." A black-haired woman in a ninja's outfit looked at the samurai. "Swordsman, it appears we are in a different region than our own homes." Sango sat down and called for her two-tailed fox. "Kirara. Come." Kaouru picked up her son. "Kenji. Time for bed." The red-haired child laid his head on his mother's shoulder and yawned. Kagome noticed Inuyasha's ears twitch. "What is it, Inuyasha?" The silver haired half-demon shushed her. "I heard something down this path." Kenshin could sense it, too. "Someone's there." Inuyasha and Kenshin drew their respective weapons. "Show yourself." Kenshin said. "Come out, demon! I can follow your scent!" The Tetsusaiga glowed yellow. "Wind Scar!!" As the Wind Scar flayed the bricks along the path, a cry was heard.

"Tenkoro Shiden!!" What appeared to be a blue, electric version of the Wind Scar came from the other end of the path and negated Inuyasha's attack. "I know that move!" Inuyasha said. He sheathed Tetsusaiga and called out. "Kuro, if that's you, prove it!" A man about the same height as Sesshomaru, with silver hair, tiger ears, and two silver blades that resembled the Tetsusaiga stepped out of the dust and said, "Tora! Saru! Tori! Ne! Uma! Hitsuji! Tatsu! Tora! 'Look! The Tiger roars at the Dragon and leaps forward! It trembles with Power!'" Everyone but Inuyasha wondered what the hell was going on. Inuyasha replied with, "Ne! Tatsu! Uma! Tatsu! Inu! Ne! Tatsu! Tora! 'Behold! The Dragon sees his Friend and steps forward. It trembles with Wisdom.'" Kenshin steped up. Before the two hanyo could continue, he said, "Ushi! Mi! Tatsu! I! Saru! I! Tatsu! Tora! 'Forever Friends. Forever Rivals. The Tiger and the Dragon tremble with Eternal Power and Wisdom.'" Inuyasha double-blinked at Kenshin, while Kuroshikanawa cricked his neck. Then all three sword-wielders, at the same time, said, "'Until the Demon Snake rears itself, the Tiger and the Dragon shall never cease fighting eachother. Until the End of Time they shall remain Friends and Rivals.'"

Miroku asked, "Um...What just happened?" Inuyasha spoke to everyone, saying, "This is my buddy Kuroshikanawa. He's helped me through tight spots before, and has saved my life on more than one occasion." The half-demon bowed politley. "It is indeed a pleasure to meet my friend's allies." Shippo started jumping up and down. "I've heard of you!" he said. "You're the half-wolf-demon from the Heian Forest who helps the weary and defenseless travelers." Kuroshikanawa looked at the fox-demon. "My reputation for helping those in need preceeds me." Kuro takes a small bag out of a pocket in his gi. "Here, child. A gift of the Forest which I call home." Shippo took it. "For me?" Kuro nodded. "Gee, thanks! Inuyasha never gave me anything besides a bump on the head." Shippo opens the bag and sees a wood carving of a priestess from the Forest Shrine, which, oddly enough... "Hey! This looks like Kagome!" Inuyasha just looks at Kuro. "Hn. So whatcha doing here, Kuro?" Kuroshikanawa looks at his own feet. "I sent the fog." Sanosuke punched the ground. "What the heck did you do that for?" Kuro pointed at a group of large tents. "First, sleep," he said. "I shall explain in the morning."


Yahiko: Hey! What gives? You pull us away from home, for this?!?

Kuro: Please forgive me. I had no choice. I need the help.

Inuyasha: Hey, Samurai, How'd you know the ending to the skit Kuro and I did?

Kenshin: This one does not know. It sounded familiar, that it did.

????: No matter how many reinforcements you collect, you'll never destroy me, wolf-demon!

Kuro: Damn you! Let her go!

Kagome: Aaah! Help!!

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