Special Discount

"Girls from Seven-Eleven stay up all night, 24 hours a day..."

Roxas heaved a bored sigh, eyes flicking up briefly to the radio perched on the counter of his work area. Organized lines of cigarettes were arranged above him, and there were random knick-knacks stored around the shelves beneath the counter. He had already counted every single box of cigarette. It was 103. And the boy had also taken it upon himself to tidy up the roll of paper towel, pile of playing cards, and little box of hair ties as well. And now Mindless Self Indulgence was mocking him.

Roxas was working the night shift of Seven-Eleven.

And perhaps he wasn't a girl, but he was staying up all night.

Luckily, the small store was air-conditioned, or he would have been really pissed. Working 10:00 pm to 6:00 am was bad enough as it was. He hated this job, but it was summer and he desperately needed the money if he planned on blowing all of it at Otakon later.

Curling his lips to release another stream of air upwards, his blonde spikes that served as bangs shivered at the onslaught as Roxas stretched his limbs. It was almost 2:00 in the morning. The store was empty, as it had been for the past hour.

On top of working in the middle of the night and missing out on valuable sleep, the night shift was also a time when the drunk idiots and crack addicts, or maybe even insomniacs wandered into the nearest store to stock up. That was almost worse than anything about this job. At least once a day, he'd have to deal with the amused questions of why an elementary school student was working at Seven-Eleven. Roxas pouted to himself. He was just short, why did people keep making fun of him for that?

"I said, girls from Seven-Eleven stay up all night. Seven whole days a week!"

Glancing again briefly at the mocking radio, Roxas turned back to what he had been doing before his mental ranting had started up. His brows furrowed for the umpteenth time that night. A book lay out in his lap, and a worksheet packet was resting on the counter. In the beginning of his job, he had figured that if he was going to be sitting awake all night every day at Seven-Eleven, he might as well get some summer work done.

"I said, girls from Seven-Eleven stay up all night,"

Turning back to his English AP assignment, the blonde flicked back to the page where he had left off in To Kill a Mockingbird with a wince. He hated the book. So boring and dull. Just like he hated this job, as a matter of fact. Leaning back in the swivelly chair, he propped his feet up next to the cash register and set back to reading.

"And I could get a discount..." He sung along quietly, returning to the world of Atticus Finch and Boo Radley.

He didn't get a paragraph in when the faint jingle of the door alarm sounded. Someone had come in. The casual stump of a boots across the tiled floor replaced the quiet silence of the store and the smell of smoke wafted beneath Roxas's nose. The employee had had enough work experience to tell what that meant. The customer was smoking. Without bothering to even look up from his book, the blonde sighed and shoved forward the ashtray on the counter with the heel of his foot.

"There's no smoking in here..." He drawled, eyes flickering over the page. Another rock song started up on the radio, but Roxas paid it no mind.

"Sorry about that, blondie."

With a quirk of his eyebrow, Roxas finally had enough incentive to get a good look at who had come in. The voice certainly didn't belong to a drunkard. It was deep and had a husky edge to it. Marking the place in his book with his thumb, he looked up.

The first thing Roxas managed to take in was the blast of red spikes. The teen was older than him by a few years, it looked like. And his hair... Roxas internally 'ooh-ed' and 'ahh-ed' at the way it curved backward in perfect points. It didn't look gelled, either. But his outer expression remained bored and indifferent as he went on to see that the boy was clutching at a motorcycle helmet in one hand. Probably a delinquent.

The red-head flashed him a grin, moving forward to put out the cigarette that he had indeed been smoking. Green eyes shining with amusement, the boy shrugged his shoulders and backed off. "You can just get back to that book, then. Atticus Finch is the man."

Smiling somewhat in incredulity, Roxas watched briefly as the motorcyclist headed off down one of the short aisles of the store before attempting to get back to his assignment.

A brief moment later, he still hadn't even read a full sentence. The red-head was distracting enough with his bobbing hair and cocky personality that shone through him without him even saying anything that Roxas found that he couldn't concentrate on his book. Screw this, he thought, shutting the book with a soft snap and tossing it up onto one of the shelves next to him. If he couldn't do his school work, he might as well do his actual job.

Cautiously peering over the counter now, Roxas pulled down his legs to stand and get ready to deal with the customer and work the cash register. He couldn't complain about being distracted from To Kill a Mockingbird. In fact, this short distraction was even welcomed. At least this guy hadn't stumbled in drunk or high.

The customer soon returned, plunking down what he wanted to buy. Roxas blinked down at the pile. A discounted pack of lighters, condoms, and... a box of Twinkies. This guy undoubtedly had excellent taste. Snorting, Roxas looked back at the grinning teen. "Anything else?"

"Actually, now that you mention it..." The stranger paused, setting his helmet down beside his three items. "... can I get a 40 ounce Slurpee?"

"Mm." Reaching beneath the counter to the stacks of Slurpee cups, Roxas plucked out the first one at the top of the pile and tossed it to the red-head. With a grin of thanks, the taller boy wasted no time in sauntering over to the beverage machine.

Roxas let out another sigh. And he was getting paid minimum wage for this? It was depressing. Propping his elbows on the countertop, then his chin on his hands, the blonde gazed listlessly at the pack of condoms below his nose with only a vague spark of interest. Eyes then traveled to his worn chucks, up his frayed jeans, then back to the counter. He didn't want to observe his tacky Seven-Eleven work shirt too much, it was ugly enough as it was.

The sleek motorcycle helmet then caught his eye. It was black, but there were patterns of flames etched onto the surface and a name... arching his neck, Roxas made out the words "Axel" carved neatly into the plastic near the bottom of the helmet. What kind of a name was Axel?

And just when he couldn't loathe his job anymore... there was a morbid crunching sound behind him that didn't sound too promising...

"Eh hehe... um, blondie? I think it's broken."

With a roll of his eyes, Roxas turned around to face the red-head. His look of indifference fell away like oil and his jaw dropped to take on an expression of horror.

"What the hell did you do?"

The Slurpee machine was spewing blue and red iced mush in any which way possible, the delinquent standing beside it with his cup uselessly empty in his hands. He waved his arms around, smiling and trying not to laugh at Roxas's look. He stood aside as the blonde dashed forward, sliding somewhat on the slippery floor.

"I didn't really do anything!

Roxas said nothing, grimly digging into the machines innards and ignoring the Slurpee that was getting splattered into his hair, face, and uniform. It was cold and his fingers were quickly becoming numb, but after a few minutes of determined scrounging, the boy managed to pull out the wad of straws that had been wedged into the dispenser nozzle. Immediately, the machine grinded to a halt and resumed pouring out Slurpee like it was meant to do. With an excited exclamation, Axel took this moment to shuffle forward and prop his cup underneath the stream of red, watching with a grin as it filled to the top.

Roxas only watched, mouth gaping as the red-head casually fitted a cap onto his 40 ounce cup then poked a large straw into it, looking for all the world like he hadn't caused a huge disaster for the Seven-Eleven worker.

Axel chuckled, taking a slow sip before nodding. "Thanks."

"Y-y... what..." Roxas managed to choke out, the sticky concoction on his face beginning to slide down his collar. He scowled at the pleased expression on Axel's face. "What the hell did you break the machine for? You did that on purpose, I know you did!"

"Hrm." Axel leaned forward, grinning crookedly. Roxas stood his ground, eyes narrowed as the older teen's face got closer. It was hard to look angry and stern when you were covered from head to toe in Slurpee, but he tried his best, meeting Axel's gaze determinedly. He had no idea why the red-head had broken and totally screwed up the beverage dispenser, but he was most certainly going to pay for it somehow.

The red-head tilted his head. "You're a mess, blondie."

"It's Roxas, you--"

The blonde's words stuttered to a halt as Axel's tongue darted out to lick a trail up his cheek and clean up some of sticky drink from his face. He winced at the sensation, struggling to maintain his composure and yell at the motorcyclist, but Axel would have none of it. With one hand, he shoved Roxas against the wall by the Slurpee machine.

With a brief grin, the red-head swooped in to press his lips to the blonde's. Roxas glared at him, remaining still in hopes of dissuading the teen. His boss had warned before that creeps would come into the store sometimes, looking for some action. All he would have to do is press the alarm button beneath the counter.

Struggling to get out of his vulnerable position, Roxas shoved at the red-head, but Axel wasn't having any of that, either.

"You're not going anywhere."

Laughing softly, he dug a hand deep into the shorter boy's hair, massaging the scalp as he leaned in for another kiss. It wasn't as gentle the second time, Roxas noted. Axel was more intense with this one, tongue sliding along his stiff lips. The cold sensations were spreading along his body from the chilly drink that had soaked into his shirt and hair. Still, Roxas wouldn't budge.

Axel, ever stubborn, tried another maneuver. Tongue still slick and active, he began running it along Roxas's face, licking away at the remaining stickiness with soft slurping noises. It was enough to distract the blonde and give Axel an opportunity to nudge a knee in-between Roxas's legs.

Roxas gasped for breath at the intimate movement and that's when Axel chose to strike. Pouncing on the open mouth, the red-head's tongue went to work, easing into the warm cavern. The taste of wild cherry and blue raspberry broke through the Seven-Eleven employee's senses. The sharp tang of blue and sweet sensation of red Slurpee set strange sensations through his body and involuntarily, he began to relax, eyes lowering to a half-mast.

The kiss ended in a way that seemed premature. Axel, eyes cloudy and shining with triumph, rested his forehead against Roxas's messy one.

"So..." He panted, "Think I can get a discount on that Slurpee?"

"In your dreams." Roxas replied smugly, leaning back on the wall comfortably. No amount of snogging would convince Roxas to put his job in jeopardy. Even if the snogging was good.

Miffed that his seduction attempts had failed, Axel's eye twitched. Luckily, he had another trick up his sleeve. With hooded eyes, he set back to work, mouth descending on Roxas's. At the same time, a slender hand began slithering down the blonde's front, briefly teasing up his shirt, then heading back in the southern direction.

The sound of a zipper being undone, his own, brought Roxas back to reality. Eyes flashing open, he grunted in protest in an attempt to push Axel away again. The red-head dug his hands deeper into the yellow spikes, growling and pushing back. No words were exchanged, but the two met gazes briefly to glare at each other before smashing into another kiss.

What the hell are we doing, I wonder... Roxas thought to himself. He wasn't such a malleable individual that he let anyone who wanted to come up and start kissing him. Nor was there something particularly special about this individual who was currently intent on sticking a hand down his pants. With slow puffs, Roxas realized that he had no idea why this was happening. Maybe working at Seven-Eleven had made him like this.

But he doubted it.

The second time, Axel's attempts went on without protest. The zipper went all the way down and the hand snuck in to stroke against Roxas's obvious interest in the situation. Roxas's hands came up to grip Axel's shoulders as the taller teen continued to press kisses to his lips and stroke harder. By now, Roxas had practically gone numb from the Slurpee absorbing into his clothes, and his hair was probably absolutely disgusting, but it didn't stop Axel from continuously running his fingers through it. The tangy sweet taste that had been present in the kiss was gone, too.

And just when things were getting good... Axel stopped.

Abruptly, he broke away, pausing just a second more to make sure Roxas could still stand, leaning against the wall. Licking his fingers free of the stickiness that he had acquired from the blonde hair, he grabbed the abandoned drink of his that was still standing where he had left it before he stuck a hand down Roxas's pants. Calmly taking a sip of the stuff, he backpedaled to the counter, grabbing the forgotten discounted pack of lighters, condoms, and box of Twinkies.

Dumping the three items into his helmet that was now temporarily a basket, he waved goodbye to the dazed Roxas, licking his lips. "See you around, Roxas. And thanks for the Slurpee."

Somehow, Roxas didn't think he meant the actual drink.

That's when the thought that Axel hadn't paid broke through his fuddled head. He swore angrily, pushing off from the wall. "Hey! You didn't pay for that!"

"... yeah I did. Check your pants, blondie." Axel said over his shoulder, striding out of the Seven-Eleven.

Bewildered, Roxas unthinkingly looked down, pulling out the elastic band of his boxers to look inside. A five dollar bill had been stuffed inside by Axel's nimble hand. Unsticking the bill from the cotton material, the blonde looked it over.

Slowly, a grin spread on his kiss-bruised lips. A phone number had been scribbled onto the bottom of the bill, along with a note.

"Keep the change."

Roxas looked out the window of the Seven-Eleven just in time to see Axel revving away on his motorbike, mockingly blowing a kiss to him in goodbye.

Turned out that working at Seven-Eleven all night wasn't as boring as he thought it was. Setting out to go get a mop and cleaning solution, the blonde came to a realization.

He was working night shifts all next week.

Inspired by listening to MSI nonstop for three days, mainly "Seven-Eleven." Don't know why I wrote this. xD Maybe I'm insane. Or maybe I've been reading To Kill a Mockingbird too much and went on a Akuroku deficit.

I have an obsession with doing chapter stories, even if I write them originally as one-shots. edit// And I still doing, seeing that this is no longer a one-shot xD

I still have so much more stuff to write xD And yet here I am, writing about how Roxas is covered in Slurpee and getting licked clean by Axel.

Gotta love it.