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D e s c r i p t i o n ; Sasuke returns and everything starts to spin. Sakura finds her self going between the life she had without him and the new life he wishes to have with her. Naruto gains the courage to try and starts a relationship between him and Hinata while Shikamaru and Temari finally confess to one another and let lose all they have kept contained for each other.


C h a p t e r O n e

S w a p p e d F e e l i n g s

N o one was thrilled about Sasuke's return to Konoha. His absence had swapped everyone's feelings towards the Uchiha who first gave his loyalty, then betrayed them. The reason for betrayal consisted of avenging the death of his clan. Target to kill to avenge his clan was his older brother Itachi. Two people in particular did not have their mind set on hate or ecstasy on his return. Naruto and Sakura had always dreamed of this day. Granted they thought they would be the ones having to bring him back, Weather alive, half dead, or for that matter…dead. That was not the case, Sasuke decided to come back on his own accord. Such a decision made everyone wonder. Did Sasuke think they would welcome him back with open arms? They weren't that stupid, except maybe one person. No matter what Sasuke did Sakura would always accept him, but her love for him and vanished to no more then a vivid memory of what she used to feel for him and see in him. With no doubt Naruto was not too fond of this. He was content and nothing more. It would be interesting seeing an old companion back and by their side.


I t was winter in Konoha with a heavy snowfall. Winter was never very common let alone dense in Konoha but this year turned out to be different. It was quite ironic in a way, with Sasuke back and Konoha differing with its moderate summer. Naruto, Sai, and Sakura strolled the streets of Konoha. The three teammates started to take a liking to one another. Naruto and Sakura started to accept Sai as their new member who took the empty spot Sasuke left them. Trudging through the inches of snow left on the floor of Konoha's streets the three talked about random things. Naruto adding in his none sense comments here and there and Sakura giving him her usual scowls, while Sai sat back with no facial expression on and mostly keeping quiet through it all. Sakura was wearing sleeves for once and a longer skirt that dropped on down past her knees. The cold got to her unlike Sai and Naruto. Unlike them no matter how much warmer she dressed she never seemed to quit shivering, and she surprised how they could stand it as they were both still in their every day clothing.

A quiver was released for her nerves in reactions to her newly chilled winter gale that brushed along the surface of her flesh. Naruto looked over his shoulder, looking back at Sakura who was curled up into a tighter ball as they walked trying to ward of the new chilled sensation she experienced. Naruto stopped and was about to reach out to lay on hand on her shoulder and ask if there was anything he could do to help with being phased by the cold when Sai did everything he was on the verge of doing. Sai curled an arm around her waist and reeled Sakura into his side. Sai then spoke in a tone still above a whisper for how close she was. Naruto put on a frown but was at least pleased Sai talked in a volume he could still hear. Past events with Sai always made Naruto get worked up about so little.

"Y o u still cold Ugly?" Sakura turned still and felt like tensing up when Sai spoke and held her in his arms. She responded and put on a weak smile. "The cold likes to find ways to get to me."

E y e s darted up to look into his emotionless eyes, just the same as Sasuke's eyes always were. She felt out of place in his arms but slowly melted into enjoying it. Turning back to look at Naruto she noticed he was gone. Letting her gaze rise and fall along the scenery in front and behind her she soon caught sight of Naruto standing out in front of his favorite restaurant, Ichiraku Ramen. Sakura brightened up her face and felt right at home with the two boys. Though she still had that thing thread of longing left in her contaminated heart for Sasuke. Naruto put on his usually wide grin and looked back at Sakura and Sai. He was no longer concerned or phased about Sai holding Sakura, but was more focused on getting something to eat at Ichiraku Ramen.

H i s mouth opened and he closed his eyes just adding to the humor of his grin, "I'll leave you two be with your business and ill get a start on mine." A muted heh vibrated from his vocal cords and with that he walked off and into the Ramen shop.

S a k u r a could not help but blink a few times to Naruto's comment? Leave her and Sai to do their business they weren't together. All he did was simply haul her into his arms when she was cold. But at that moment she could not help but reflect back on own facial features and the new warmth that surrounded her. Sai lifted and hand to touch her cheek and commented on her warm feel, "You're turning red" Sakura froze and re gained her self slowly pulling out of Sai's arms. He helped her re gain her footing and let her stand on her own. Sakura crossed both her arms underneath her chest huddling back together, being depraved of Sai's warmth. Tilting her head downward she stared at the snow covered ground, trying to take her mind off of Sai. God how she could embarrass her self at times.

S h e stuttered a few second before she spoke up. 'It's about time you say something! Almost made it seem like you were wanting Sai to hold you forever!' Sakura cringed to what her inner self said. It never occurred to her she could feel anything for him but sense the first timed she did lay eyes on him he reminded her of Sasuke. "I'm going to start heading home now Sai." With her head still slanted down she shifted her gaze to look up at him, with fuchsia tendrils hanging over her jaded eyes. Sai put on another one of his smiles every thought of always being fake as he reacted to her comment. Sakura changed her embarrassed and caught off guard look to a gentle smile back to his generosity. She knew Sai thought of it nothing more but just trying to help someone cold out, but just being held in her arms lured her into wishing for something more. Which she forcefully was trying to keep her self away from. Though Sai was tempting her out of that restrain.

S a i kept still and watched Sakura start to walk off. He wondered if it would be worth trying to walk her home after what happened. He still was not sure if he felt anything for her, but she was a friend and in the winter Konoha got this year accompanying her on the way was the least he could do. Sakura's footsteps were imprinted in the snow, their outline perfect and crisp. Sai's dark and detached eyes stared down at one of the closer foot prints left by his side and then flicked his head back up. "Haruno, wait up." Sakura paused in her footsteps her arms still clung tightly together and wrapped around her chest, trying to keep in the warmth her own solitude body provided her.

L o o k i n g over her shoulder her face was dull as she looked at Sai, still trying to keep her self away from it all. The half everyone saw was pleased, and excited about Sai wanting to accompany her on her way home but her inner self once more had to protest to it all. 'Your seriously going to accept this? Man your pathetic giving up on Sasuke so easily.' She clutched a fist together ready to shove her inner self away, but that was impossible she had no way of stopping it. Why did she always have to contradict her self one way or another? Pointing her head away from Sai as he walked up next to her she radiated off a warm glow and a smile again. Gosh she was too easy to get too now that Sasuke was gone. Sai resembled Sasuke to her more and more by the second.

"N o w why would you want to tag along?" Sakura asked with a timid tone, but trying to also sound sweet to not offend him. Sai him self was not quite sure on the matter, but he did know his house was in the same direction as hers and a further way down so he would be passing by her place anyways. "Thought you'd appreciate company. Heading that way anyways…" Raising a brow he slowly finished off his reply of the nickname he gave her awhile back, "-Ugly." She thought he was already starting to contradict him self. From what she had seen as of now, he thought more of her then Ugly. That nickname also got to her, the first few times he used it she always dove forward wanting to punch the shit out of him, now some how she was able to stand it. His cold tone and treatment was another thing that urged her on to believing he could take the place of Sasuke as their teammate…and 'You can't possibly be allowing him to take the place of Sasuke as your crush?!' Her inner self snarled at the idea but sadly yes she admitted to her self Sai was sliding into the place of being her new crush.

S i g h i n g she allowed him to walk by her side on the way back home. Allowing him to stay close by her side. She did not know if she was allowing him to stay close to her intentionally or if it was just being done out of either of them not knowing. They both seemed content and relaxed that way she thought hell with it. The sun now set behind the memorial of all the Hokage's portraits on top of the mountain range behind Konoha. Each one having an amount of snow on their pictures that Konoha had never yet seen in its time. It was so harsh and cold this year; she could not help but string it into the rumors of Sasuke's return. She had yet to see him back for her self, but she was in no hurry or rush to see him. She laughed to her self keeping it in nervously being so close to Sai's side when she remembered the image of Naruto's face when he heard Sasuke had returned. It was priceless…as many of the other things Naruto had done in their knowing of each other.

T h e time ticked by faster then the usual speed she felt it always went by as. They arrived at her house sooner then she wanted and expected to. Numbed where she stopped her self and drilled her feet down into the snow that already made walking long distances harder she tilted her head up to look at Sai. Pivoting to face him directly she was a few inches away from him she could reach out a lay and hand on his chest and whisper and thank you in his ear for attending her on her journey home but she kept her self from doing that. Instead she looked up with eyes that were glistening with the emerald color they always reflected with the liquid in her fountains. "Thank you Sai." All he did was stare back down at her. She was a few inches shorter then he so it was not very hard to do. Sai was not a person to thank any for what they did; he rather liked staying away from making any bonds. But a bond was starting to form between Naruto and now maybe even more between him and Sakura.

W h e n Sai did not reply Sakura got rather impatient and reached out her hand to put on his shoulder but then her inner self once more intruded. 'You're starting to sicken me. Get your self back together girl! Remember whom your supposed to like! It's not that hard!' That was the final straw she could not drag this out any longer and having her inner self yell at her. She placed her hand down on Sai's shoulder and snaked it around the beck of his neck dragging him in closer. Sai had no choice but to bend over to come down to her height when she did it. Next thing Sai knew was feeling Sakura's hot breath lingering along the surface of his neck. He was already warm in this cold weather unlike her but this new warmth stirred something up inside of him.

W i t h out further a due Sakura had let her self dive in gradually and take Sai in for a kiss. She sucked gently on his lips and then put in a little more force. It took awhile for Sai to catch onto it all but he eventually let him self-go with the flow. It was odd for Sai to think all of a sudden this was happening. But he…was finding him self-enjoying it. His arm was curled around her hips and squished her in closer. Sakura tried her greatest to hold back a moan but it slipped out of her and Sai added his tongue in for a few seconds. After a few seconds of their tongues dulling Sakura pulled away. Biting her lip to what she just did. She looked up at Sai who seemed to for once have a showcase of emotion in his eyes. It stunned her to see she had pulled it from him. She blushed and plummeted her head down feeling shamed for making it all happen so fast. She hoped Sai would not be disturbed by it.

I f the moment could get anymore awkward for the poor Konoichi it just did. "Umm…thank you Sakura but seems you have a visitor." This was unexpected she got her thank you from Sai, rather then a welcome to her thank you she stated earlier, but now he said they had a visitor? Who could is possibly. She turned around suddenly and found her self face to face with Sasuke Uchiha. Dammit…was he standing there the whole time? Her heart began to sink and she felt ship wrecked. 'Nice going see what being anxious gets you into?' She felt like running away and to hurry on into her apartment, but she could not move. She felt super glued to her spot she just stood in while kissing Sai. She felt like going into a breakdown. "Hey…Sakura." The words flowed from Sasuke's mouth with a tinge of disappointment. That was all she needed. Now it would be certain she would go into a state of discomfort.


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