Author's note: First fic in a long time. I'm a little rusty. It won't be nearly as long as my other stories, but probably just as smutty. Please review and let me know what you think.

… … …

Her eyes were flooded with longing. Her lips practically puckered, they were so desperate. She massaged at her exposed neck, rubbing the slick shiny substance that seemed to be lathered all over her body deeper into her already slippery skin. She was coming teasingly close to fondling her own breasts, which were amply exposed, her standard Hogwarts uniform tie loosened and top buttons undone.

"I know I'm dirty," she whimpered. "…So dirty…."

Draco merely smirked and nodded his head in slow agreement, "You're filthy," he whispered icily.

"Yes!" she exclaimed, "I am. It's bad, I know… I know it's bad. I'm bad. I am bad." She began clutching at her long, full curls. "It's wrong, so wrong. I want you... I want you so bad, and that's wrong. And you need to teach me a lesson…."

With her hands up at her head, her white button up shirt, which was already two sizes too small, went up, showing her belly and the slope of her hips before her skirt— also suspiciously much, much shorter than the standard skirt issued to the female students— managed to cling onto her body. She was now thrashing her hair about in frustration, sending the sweet flowery aroma of her locks up Draco's nose. His skin tingled.

"I'm so dirty, filthy, bad and naughty," she pleaded, "I need to be punished!"

"Yes," he whispered, "You do. Come here, I'm going to punish you."

She looked intently onto his eyes; she slowly began to walk towards him. "Punish me," she whispered.

Draco smiled back. "Finally," he thought, "She gets it, she gets that she needs me to put her in her place." His groin was about to burst through his pants. He knew exactly what he was going to punish her with.

"Punish me," she pleaded again, dropping to her knees before him.

"I will," he said softly, starting to undo his belt while gazing into her beautiful amber eyes as she looked up at him. He was going to make sure she continued to look into his eyes as she took him into her mouth. "You have to swallow all of this…." he said, as he exposed himself to her.

Her eyes widened, "But its so bi-"

"Shhh," he interrupted, "You can do it," he said softly, "You have to."

She started to smile shyly. That's what always killed him. The way her eyes sparkled when she smiled.

Red light shot out from her eyes.

Dramatically, just to torture him, she slowly started to part her lips.

A crushingly loud, blunt siren emanated from her mouth as she opened it and her eyes flashed with red light again.

Draco furrowed his brow as the quick but uncomfortable noise left his ears.

"What was that Hermione?" he asked.

But when Hermione went to answer him, no words came—only the horrible obnoxious sound again, louder this time; right from her mouth. That all too-familiar noise. That noise he hated it above all else. And her eyes, again they flashed with burning red light.

"Stop," he barked.

But again, louder than ever, all that came out of her mouth was the irking blast of noise while her eyes flashed red in unison.

Draco's head flung up, his arms swinging out in a start, knocking over an empty bottle of whiskey from the desk. Covered in sweat, he tried to get his bearings. Upon seeing the silver spinning top—blinking with red light and screaming rhythmically—among various monitors and instruments on the desk, Draco flicked out his wand and jinxed it across the room. Pushing off into a roll on his rickety office chair, he glided over to a perpendicular desk, covered with similar instruments, and turned up the flame of lantern.

"Yeah, yeah," he muttered into the flame, then reached over to the bookcase and tapped on all the right books in the right order. Ominous clanking and moaning could be heard within the walls of the old apartment building.

He stood up and stretched, then rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. Thankfully, his erection had retreated quickly.

"Damn it… the oily one again," he muttered to himself, frustrated with the fantasy. "Great, not only do I still dream about fucking mudbloods, now I'm talking to myself…." The solitude was beginning to get to him. He wondered how much longer he could take it in this dodgy, suffocating apartment

However, the only thing that was worse than solitude to Draco Malfoy these days was company. And his visitors would be upon him soon—quite a lot of them from the sound of it. He went over to the door, undoing the many locks in preparation. It was funny to him, that with all the magical protection on the apartment, it was the locks that slowed down wizards the most. And what impatient bastards they could be. What sounded like a stampede was now at his door, banging away with no trace of patience.

"Bloody hell," Draco yelled, "wait just a damn minute." He barely turned the knob when four heavily cloaked men barged through. Draco, furious at being pushed, was cursing loudly as he peered out into the tiny, dank hallway; no one else.

After closing the door tightly he turned to face his guests. They were huddled together, their excitement was obvious.

"Careful," someone whispered.

Suddenly Draco's heart started pounding. Had they retrieved him?

Draco pushed his way through the shoulders of two of his fellow Death Eaters. Greyback was lowering a bulky burlap sack off his shoulder. Disappointment was instant. It was not what he had hoped, just a new prisoner, and whoever the hell they had captured, why were they bringing them to Flat #1231 instead of Endless Point?

"What are you playing at?" he demanded. "Did anyone see you—why did you bring him here?!"

Greyback appeared to be giggling eerily with glee, "The Dark Lord's orders!" he said, as he began to untie the knot of the sack, "Oh is he pleased with this one!"

"The Dark Lord wanted you to bring a prisoner here?" spat Draco, "Why? This is no place to hold someone…."

"Snape suggested it," interjected Bellatrix suddenly, her eyes narrow—of course. Draco hadn't noticed her among the men. She took the look of puzzlement on his face with amusement.

"Snape?" asked Draco.

"Yes," she seemed to hiss, "He apparently thought you'd be the best candidate to break her."

"Her?" he repeated skeptically, obviously not hearing things correctly.

Greyback, having finally opened the bag, dumped the body of a young girl out onto the cramped living room floor, curly golden hair sprawling everywhere.

Draco's eyes widened in surprise as he realized Hermione Granger lay unconscious before him.

Bellatrix's eyes narrowed even more, and continuing to be the worst out of all them since Draco's abysmal failure on top of the north tower, "Yes," she said, "I was surprised you were given any more responsibility as well."