A/N: I suppose I got one too many harassments (okay, okay, "inquiries") about what happens after they leave (H&R's reaction, does Snape get busted, married with babies etc. etc..), not to mention a certain someone's fondness of the title and insistence that it should be used one more time, and because it seemed as though people love it when Draco says ridiculously romantic things, and, lastly, since I didn't savor DH as long as I hoped I would I spouted out this little ditty that hopefully at least hints at all of that.

I also wanted to include something from Hermione's point of view, which is fun to switch to after trying for the first time to write a guy's perspective and just so everyone can rest assured she knew exactly what she was doing and doesn't feel like a rape victim. Plus the closure of events seen through her eyes and her own surprise at what happened and who Draco really is sounded fun to write (although very predictable). Please let me know how I did switching perspectives. I'm kind of thinking of writing a postDH story with 3 characters POV simultaneously so your thoughts will be extremely helpful. Thanks for reading!!

… … …

"Harder," Hermione moaned desperately. "Harder!" she cried again.

Draco obeyed and went deeper, but still withholding something difficult for her to describe, driving her crazy the way he would revert back to his "soft and tender" style of love making.

Not that it didn't have it's place in their relationship, but she specifically told him she needed his trademark "screw me stupid" shag that makes everything else in the world disappear. Didn't he understand how crucial tomorrow was going to be for her? She needed a stress reliever! If he thought he could pretend like he never fucked her like a mindless savage animal… well he was an idiot.

But Draco was sliding up and down on top of her, eyes closed and off in dreamland as he maneuvered his member in and out of her quivering insides just as passionately as he always had, but with that new sense of gentleness he had adopted ever since she brought him to Grimmauld Place.

Hermione groaned as she pushed him up and flipped him over with an aggressive roll, pinning him down by his wrists and climbing hastily on top of him.

Draco grimaced slightly, and Hermione immediately recoiled from his left arm, forgetting that it was still healing.

She intended to apologize but Draco was already back to grinning deviously at the sight of Hermione naked and over him. She smirked at the funny turn of events, that it was now him with the injury, and then inserted herself with his stiff, swollen manhood, feeling that intensely erotic feeling of being overwhelming full of his hot, hard, flesh. She began riding him relentlessly, her hair tossed everywhere, clawing at his chest, dewy sweat glistening off her chest in the moonlight from the open window. He caressed her creamy thighs as they rubbed against him.

"God yes," Hermione thought, "Yes, just what I need," and she slammed herself onto him as deeply as she could and rolling herself against his pelvis, massaging her clit.

But soon she was incapable of thinking anything, she starting shaking uncontrollably. She opened her mouth to scream, but nothing came out except an airless gasp as she exploded with a silent, shuddering orgasm as she felt her pussy vibrate with pleasure.

Draco silently demanded she not collapse yet, as he still needed his comeuppance. Guiding her by her hips she let him hoist her up and down on him until she felt him surge even bigger inside her and then release powerfully, hot seed tickling all over.

He cried out "OH God!" and then growled a deep groan, very long and loudly.

Finally, Hermione let herself fall onto his chest and catch her breath, as she heard angry and abrupt knocks come banging from the far wall.

The inaudible muffled yelling from the next room could only be guessed as "keep it down you sodding bastard!"

Draco gave a small boyish giggle.

"It's not that funny Draco!" Hermione scolded, as she snuggled in next to him, searching for the lost sheet to pull up to her chin, "If he can hear us your Mother probably can too! And that reminds me… could you please talk to her about my parents?"

"What?" asked Draco defensively, "I think she's doing great considering."

"You can't be serious?" Hermione argued, "Anything she wants to say to them she bloody screams! "I CAN PASS THE SALT FOR YOU WITH MY WAND DEAR, NO NEED TO ASK YOUR HUSBAND TO GET UP, MAGIC YOU SEE?" she mimicked Narcissa with a fake yell. "They're muggles for god's sake, not deaf."

Draco glared at her momentarily but then gave up and laughed as he helped her get the wild loose curls out of her face. A lovely cool breeze swept in through the window and she smiled lovingly back at him.

"Speaking of deaf, why do you pretend you are whenever she mentions grandchildren?" he asked.

Hermione rolled her eyes, "I'm not even twenty years old!" she exasperated, "We haven't even been together that long.

"Granger," he hissed snidely, "You know damn well when this is all over I'm getting you a ring and you're sure as hell saying yes."

Hermione just sneered back at him jokingly.

"You do take Orthatriserum though, don't you?" he asked awkwardly, shuffling his own sex messed locks off his forehead.

Hermione laughed, men were always so awkward about birth control.

"Of course!" she said, "You've hardly just renounced your Death Eater brainwashing, you think I'm going to let you get me pregnant."

"Fine, fine," Draco responded, revealing that while owning her future child was very serious issue, he too was in no place to see it rushed, "You just haven't been able to keep your hands off me is all, lost count of how many times you've begged for my manliness. When did you last take it?"

"About six months ago, oh irresistible God of sex."

"Six months?!" Draco questioned worriedly, "Doesn't it only last three??"

Hermione scoffed, "If you're no good at making it," she boasted.

"Do you have any idea how awful that stuff tastes?" she insisted after Draco have her a skeptical look, "I boosted it up a bit so I wouldn't have to choke it down as often."

Draco still looked concerned.

"What?" she interrogated, "I was second in my potions class you know."

"Third," he corrected, "I was second our last year there thank you very much. Potter was first, bloody cheated though…" Despite his words, his tone gave away his full confidence in Hermione's potion making abilities and his relief in no chance of a surprise baby.

Hermione hit him playfully on the shoulder, "Well tell your Mother she can go pick out prams once you've both convinced Harry so thoroughly he won't be tempted to pull out his wand when you ask him to be Godfather."

"Can't you ask him that mush?" he whined.

Hermione just giggled, and sighed as that strange euphoric feeling of happiness engulfed her. Sometimes it overwhelmed her, Draco Malfoy, infamous Slytherin and of Death Eater descent, talking about marrying her and fathering her children.

But literally freeing him from that awful mess also seemed to free his soul at the same time. Hermione gathered from their somewhat reluctant talks as of late, where by miracle she managed to help Draco feel secure enough to open up, he was quite desperate to put the past all behind him, eager to start a family of his own, determined to prove to himself he could have a proper one.

"I saved his little girlfriend from that bewitched axe in my attic didn't I?" Draco refuted after a small silence, "Surely I'm making plenty of progress."

"Though it would've been more impressive if you had told Ginny what was in that drawer before she opened it, one would think," said Hermione sternly, turning away from him as punishment and fluffing her pillow down with a huff.

Draco immediately scooted closer in response, spooning her tightly, but unable to contain the fact that the memory still entertained him as he chuckled mirthfully, "It was funny though," he said between laughs, "Her shrieking like that then running away, orange blaze of hair bobbing up and down though all the boxes of my Dad's old crap."

"Enough," she said, hoping he could not sense her smiling at the humorous image, "Just thinking about that horrible Horcrux hidden in your own house is creepy enough to give me nightmares."

"Oh c'mon," chided Draco, "It's gone now isn't it? We killed it, only two left. I thought Gryffindors were supposed to be brave?'

"Shut up and let me sleep," murmured Hermione, unperturbed by their usual pillow talk quarrels.

"Ready for tomorrow?" he asked, the teasing now gone from his voice, reverting back to the tone of nervous protectiveness that seemed to come out only late at night, when the two were alone in bed.

"Yes Honey," she answered back softly, "We went over it a million times."

"Still though, one can't truly plan for Voldemort showing up the same time you do," Draco spouted quickly.

Hermione rolled back over to face him, pressed body to body, "That's why you know we can't put it off any longer. He's bound to go after the Minister sooner rather than later, we've got to get there first, teach him the magic…"

"If Voldemort wants to kill him he'll kill him," argued Draco.

"Yes but Lupin and McGonagall reckon he doesn't really want to take over as Minister, he just wants control of the Minister... All the better to slow down Harry from finding that last Horcrux if he has Ministry officials working for him as well as Death Eaters. We've got to show Scrimgeour how to resist the Imperius and Cruciatus curses! We must!"

"Careful woman," Draco whispered with a smile, "I'll fancy another go if you keep on with the noble speeches. You know what they do to me," he said, growling and fake biting her neck.

Her shoulders scrunched up in reflex and she giggled as his breathe and teeth tickled. "Stop!" she ordered through uncontrollable squeals, pushing and beating playfully on his chest.

He finally stopped and let out a long deep sigh. Hermione wondered if he was now realizing how tired he was, much like herself, after a long day of planning and practice with the Order, finally able to have a late night romp upon reuniting in their shared bedroom and now their pathetically adorable midnight teasings, the giddiness of new love surprisingly draining

Hermione could tell Draco was still worried though, as his sparkling moonlit eyes gazed longingly back into hers. He hated missions away from her.

"I'll be fine," she insisted, retorting his unspoken concerns. "It's you I'm worried about! Who knows if Greyback will be alone, and I know the full moon is almost-"

"Oh Please," Draco interrupted, "His going to fall right into Snape's trap. …and we all know how good Snape is at laying traps," he added snidely on the side, "Dirty werewolf bastard has it coming, not going to know what hit him" he said confidently, "Besides, I have to come back, who's going to take care of you if I don't?"

Hermione narrowed her eyes in slick offense, but her heart fluttered with joy at Draco's true reason for wanting to make it back alive, "I can take care of myself you know!" she insisted, playfully donning aloof determinedness.

"No you can't!" Draco pleaded, insisted even, his eyes wide, "You need me!"

"Oh yeah?" asked Hermione skeptically.

"Yes," said Draco firmly, pulling her into him and locking his arms tightly around her, "To hold you," he explained simply in a silly sing-song voice, "And rock you," he added whilst doing so, "and love you and kiss you," then he planted a long warm kiss on her forehead.

Hermione giggled quietly again, "What am I?" she asked sleepily, burrowing her face into his bare chest, strong and safe, "A doll?"

"Yes," answered Draco strongly, back to his usual voice, though articulating a genuine softness only Hermione was allowed to hear, "You're my doll."

Then, intertwined closely in the sheets, their eyes closed comfortably and both drifted off to a wonderful rest; small, smug smiles on their faces.