Two girls ran through the forest, huffing and puffing as though the hounds of hell were at their heels. They had been running for many hours and where exhausted. They were nearing a village on the edge of the Fire Country, but paid it no mind. As they neared a river, the smaller of the two girls tripped and fell over onto the other, causing them to both fall in it.

As they were standing up, a rustling in the bush beside them stopped them. One of the girls drew a kunai, and braced herself for an attack. The other girl sat down temple-style at her feet. She placed her hands in the sign of the dragon and said, "Ryu no en ni shiki!" Just as she did so, twelve sound ninja burst through the trees, katana and kunai at the ready. As soon as they charged, the girl standing up shot two shuriken and one kunai, with a letter bomb attached to it. The shuriken each hit their mark, instantly killing their targets. The leader of the group caught the kunai and defused it. When they were a good five feet away, the girl sitting down placed both of her palms on her throat, and repeated what she had said before. All of the remaining shinobi flinched and then passed out. The last thing they saw was the two supposedly "harmless" demon carriers.