"Hey Bro! Wanna shoot some hoops?" Troy Bolton asked, wearing a white shirt and blue shorts. "Sure!" He raced his half brother, Tristan towards thier backyard basketball court. He passed the ball to Tristan and the game started. Tristan was leading by a point. In the end, Tristan won.

"That wasn't a good game, I'm losing my touch!" Troy said, Tristan laughed with him. His half brother was so much like a dork, Tristan hit him in the head "You're not losing your touch. You just suck man"

"Hey! I don't suck! Who's the first ever East High sophomore captain here?" Troy exclaimed, Tristan rolled his eyes. Yep, his brother IS a dork "Troy, man. That's because your seniors so suck. That they chose someone like you to be thier captain! If I was studying in your school, I would be the captain!" Tristan said, Troy looked at him and hit him in the head, it was a natural brother thing. He shrugged off the comment of his older half brother and started another game. This time, Troy won.

"Who sucks now!" Troy said, Tristan rolled his eyes. His arrogant little half brother was too fed up in his egolistical mind. Maybe that was the reason he and his girlfriend, Gabriella. broke up just after two months. It was kind of funny though, thinking that they were Breaking Free? and after just two months of being together, Gabriella got fed up with him and released "We need to talk" from her mouth. Another game started, this time, Tristan faked and shot the ball in a matter of seconds. Ending the game by 10-8

"I haaaate you!!!" Troy said, he jumped on the back of his brother and stayed there, they both laughed in unison. Thier father, Jack Bolton. Watched his two sons, he smirked and smiled. Gesturing his wife to come watch too, "They were so small back then, Look at them now. In years, they're going to graduate" Mrs. Bolton said, also watching and following the movements of her two sons'. Tristan was 18 and Troy was 17. Tristan was a senior while Troy was a junior, in two years they would be in thier own universities like Duke or Yale studying for the real life. Thier thoughts were inerrupted by the doorbell ringing, Mrs. Bolton walked towards the door and swung the wooden door open. Revealing a blonde petite girl wearing a pink shirt with white jogging pants holding her Ipod

"Hi Mrs. Bolton, is Troy here?" She asked, This was probably Sharpay. Troy had said awhile ago that Sharpay was coming for thier Investigatory Project for school. He kept on blabbing about how Sharpay was a drama queen and how he was so unlucky being paired up with the "Ice Princess" But she didn't really look that bad, and she was actually quite polite,

"Sharpay!" Troy said, he and his brother entered thier living room, seeing his mother talking to Sharpay was kind of weird, but the Ice Princess was here for thier Investigatory Project, unluckily. Sharpay had to pick today to think of a topic. A sunday, It was like family day. Meaning all of his family members including his half brother was staying at thier house, His brother would probably flirt with Sharpay the whole day just like what he did with Gabriella.

"Troy.." She said in a sweet tone, she was invited by Mrs. Bolton to enter, she scanned the house, it was a clean two storey house, her eyes landed on the buff man behind Troy, He had piercing blue eyes and a buff physique. Something that Sharpay always had a turn on for, his eyes were focused on her and they briefly had eye contact. But she ignored it after Troy talked to her "Sharpay, Come on let's go to my room. We'll think of a topic there" Troy nudged for her to come with him, she nodded in approval, still stealing glances with unknown-blue-eyes-buff-hot-man. They ascended up the stairs and entered Troy's room.

"Thank god! Am I great at acting or what!" Sharpay exclaimed, Troy shook his head in disbelief. She was acting kind of nice there, usually she was picking on him every chance she got, Good thing his mom didn't think she was his girlfriend or something, God Forbid no

"Anyways, I thought of something last night. For our Investigatory Project... Why not indoor planting?" Troy asked, Sharpay rolled her eyes "I don't think so, Checked the internet last night, Indoor planting is so approved by the internet, And I have a better idea" Sharpay answered, Troy arched his eyebrow "What?"

"Why not we grow a plant with power juices! Like Gatorade, Orange Juice. You know those products that make humans healthy! They might grow strong or the chemicals affect thier health and die, either way. It still is a cool idea for an investiagory project!" Sharpay said, He looked at her and just smirked. Sharpay actually had a good idea, For once "Wait Troy, Can I go the bathroom?" Sharpay asked, Typical Sharpay "Yeah sure, after you go out here, go down the hallway. Last door to the right". "Thanks"

Sharpay walked out of Troy's room, walking towards the direction that Troy gave her, she headed towards the last door to the right, coming out of the bathroom was none other than unknown-blue-eyes-buff-hot-man. He was wearing a black wife beater and blue shorts. He had those piercing blue eyes and a physique of a greek god. Damn he's hot (A/N: Guys! Tristan Bolton is Jesse Metcalfe! John Tucker in John Tucker Must Die! Cool right! Haha) Sharpay froze in her foot steps as he looked at her and smiled "Hi I'm Tristan, Troy's brother" He extended his right hand, she gladfully took it "I'm Sharpay"

"Sharpay? Nice name, anyways. You going to use the bathroom?" Tristan asked, Sharpay nodded. He gave a hand gesture for her to freely use the bathroom, she nodded in approval. Once Sharpay entered the bathroom, he ran towards his brothers' room, openng the door seeing Troy at Yahoo Messenger.

"Dude, can I use the computer? I have homework" He said, Troy nodded. Getting out of Yahoo Messenger for his brother to use, Tristan entered his username and password and signed in, "Hey! I thought you were doing your homework" Troy asked, Tristan gave him a look "Troy, Do I ever do homework?" Troy arched his eyebrows, "Wait, so what were you doing last night? You told me it was homework too and you had to lock my door!" Tristan rolled his eyes "I was looking for porn you freak!" Tristan said, getting a pillow and hitting his brothers' head "Oh. so that explains the computer history..." Troy laughed, Tristan laughed with him too. Tristan started chatting with some people in his messenger, Sharpay then entered the room

"Troy you're brother is soooo HOT!!" Sharpay said in a loud voice, then noticing Tristan sitting at the computer staring at her smirking prominently, Great Sharpay, Just Great! her cheeks blushed a bright red and sat down at the bed next to Troy, Tristan heard Troy say "I can't believe you just said that!" And then he heard Sharpay, "Well sorry for being observant!"

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