A relaxed Gabriella Montez casually strolled into Studio 1. She stopped with a jolt, busy reminiscing about the rehearsals for the Gala that had taken place in this very studio, plain dancing classes and even had tranformed a meeting spot for Troy and her before their Saturday night outings.


A small smile flitted to her face and said boy came up into her view, wearing a smirk on his chiseled features. "You're finally here! The Gala After Party can officially begin!" He yelled loudly, grabbing the attention of the room and cheering, wolf whistles and general chatter followed his announcement. In a quieter voice, so only she could hear, "Sexy dress Montez, very sexy."

She smugly turned around and his eyes trained to her every movement, much like an eagle preparing his prey, "You like?" Gabriella flirted, "My darling of a mother finally picked out something that I liked!" Troy chuckled and wrapped an arm around her waist, leading her to the drinks table that was on the opposite side of the room and held the perfect view of the 'dance floor.' The 'dance floor' was actually just a square bit of the floor surrounded by tables and chairs.

The Gala after party was often regarded as the best part of the Gala, alcohol was prominent at the event and the best bit was the teachers often turned a blind eye and pretended to know nothing about the party yet the loud music that was playing could be heard from various parts of the school. The party was strictly limited to only Seniors and Juniors, due to some of the non innocent dancing that often went on late in the night.

Gabriella averted her eyes to her stiletto clad feet as Troy and her took sips of their drinks. "Blue is your color." He noted and she nodded her thanks. The sapphire dress was a halter neck and ended just above the knees, Gabriella was feeling self conscious due to the amount of cleavage it created and she often folded her arms in front of her chest.

Troy often scratched the back of his neck as a nervous habit, and Gabriella noticed he started scratching every few minutes. She held out her hand, "Dance with me?" and gestured to the proclaimed dance floor. He took her hand and the urge to scratch his neck was diminished.

"Miss Montez. You may come in now." Madam gave me a rare, warm smile as she shut the door. Troy squeezed my hand and I flashed him a cheeky grin. I hid my discomfort and nervous butterflies by squeezing his hand harder, he playfully winced then pushed me forward and let go of my hand.

I took my time walking to the door, so slowly that it could be called meandering. That plain wooden door, held my fate. Was last night the last production I would be in or would it be the big break dancers could only dream of? Stopping in front of the door, my hand resting on the handle, I realized, that dancing had changed me. For the better, I was finally completely happy with myself. Well, a few things could do with slight adjustments but overall I was a much better person than I was 4 years ago.

And the most important thing I've learned? I guess you could say that I need to rely on myself, a little help here and there is perfectly acceptable but I needed to prove I could do these things by myself, and therefore, I've proved I'm stronger.

I pushed open the door with only one thought left on my mind.

Thank God for dancing.

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