Two Days, and Tomorrows

Chapter 1: I'll Comfort you, and Protect you.

As Dean was about to fall asleep he heard the front door to the house open, and heard his Mom and Dad walk in from the hospital. He wasn't sure why they had been there only that when they had left a couple days ago that his Mom was in pain. It was 12:00 at night and even though he knew that his parents wouldn't like to see him up, Dean went downstairs to welcome his family back home.

"Mommy?" Dean said, in a hushed tone.

"Dean! I thought you were asleep!" exclaimed Mary, as she walked over to Dean.

Before his Mom walked over to him, Dean saw her give his Dad something wrapped up in a Blanket. When he received it, Dean saw what "It" had been. A Baby! What? How come they didn't tell me?

"Alright, Dean. Time to go bed." Said Mary, as she took Dean's hand and took him upstairs.

"Um…Mommy?" asked Dean.

"Yes honey?" asked Mary, now entering Dean's room.

"Uh…w-was t-that…" said Dean

"Oh! I'm so sorry Dean; we never had the chance to tell you! That's Samuel your brand new baby brother!" Replied Mary, as she tucked Dean in bed.

"Goodnight sweetie…and don't worry, you'll meet your new baby brother in the morning." Said Mary, as she closed the door to Dean's room half way.

A couple minutes after Dean heard his parents put Samuel to bed and go to bed for themselves, he went into his brother's room to see him.

"Samuel…hmmm" Dean said, as he walked over to his bother's bed.

For a couple of minutes he just stared at Samuel. Wondering what it was like to be a big brother. After a while Dean heard Samuel making weird sounds and then start to cry.

"Oh no!" "Hey! Hey, it's ok. Go back to sleep!" said Dean.

Samuel wasn't stopping and he didn't want his parents to wake up so he did the only thing he could do. Make him feel better.

"Hey, Sam…you've got to stop crying now. Please stop." Dean said, as he picked Sam up and held him.

"…Sammy…Please stop…" Dean said, as he started to rock him back and forth. But Sam only cried harder.

When Dean stopped rocking him, he realized that every time they had walked by the closet Sam only cried harder.

"Oh…so you don't like the closet, huh?" Dean said, laughing a little.

"Don't Worry I'll fix that…" Dean said as he set Sam back down in bed, and went to close the closet door.

"You don't have to worry now Sammy. The closet monsters won't come after you…" Dean said, as he went back over to Sam.

"…I promise…" Dean said, leaning over the edge of Sam's bed watching him.

Dean was about to turn away and leave Sam, but then Sam started to squirm.

"Hey, Hey, it's alright Sam. I'm here." "Shhh…Don't worry Sammy…I'll stay with you." Dean said, as he sat down on the chair that was next to Sam's Crib.

"Don't Worry Sam, I'll Protect you…I promise." Dean told Sam before he and Sam drifted off into a peaceful slumber.

Before Dean fell asleep he failed to notice whom had been watching from the doorway. His Parents had been there ever sense Sam had started crying. And they couldn't be anymore prouder of Dean, than they already were.