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"Every house where love abides
And friendship is a guest,
Is surely home, and home sweet home
For there the heart can rest."
- Henry Van Dyke ( American Author, Educator and Clergyman 1852 - 1933 )

6 Months Later

It was so hard for me to believe that all of this was actually happening. Jesse had started up his own gallery, buying a building and redoing practically everything to make it quaint yet modern. He had given me a job, as well as many other people, including his sister Mercedes who, at twenty-one, had decided to try out a life here in New York City after finishing college back in New Mexico.

I had spent Christmas with Jesse's family in New Mexico, considering he spent Thanksgiving with mine in Carmel.

We ran into his ex-fiancée and her new husband while we were out there. Jesse had just nodded at his ex best friend and offered no hard feelings, all the while squeezing the arm that was wrapped around my waist, and then walked past them without another word.

His ex-fiancée, Maria, wasn't happy, to say the least.

Jesse told me afterwards that she had tried to start up an affair with him - she had called him while I was out shopping with his sisters. Like that was going to happen.

And now, only a few days after our return to New York, it was New Year's Eve, and the opening of our new Gallery - De Silva & Simon. Yeah, that's the name. I'm co-owner of the best new gallery this side of New York.

One of the things I can't believe is happening.

The gallery opening was a cross between a New Year's party and a new show opening. It turns out Jesse isn't the only artist in his family. His second oldest sister - which would be Mercedes - was just as good as he was. Though I was being a bit biased when I said that I preferred Jesse's work.

"Suze!" Adam's voice called me from across the lobby, dragging Cee Cee along behind him. "Great party, man!"

Needless to say, Adam was drunk.

At a slap on his shoulder from his wife of three months, Adam corrected himself.

"Great party, girl." He rushed to change.

Adam and Cee Cee's wedding had taken place on Halloween - the two of them not really being the most conventional of couples.

I don't think they could have chosen a better time of the year, personally - even though I desperately wanted a summer wedding, when the time came. Sunlight had streamed through the church through the stained glass windows, casting colours over all of the guests. I stood at the altar as Cee Cee's maid of honour, Jesse next to Adam as his best man.

The photographs came out beautifully - the brightly coloured leaves of Autumn strewn on the floor contrasted with the bright green of the leaves that were still alive and thriving on the trees.

"Yeah, she did a great job." Jesse's voice interrupted my trip down memory lane. "Way better than that last one at Slater Gallery. Especially since no one has been kidnapped."

"Yet." I teased, turning around to face Jesse and give him a kiss. "I still can't believe all of this."

"I can." Jesse smiled down at me and checked his watch for the time. "Ten minutes to midnight."

Those nearest to us who had heard him cheered.

"Any New Year's Resolutions?" I asked Cee Cee who smirked in return.

"I'm thinking, maybe," She began, out of Adam's view. "Start a family?"

The way Adam paled instantly had us all laughing.

"What?" He asked quietly? "A … A family?"

Cee Cee kissed him.

"I'm kidding." She told him.

"Oh," Adam let out a sigh of relief. "Thank god."

Jesse laughed at his best friend making Adam get slightly annoyed at all the jokes being made at him.

"So what's yours then, Hector?" He asked spitefully.

Jesse smiled at the recently married couple. Something about the look in his eyes had Cee Cee holding in a squeal of excitement and Adam's eyes widening.

"What?" I turned to face Jesse again. "What is it?"

Jesse's next words were spoken directly to me.

"My New Year's Resolution," he whispered in a deep voice. "Is to get my girlfriend to marry me."

My mouth dropped open.

"What?" I demanded.

"Marry me, Susannah?"

He attracted a lot of attention when he broke away from me and got down on one knee, holding out a box with the most beautiful ring I'd ever seen sparkling inside of it.

There were gasps of admiration from the women in the crowd, everyone was watching by now.

"Querida?" Jesse asked again, his nerves starting to show on his face. "Will you?"

Realising that I'd remained perfectly still since the first time he asked, I snapped myself out of it and nodded frantically.

"Yes!" I shouted. "Of course I will."

Jesse smiled and stood up, kissing me before sliding the ring onto my left ring finger.

"Oh my God." I said again.

"I know." He teased. "I achieved my New Year's resolution before the new year actually began. I'm going to have to think of a new one."

See what I meant by I can't believe this was really happening? I was engaged to the best looking, most talented artist in the country, we owned what appears to be quite a successful gallery and, not that it mattered, Jesse was rich.

This was way better then I how I'd thought my life in New York would go.

"I told you she'd say yes!" Jesse's sister came running over to him, having seen everything from across the room. "Didn't I?"

"Yes," Jesse laughed, linking our fingers together. "You did, Mercedes."

She smiled and came to hug me happily, if awkwardly, due to Jesse not letting go of my hand.

"I'm glad you're going to be my sister, Suze," she told me. "I could never stand Maria."

Which was a plus, I suppose. Being accepted into the de Silva family.

"Hey, everybody!" Adam called getting the attention of everyone inside the building. "It's coming up to the countdown - those who want to see the fireworks, get outside!"

Laughing, the majority of the people at the party made their way outside of the building, me and my new fiancé included

"10 … 9 … 8 …" the countdown begun, led by an overly-drunk-and-therefore-very-enthusiastic Adam. "7 … 6 …"

Jesse turned me around in his arms, to look up at the sky.

"I love you, querida." He whispered into my ear, kissing my neck as he did so.

"5 … 4 …"

"I love you too." I whispered back turning my head so that he could kiss me properly, on the lips.

"3 … 2 …"

Our lips met as, quite literally, fireworks exploded around us.

"1 … Happy New Year!"

The people around us cheered and whooped the start of the New Year, as they began on their way home - some in cabs, many walking.

"Come on," Jesse whispered when we were practically the only ones left on the sidewalk. "Let's lock up, and then go home."

Which was another thing I couldn't believe. Jesse was no longer The Guy Next Door. I'd sold my apartment.

Now, Jesse and I lived together.