Frankenstein Jr: The Beginning

AUTHOR'S NOTE: All "Frankenstein Jr" characters belong to Hanna-Barbera Productions. The villain in this story is named after a villain from "The Impossibles" which is another Hanna-Barbera Production. This is due to lack of a better name. All other unfamiliar characters are mine. Also Professor Conroy's first name is something I made up, as is Buzz's full name. These were never mentioned in the cartoon.

It was the night of August 30. The place? Civic City. It was midnight. The local office supply store had closed for the night. The city was a small one, and security wasn't usually as tight as it was in a big city such as New York. At any rate, a black car pulled up to the front of office supply store. Three figures walked out of it, and approached the door. One took out a pick and began fiddling with the lock. In a few moments, the door was opened. Another took a pair of pliers and disconnected the wires to the alarm bell. Then the three walked inside and began filling their bags with rubber bands and erasers. Once they cleaned out all the bands and erasers, the crooks ran back to their car and took off. One turned on the car radio and a TV screen popped up from the dashboard.

"Success, professor," he said. "We got the rubber bands and the erasers, just as you wanted."

"Excellent," the brains of the operation, Professor Stretch, said. "Once we get all the rubber in the city, we'll commence with our plan for world domination! And no one will stop me!"

Professor Stretch laughed at his own diabolical scheme. But what was this villain up to? Our story shifts to a house in the suburbs of Civic City, the next day. Living in the house were Professor John Conroy, and his son, John Robert Conroy Jr, but everybody called him Buzz. They had moved to Civic City over the summer, when Professor Conroy was transferred to Civic City University to teach science. Buzz was to start school that day, but he wasn't thrilled about it.

"I know it's not easy being the new kid at school, Buzz," Professor Conroy said. "But you'll just have to make the best of it. Now hurry and finish your breakfast, or you'll miss your bus."

"Aw, gee, Dad," Buzz said. "Do I have to take the bus to school? You know Mom used to take me."

Buzz's mother died not too long ago. This was one of the reasons Professor Conroy took the job at CCU. He wanted to leave everything behind, and start over. Buzz wasn't too thrilled with the prospect. He liked it at his old home, and he didn't want to leave his friends. He had no idea what the kids were going to be like at his new school.

"How long are you going to be working today, Dad?" Buzz asked.

"All day," Professor Conroy replied. "I've got classes starting at eight o' clock, and I teach an evening class, too."

"I don't get why you're teaching science, when you easily have the brains and know-how to be a scientist."

"Well, whatever pays the rent, son. Now finish your breakfast."

Buzz finished his breakfast. There was no time to argue with his father. Once he was done with his breakfast, he gathered up his books and things, and left the house to go to the bus stop. He knew his way around the school, since he and Professor Conroy had checked it out during their move. He even met his teacher, Mrs. Lee. But he hadn't met one single kid. The bus ride seemed to take forever. Finally, it pulled into the drop off point at Civic City Elementary School.

"Well, here goes nothing," he said. Buzz took a deep breath and walked through the doors of the building.