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Chapter ten: Surprise?

Bella's POV

We were still cracking up when we got into the house. Jasper, Rosalie, Emmett, Carlisle, and Esme were no where to be seen. I hadn't really noticed until Alice yelled something that I quite didn't get.

Esme and Carlisle came from the kitchen, Esme holding a huge cake that she possibly couldn't have made herself. Emmett, Rosalie, and Jasper came from the other room, smiling –except for Rosalie- and were holding boxes of all sizes. I blushed. I couldn't believe that I could have deserved this all. Edward put his arm around my shoulder.

"Happy Birthday." He said.

I smiled, and hugged him.

Alice's POV

Bella's party lasted till about midnight, and Edward drove her home. The party was really fun, and Bella really enjoyed it. I was real happy.

When Edward came back home, he smiled at me faintly, and went upstairs to his room. That struck me that there was something wrong.

I danced quietly up to my brother's bedroom door, and knocked quietly. Edward opened the door, and I looked up at him. He looked paler than usual.

"You okay?" I asked.


"You sure? You look paler than usual." I was nervous for my brother.

Edward sighed.

"I just wish that we can at least throw Bella a normal birthday party."

I sighed too.

"At least Bella enjoyed her party." I said, smiling.

"Yeah, sure."

"Edward, she loved it. I know. I can see." I said, hugging him.

"I know."

"Well, see ya." I said, letting go, and waving.

"Yeah, see you."

I smiled as I walked downstairs. Jasper was standing at the bottom of the stairs, looking at me, scared.

"Alice, your smile is sort of creeping me out."

"Sorry," I laughed, and hugged him.


I looked up at my husband.


Jasper looked down at me. I smiled up at him, and let go of him. I was still smiling, and he still looked scared.

"Sorry." I said, my face falling.

"Yeah." Jasper said, walking back into the living room.

Jasper's POV

After escaping Alice, I sat onto the couch in the living room, picked up a book, and began to read it. I kept reading until I heard an annoying hiss. I put the book down, and looked out of the window. There, sitting in the middle of the front lawn, was one of the vampire rabbits. I shook my head, and went back to my book. Then the hissing started again, and this time I was ready to go and attack it. The hissing continued, and I knew only one person that I was going to take it out on. I got off of the couch, and stormed up the stairs.


The End

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