Title: Fast Drivers on the Highway of Life
Author: Evelyn Benton
Rating: All Ages
Date: 07/18/06
Category: Drabble
Genre: Romance, General
Fandom: NCIS (Gibbs/Abby)
Archive: Stellar Phenomena, the NCIS Fan Fiction Archive, and fan fiction dot net; all others, please ask.
Disclaimer: CBS and Belisarius Productions own NCIS; I own this not-for-profit fan fiction; no copyright infringement is intended.
Summary: Gibbs does some emotional housekeeping as he reflects on his unique relationship with Abby.

One could easily say Gibbs' feelings for Abby were a midlife crisis. With three ex-wives and many ex-lovers, he was definitely a ladies man—but he loved each of them.

Abby was more of the same, but better. He liked spunky, smart, sophisticated redheads. Abby was all of these (save redhead—possibly). Her dramatically bold personality awoke a part of Gibbs long lost under years of professionalism.

The youthful wild child in him who only surfaced to drive dangerously fast had found a kindred spirit in the young Goth girl who claimed to be turned on by her "silver-haired fox."