Chapter 16: Missing you

Although he had to fight for it, Gaara finally convinced the elders of the council to allow him to postpone the wedding. He knew that a girl like her would want a nice ceremony, but in the state she was in now...well, who could blame her for not even wanting to look at another living being? He opened the door of his house to find her staring into the fireplace. The same curled up position she was in after the funeral yesterday. He sighed and went straight into the kitchen. A few moments later he sat down next to her with a bowl of instant miso soup for each of them. She lazily looked down at it and then back into his face. He stared at her blankly and nodded towards the bowl on the ground in front of her. Her only reply was looking back into the crackling fire.

"Sakura" he said tiredly, "Naruto wouldn't want to see you like this. You should eat otherwise you'll become sick."

"What would you know about what Naruto-kun would want?" she retorted coldly, not turning her gaze to look at him.

"You forget that I'm one that can know better than any person what he would want. Even more than you", he replied angrily.

Sakura turned her blazing eyes towards him, ready to deploy another verbal attack, when she stopped short. She had seen something that she thought you'd have to sell your soul to the devil to see. A lone tear dripped down Gaara's face out of the corner of his glaring eyes. Her glance softened and she suddenly felt a bit stronger, uncurling her limbs and reaching her hands out to cup his face. He put one hand on top of hers, never losing eye contact. Sakura moved in closer as he placed small kisses on her palms.

"Coincidentally, Sakura-chan, I miss him to."

"Gaara...", she whispered heatedly.

"Sakura, I want to learn how he loved. How he was able to be so loved."

Small tears leaked out of her emerald orbs "Gaara-kun..."

"But more than that Sakura, I want to forget."

There was no objection as Gaara harshly yanked her small form into his lap. She whimpered softly with tears still spilling out her eyes as he passionatley attacked her neck.

"Help me forget Sakura" he said in a brash husky tone as he unconciously made the sand tear off her loose sweat pants. He could only find the patience to slid off his pants as he continuously attacked the pulse on her neck with his tongue.

"Be the person to help me come back to life" he hissed as he roughly grabbed her ass, causing Sakura to throw her head back and moan softly.

"Gaara, please!" She was definitely a virgin, but if a pervert had pointed out how wet she was getting someone might think twice.

"We need to be freed of this pain. He was our brother, our friend. I'll give you pleasure so that you'll forget."

"Please Gaara!" Sakura screamed with rivers of tears now pouring down her face. "I need you. Make me forget! I want to forget! I'll make you forget!"

And with that, Gaara slammed his rock hard cock against her panties, hitting her clit. She literally hollered in pleasure as the out of control man squeezing her hips caused a ruthless amount of friction against her virgin flower. Sakura was about to reach her appex when Gaara threw her onto her back, laying her with a soft thud on the cold sand-stone floor. Before she could protest, the sand demon grabbed her pale ankles, holding them on either side of her head and quickly resumed his ministrations by hastily rubbing his monstrous member up and down her soaked slit.

She moaned uncontrollably as her future husband continued to show her the most amazing high she had ever felt. She never thought that this would ever happen, and certainly not so soon after Narutos death. But something inside her wanted this so bad. Not sex, but to be intimate with another man. One that wouldn't betray her. One that wouldn't die. She soon felt that he was most definitely made for her, and she for him.

Afterall, they both thought, my lover's hurting too.

"Sakura...I want to fuck you so bad" He began to go even faster and harder, almost feeling sorry for his fiance as she was writhing between her appex and pure ectasy.

"Gaara, I'm cumming! Oh Kami-sama I can't last!"

Gaara growled and roughly slammed himself onto her clit, making Sakura scream in her first blown orgasm. A few more thrusts against her pussy and Sakura was panting while vaguely noticing the strings of sticky fluid splayed all over her shirt.

She didn't really remember when they had gotten to the bedroom.

He didn't really remember cuddling against her back, spooning her as they fell asleep.

Embarassingly enough though, they both remember the next morning that before they had went to bed, they said to one another "Aishteru."