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'Sonoko…' pleaded the petite nineteen-year-old with an audible sigh. 'You know how I feel about these blind dates,' she stated for the umpteenth time, her hands placed on her hips, her eyes almost unforgiving.

'You're not still waiting for the deducting maniac are you?!' her friend countered, quoting from the slightly lovesick adolescence.

'No way,' she said instantly, her cheeks crimsoning slightly. She turned away guiltily, her sight landing on a beautiful satin gown on the display window. 'What were we shopping for again?' she enquired honestly, steering away from their double date later.

'Proper attire for you,' she answered promptly, her gaze following Ran's. 'It's a bit too glamorous, don't you think?'

'Oh,' she smiled gently, 'it's not for me. I have an aunt who's getting married in December.' She took out a camera from her backpack and snapped a quick picture.

'Let's try it on,' Sonoko suggested suddenly, looking wistful. Ran raised an quizzical eyebrow at her friend. She grinned mysteriously, 'Who knows when the idiot might propose,' she danced into the bridal shop happily. Ran shook her head helplessly and followed Sonoko through the door.

'Ran you look beautiful,' Sonoko commented, looking at her friend in almost disbelief. She really can't believe how mature her friend had grown in the past two years. Ran looked more and more like her mother, especially when she's wearing that stern, 'untouchable, strong-woman look'. Which probably explains why Sonoko hates Shinichi so much. If it hadn't been for the idiot, Ran would've been hooked up with some handsome rich guy instead of having to hang up with Sonoko.

'I look horrible,' she said, looking at her reflection. 'In fact, I look lik- Sonoko, what're you doing?' she threw back her head and gave her friend an enquiring look, smiling slightly.

'Perfect!' she exclaimed, snapping a picture with her hand phone. 'Wait till I send Shinichi this picture! He'll be fuming mad!' she laughed gleefully.

'And why would he be 'fuming mad?'' Ran asked testily, catching her friend in a scheme.

Sonoko grinned, 'Shinichi,' she read from her hand phone. 'Ran's getting married this Saturday with a rich, handsome and understanding doctor. You're welcomed if you're not busy solving cases. Ps: Isn't she gorgeous?' she was grinning like a Persian.

'Give that to me!' Ran exclaimed, reaching for the hand phone as if her life depended on it, her face scarlet.

'Okay,' Sonoko handed the device over calmly. Ran frowned at the lack of reluctance and read the message on the screen.

Message delivered


Beep Beep

Shinichi rolled over to the edge of the bed and rubbed his eyes sleepily. 'How long have I been asleep,' he thought with a tad of annoyance. He snatched his hand phone up and read the name of sender of the message hastily. A small grin played at the edge of his lips, 'that Sonoko never give ups, does she?' He could almost guess the contents of the message. He deleted the message without reading it. The smile disappeared as he read the saw the next message.

Dragging himself out of bed, he linked his computer to the tiny machine in his hand and repeated the routine he had been doing the last few months. Save message? YES. Message saved. File name? RAN'S MESSAGE #141-146.Six messages this week, he thought sadly.

He leant back into the soft leather and closed his eyes. He's too close to the truth. 'No distractions,' he whispered almost painfully, convincing himself that he is doing the right thing. 'No more lies…'

'Shinichi! Where are you? I've been trying to reach you all week!' Ran had screamed into her mobile as soon as she knew who was on the other side.

'Ran… I… I have a major case I need to solve and I … I uh…'


'I'm sorry Ran… I know this is selfish… but… I …'


'I… I don't think…' I'll make it alive, Ran 'Ran… I… just… I' I want you to keep waiting… even though I might not make it back alive… I want you to keep waiting…


I love you Mouri, Ran. That's why I need to keep you safely hidden in the dark… I won't have them coming to get you… that's why I… I can't let you wait. I can't let you wait for me. Because I might not be coming back. But Lord forgive me, I want you to wait. For me.

'Ran… I..'

'Shinichi… I'll wait for you Shinichi… no matter how long it takes you to come back… I'll wait for you…'


'That's what you wanted to say right? 'Wait for me',' she laughed gently, he could almost see the tears tickling down her face.


'I'll wait for you Shinichi…no matter how long it takes…'

'Ran… I want you to know… that…I…' I love you, 'I… can't have any contact with you for a while, Ran…'

A soft snort from her, 'It's not like it hasn't happened before you know. Don't worry, I'll kept pestering you until you call back.' So you'd better call back Shinichi, because I'm prepared to wait forever.

'I'd love that… Ran…' I love you 'thank you…'

I'll come back Ran. I promise. And I'll say it, with my own voice, in my own body


Conan-kun said he'll be leaving to stay with his parents. I'm a bit worried about him. I really wish he could stay, but I'm would be really selfish to ask that of him. The two of you are really similar you know? No wonder you're blood related. :P


I won the competition I told you about last week. Sonoko took me to a fancy restaurant to celebrate. I stopped by your place by the way. I prepared a Christmas present for you. I passed it to Professor Agasa so you could get it when you stop by. Happy Christmas.


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