For The First Time

Emily Frazier- Twenty-three years old. Works in Catering for The WWE. Was in a Car accident in which she lost her infant daughter. She was also physically scared from the accident. Went to work with the WWE to escape painful memories and to make a fresh start. Very shy, is befriended by Chessy ,Kali and Paxton.

Mark Callaway (Undertaker)- WWE Wrestler

Scott Hall- WWE Wrestler

Chessy Hall- Scott's wife and resident matchmaker

Kevin Nash- WWE wrestler

Kali Nash- Pa for five big name wrestlers-married to Kevin Nash.

Misha Nash- Kali and Scott's daughter.

Shawn Michaels- WWE wrestler

Paxton Michaels- works in WWE the Tech department-married to Shawn Michaels.

Dave Batista- WWE wrestler- Paxton's big brother.

Various other wrestler may appear in this fic.

I don't own WWE or any wrestling persona that I write about. I write for my own and others pleasure and make no money doing so.

In my WWE world... all the guys I have written about started single...Kevin and Scott never left WWE..and the Draft never took place and the guys wrestle on both shows.


When Shy Emily Frazier is thrown together with Mark (undertaker), will his friendship help heal her past and painful memories. Will love from a shy sweet girl help Mark to get over his misgivings about relationships. Will these two find a happily ever after.

Emily carried out tray of food to the cafeteria area. There were already crew here looking for food. Mostly set up crews and Techs. The wrestlers would still be a couple of hours.

"Emily...Go make sure they have plenty of wings in the oven,"

Emily nodded at her boss. James Lavery..

James was okay as a boss. He worked every one hard, but he gave her a lot of leeway.

The catering crew was low on the WWE totem pole. They got the cheapest rooms and the girls and guys piled into separate rooms. All the girls in one, the guys in another.

Usually there were seven women piled into one hotel room, and thats if they weren't drinking that night and the guys decided to come over.

Emily couldn't handle being packed in like that and the partying that went on. Most of the time slept in the arena or sometimes the hotel lobby. James always arranged to have her picked up at the arena by the hotel transport. She knew it was against the rules, but no one said anything.

She time and again thanked James for letting her sleep at the arenas they went to.

"You're a good worker Emily, the best I have, I know you're going through a rough spot. Its just between us." He had said.

Emily's eyes misted again as she thought about Bonnie. Had it just been a year since she lost her baby.

Emily pulled the wings out of the oven and started putting them on a tray.

Emily Frazier had started out in life with whacked out parents. Bible thumpers she called them.

From the time she could walk, she had been lectured on the evils of the world and sinning and sinners. Spankings had been a daily occurrence, because she had always been sinning in there eyes.

As soon as she had turned eighteen, she had moved out and got a job, a little apartment and for the first time in her life been happy.

Then when she was twenty-one she had met Chuck. He had literally swept her off her feet. Told her he loved her and of course, she had let him in her bed.

All his lies came to the front when she had told him she was pregnant. He had told her he wasn't ready to be a father and he had walked out of her life.

Emily was hurt, but she decided to keep the baby and be the wonderful mother that she never had.

She worked two jobs and bought all the things she needed for her baby and was once again happy.

Then Bonnie was born and her whole life changed. Emily had never realized she could love anyone that much.

The only dim spot was her mother found out she was pregnant and kept calling her telling her what a whore she was and that she should give the baby up.

But her happiness over Bonnie, even made that seem not so bad.

One moment in time though had ruined her whole life. She remember the day like she was watching a movie. She had got Bonnie dressed and kissed her and tickled her like she always did when she was dressing her. She was going for her three month check-up.

She had buckled her in her car seat and headed for the doctors.

She still didn't remember the actual crash. A drunk driver had jumped the median and crashed into her car crushing the side Bonnie was on. The car didn't even look like a car anymore.

Metal had twisted in on Emily and cut her face and body deeply. She had come close to dieing, but the doctors had saved her, her Bonnie however had been killed instantly.

She had many times wished she had died too. Her face would forever bear the scar that daily reminded her of Bonnie's short life. There were more scars on her body, some of them worse than the one on her face.

She had one surgery to lesson the appearance of the scars, but the doctor had said she might want to have another, but he couldn't guarantee that it would lessen the appearance of the scars.

She told the doctor no thanks, she lost her baby, what the hell did she care about some scars.

The worst part was when she woke up in the hospital to her mother at her bedside.

"You're being punished for for your sinful living, God took that baby from you." She had said.

Emily had told her to get away from her and not to come near her gain.

When she was out of the hospital, she had seen an on line job application for the catering job at the WWE. She could travel and get away from this place with so many memories. She took a chance and got the job.

She smiled as she took the wings out.

"Hey Em." Chessy called waving.

"Hey Chessy."

Chessy had started talking to her her second day her at the company. She was so nice to her and she had

introduced her to Kali and Paxton and of Course Misha.


Emily laughed as Misha jumped out from behind Chessy.

"Hello Misha."

"Hey Emily...I came here just to see you..I drawed you a picture." She said handing it to Emily.

"Its me and you playing in the park." Misha said grinning.

Emily bent down and kissed Misha's cheek.

"Thank you ..I love it." She said.

"The girls want you to go shopping with us Saturday, when we get into Atlanta." Chessy said grabbing some wings.

"I don't know." Emily said.

"Come on, it will be fun."

"Well Okay."

"Good...Now I'm going to feed the growing baby here." Chessy said laughing.

Chessy immediately could have bit her tongue off. Emily had told her about Bonnie and the accident a while back.

"I'm sorry Em."

"Chessy its okay..I'm happy for you really, you don't have to walk on pins and needles around me." Emily said smiling.

Chessy knew Emily was happy for her, but it must bring back memories for her seeing Chessy pregnant.

"I'll see you later." Chessy said.

"Bye Emily." Misha said waving.

They sat down and started eating when Chessy groaned.

It was Melina and Candace. They were such bitches. She had hated Melina every since she had swapped spit with Scott on national TV. She still wanted to pull the bitches eyes out.

"Hello Chessy, I see you're getting fat as a bloated tic." Melina said laughing.

Misha looked up at Melina.

"Aunt Chessy is not fat..she's got a baby in there."

"Little monster." Melina muttered under her breath.

They went up to the tables and Chessy watched them. They always gave Emily a hard time.

"Hey Frankenstein, how about some fresh salad." Melina yelled at Emily.

"Okay thats it." Chessy said standing up.

"Aunt Chessy their being mean to Emily." Misha said looking like she was going to cry.

"Yea and I'm about to kick some butt." Chessy said,

Chessy looked at Emily who was looking like she wanted to cry.

"You bitch why don't you pick on someone who can take you on." Chessy said and she picked up the bowl of salad and dumped it over Melina's head.

"You bitch..I'll kill you." Melina sputtered trying to knock lettuce out of her hair.

"Yea try me." Chessy said and grabbed her hair and started pulling.

Melina got a slap in, and Misha picked that moment to kick Melina in the leg.

"Ow you little brat." Melina screamed trying to get her hair lose from Chessy.

Emily didn't know what to do, so she went to the back and got James.

"Oh my Lord." He said when he saw the two of them.

"Chessy Hall..what in the hell are you doing!"

Chessy let go of Melina and turned and smiled at Mark.

"Umm Nothing." She said.

"Aunt Chessy was kicking Melina's Butt." Misha said proudly.

"Mark,, she attacked me for no reason." Melina said sniffing.

"Oh Please ..what a liar." Chessy said.

"Melina you and Candace get the hell out of here." Mark said.

Mark picked Misha up.

"Chessy get over here and tell me what the hell is going on."

Chessy sat down beside Mark and Misha.

"Melina called Emily ,Frankenstein and Aunt Chessy got mad and dumped salad on her." Misha said in one long breath.

"Emily, thats the girl, you guys hang out with, whom I've yet to meet, well I did see the back of her at Shawn's little strip show, is she hiding from me or something?" Mark asked.

"No, she's just really shy." Chessy said.

"Well next time let her fight her own battles. You're pregnant or have you forgotten." Mark asked.

"No..I haven't I was just so mad. Emily cant help she has some scars, thats just mean Mark. I'm not going to Let Melina, down one of my friends, sorry I can't do that." Chessy said.

"I'll talk to Melina about leaving her alone, no more fighting..and I am going to tell Scott." he said

"Mark, he wont let me leave the room no more, don't tell him."

"Where was you headed?" Mark asked.

"To drop Misha at daycare." She said.

"I'll walk you down, then we'll go find Scott." Mark said.

Chessy got up and frowned at Mark.

"Stop pouting, wont work." he said.

Emily looked from behind the door. That was close, all she needed was The Undertaker getting pissed at her. She felt bad for Chessy, she shouldn't be fighting her battles for her.

She sighed and went back to work.

"Chessy do you need a babysitter?" Scott asked frowning at her.

"No..God..I just pulled her hair..I didn't try to do a moon Sault or nothing."

Mark just grinned at Scott. The girl was damn stubborn.

"Look I like Em, too, but you cant go around getting in fights in your condition." Scott said.

"I know, I just lost my temper."

"I know Beautiful." Scott said pulling her in his arms.

"I promise I wont fight no more..I just got pissed."

"Does this girl Emily start a lot of trouble?" Mark asked.

"No." Scott and Chessy said at the same time.

"Em is the nicest girl I know, she takes their crap all the time and don't say nothing. I'm just tired of them picking on her." Chessy said.

"Okay..I just asked. You'll have to introduce me to her..I like to keep up with everyone around here." Mark said.

Chessy smiled.

"I will." She said.

Mark told them he would see them later and left.

"I guess you're not going to tell Mark, she's the one you been trying to hook him up with." Scott asked laughing.

"Well I been rethinking that anyway. Em is so hurt and shy and her self esteem is just on the ground, I don't think she could stand up to Mark..he's so..Oh I don't know..Dominating..he would run over her and thats the last thing she needs." Chessy said.

"I don't know Chessy, sometimes a girl like that that will change a man, who knows, maybe he needs

some sweet young girl to take the edge off him." Scott said grinning.

"Hmm Maybe..we'll see." She said.

Mark decided to take matters in his own hands. He went down to catering to look for Emily. She had been here for a while and he hadn't seen her but that one time.

He walked through the cafeteria doors.

Mark saw James behind the tables and called out to him.


"Hi..what can I do for you?" James said.

"I want to see Emily." He said.

James swallowed hard. He hoped Mark hadn't got wind of the fact Emily was sleeping the arenas at night. He knew he could lose his job for letting that go on, if something happened to Emily, it could be lawsuit heaven.

"Well, is she working?" He asked.

"Umm she in trouble or something?" James asked.

Mark could read people, James was as nervous as a cat with its tail under a rocking chair.

"No, I just hadn't met her yet, I like to keep up with new faces around here." Mark said.

James nodded.

"Emily come here." He called.

Mark watched the young girl walk over with her head down. She was about 5"4 with waist Length brown wavy hair. Other than that Mark couldn't tell much about her. Her clothes were to big and her head stayed down.

"Emily this is Mark Callaway..he wanted to speak with you." James said and took off.

Emily was scared to death. Chessy was always telling her what a great guy Mark was, but Emily was frightened to death, after all he was the Undertaker. He was handsome no doubt. He had his long hair dyed black and he towered over Emily with his size. She had see him lose his temper with other people.

"Emily, its nice to meet you. I wanted to talk to you about this after noon."

She nodded but still kept her eyes on the floor.

Mark reached out and tilted her head up.

"Kinda hard to talk to the top of your head." Mark said smiling.

Emily burned red, her face flushed. She didn't want him staring at her, and seeing the scar.

Mark looked at her face, she was pretty no doubt. She had beautiful blue eyes that at the moment were filled with fear. Mark sighed, he could almost read the pain and fear in her eyes. His eyes took in the scar on the side of her face. It wasn't horrible, but it was noticeable. It ran from the top of her cheek and stopped at her chin.

"I was a little upset with Chessy getting in a fight in her condition." Mark said still holding her chin up. He knew if he let go, she would just stare at the floor again.

"I'm sssorry that hhappned." She stuttered out.

Mark frowned. He was scaring her.

"I wwould never wwant anything to happen to Chessy or her baby." She managed to get out.

Her voice was quite, almost a whisper.

"Me either, but she has a tendency to leap before she thinks about what shes doing." Mark said.

Mark could understand now why Chessy acted as she had.

This girl had a inherent sweetness and innocence about her and looking at her you could see the pain that surrounded her. No way could she defend herself against the likes of that bitch Melina.

The thought of Melina mocking this child about her scar, something that had to be hard for anyway, made his blood boil.

"Look if Melina or anyone else bothers you again, let me know, I'll take care of it." Mark said.

All Emily could do was look in his intense green eyes. Why would he care one wit about her, she wondered.

"Understand?" He asked when she didn't answer.

All she could do was nod.

"Good..Now stop walking around looking at the floor." Mark said smiling and pushing her hair back from her face.

Emily flushed red again at his touch.

Mark just grinned.

"Go on now, get back to work."

He smiled as she took off. She was right cute little thing and it was obvious she needed someone to look after her. Chessy was right to defend her, but not in her condition. Mark always tried to keep an eye on the young ones around here. A lot of kids came in here green and homesick. She looked like she could use all the friends she could get.

"James..if anyone messes with her, I want to know." Mark said.

"Sure..I'll keep an eye on her." James said.

He watched Mark walk off. James was worried, with Mark taking a interest in her, how long was it going to be before he found out she wasn't staying in the hotel like she was supposed too. The shit would really hit the fan then.