I want to thank everyone who reviews all my stories. It mean a lot to me. I have really enjoyed writing this series about my fav four wrestlers. Don't know what I'll be working on next. But thanks again and I hope you enjoyed this series as much as I enjoyed writing it.

This chapter contains mature sexual content.

"So did you make him the apple pie? Thats his favorite and remember find any reason at all to sleep in his bed." Chessy said watching Emily work.

"Shh Chessy, want every one to hear you?" Emily said blushing.

Emily had came over early and made Mark an apple pie. She didn't know why she was listening to Chessy. Maybe because Chessy was the only hope she had of finding out exactly what Mark felt for her.

"Look I haven't see that ho, yet, but you have nothing to worry about. God she has got to be old as hell. She has bleached blond hair and she looks like she been rode around the corral one to many times." Chessy said.

"Chessy I don't think you should be calling Mark's friend a ho."

"Em, she is a ho, take my word for it."

"Hi James." Chessy said smiling.

He smiled back and waved.

" Can you take a break yet?" Chessy asked.

"I'm taking my lunch as soon as I take this food out."Emily said.

"Okay." Chessy said and went back out to the cafeteria to wait.

Paxton and Kali walked in and sat down with her.

"So...Whats going on?" Paxton asked.

"Well, she made him a apple pie." Chessy said.

"Yea what they need to do, is have some hot sex." Paxton said laughing.

Kali laughed.

"Well yea, food is all well and good, but they need to do more than eat." Kali said

"True, but I'm not sure if Em, is ready for Mark, I heard things." Chessy said.

"Like what." Kali asked.

"Well I just heard he can be pretty wild." Chessy said.

"From who?" Paxton asked.

"Oh you know, you hear people talk, anyway, he might need to tone it down a notch for a while with Em."

"Hey guys."Emily said.

"Come on,, get that pie and go see Mark, we'll tag along." Chessy said getting up.

Paxton and Kali smiled. Chessy was on a mission. She had that fire in her eyes.

Emily knocked on Mark's dressing room door.

"Hey Sugar." Mark said smiling down at Emily.

"Hey. I got something for you."

"Okay, well come on in." He said standing back.

Paxton, Kali and Chessy were waiting around the corner. They didn't want to ruin the mood just in case, Mark finally got the good sense to kiss Emily.

"What ya got there?" Mark asked.

The smell hit him as she lifted the pie plate.

A big grin came over his face.

"Apple Pie..Little girl, you are going to have me spoiled." Mark said taking the pie.

"I don't guess you got a fork?" Mark asked.

"I might." She said handing one over.

"Alright then at least sit down with me for a few minutes while I tear this up." He said grinning.

Emily sit down beside Mark and almost laughed as she watched him demolish most of the pie, before he sat it down.

"Emily, you are the best damn cook." He said leaning over to kiss her..He really meant to kiss her cheek instead he ended up placing a warm kiss on her lips. It was just a simple kiss his lips touching hers briefly.

They both jumped. Emily's eyes got wide and Mark's breath left him. Mark knew he felt something and it scared the hell out of him.

"Umm I guess I should be going..I'll see you after your match." She said getting up.

"Thanks Emily..That was real sweet of you."

"You're welcome." She said.

"So what do you think, is going on in there?" Kali asked.

"Well have to wait and see?" Chessy said leaning on the wall.

"What are you three up to?" Scott asked walking up.

"Nothing." Chessy said.

"Uh huh right." Scott said.

"Just waiting for Em." Kali said.

"I take it , she is in Mark's dressing room?" Scott said.

Chessy just grinned.

"Hey Scotty."

Everyone turned.

Chessy frowned. It was Dusty. She was 5'7 with bleached blond hair. She was skinny with huge breasts.

"Dusty." Scott said nodding at her.

"Is the deadman around?" She said popping on a piece of gum.

"He may be in his dressing room." Scott said.

Chessy glared at Scott. He was going to ruin everything.

"I've got to get back to work." Paxton said.

"Me to." Kali said.

Chessy told them she would call them.

Just as Dusty was about to knock on the door, it opened and Emily and Mark came out.

Mark introduced them and Emily came over to Chessy and Scott.

"Hey Scott." Emily said.

"Hey Sweetheart."

Chessy watched Mark and Dusty talking.

"Why in the hell would Mark sleep with that? I mean what is the attraction?" Chessy said.

"Probably the fact, she could suck a golf ball through a garden hose." Scott said without thinking.

Emily's face turned red as fire.

Chessy froze and then turned and looked at Scott.

"Just how in the hell do you know that?" Chessy asked putting her hands on her hips.

Scott was screwed and he knew it. He didn't lie to Chessy ever. They didn't lie to each other.

He looked at Chessy and seen the light dawning in her eyes.

"You slept with her didn't you?"

Emily knew this was going to get nasty. She seen the temper flare in Chessy's eyes.

"Chessy, that was 6 years ago, before I even met you. You cant be mad about something that happened years ago." Scott said.

Emily decided it might be a good time for her to leave. She knew there was going to be a nasty fight.

She walked over to Mark.

"I have to get back, but keep an eye on Chessy, her and Scott are kinda into it." Emily told Mark.

Dusty looked put out about being interrupted and let out a long sigh.

Mark and Emily both ignored her.

"About what?" Mark asked.

Emily just gave a pointed glance toward Dusty.

"Oh man, Tell me Scott didn't open his big mouth." Mark said.

Emily just nodded.

"Alright, I'll see you later." Mark said bending to kiss her cheek.

Dusty eyes narrowed. What in the hell was going on between Mark and this little twit she thought.

"Scott Hall, you're nothing but a slut. I cant believe you would sleep with that." Chessy said poking her finger in his chest.

"Look here, you're being childish, you knew the way I used to be before I met you. I never hid my past from you. This is stupid." He said running his hands through his long hair.

"Oh so now I'm stupid!" Chessy yelled at him.

"I didn't say that!" Scott yelled back.

They both had tempers and both were roaring right now.

"Go to hell Scott!" She said and walked over to Dusty and slapped her.

"You little bitch." Dusty said and pulled back her hand to punch Chessy.

Mark grabbed Dusty's hand and stopped her.

"She's pregnant Dusty, let it go." Mark said.

" I don't give a shit." Dusty said.

"I do." Mark said

"Take off Dusty, now." Mark said.

She huffed up, but she turned and left.

"Chessy stop acting like a child." Scott said walking over.

"Go to hell Scott!" Chessy yelled again.

Mark sighed. They were both going to blow if they didn't stop.

"Scott take a walk." Mark said.

"Mark just stay out of this. Chessy lets go." Scott said putting his hand on her arm.

"Don't fucking touch me." Chessy said pulling away from him.

"Scott just go cool off." Mark said.

Scott turned on his heel and stalked off.

"Come on Chessy." Mark said indicating his dressing room.

She walked in and sat down on the couch and started crying.

"Chessy..calm down, you're almost six months pregnant, this is not good for the baby." Mark said sitting down beside her and wrapping his arms around her.

Chessy cried her heart out and Mark just held her. She finally lifted her head and looked at Mark.

"I know I'm being stupid." She said.

Mark smiled and pushed her short hair back behind her ear.

"Stupid no, You're pregnant, your tired, and maybe a little irrational." he said.

"I know, just the thought of that woman being with Scott made me crazy." She said.

"Darlin, None of us have been saints, not Scott or me, but Scott loves you, he would never even look at another woman." Mark said.

"I know...I guess you think I'm nuts."

Mark just chuckled. "Naw, you're not nuts, at least not anymore than usual." He said.

Chessy grinned and slapped his arm.

"Mark what in the hell is wrong with you guys, what do you see in sleeping around with women like her?" Chessy asked.

"Chessy sex is like eating or sleeping for a man. Dusty fills a need, its no more complicated than that."

"Why would want something like that, when you got Emily, you like her, I know you do, she's sweet and beautiful and smart, why would go sleep with someone like Dusty?" She asked.

Mark stood up.

"We're just friends." Mark said.

Chessy laughed.

"What is that you're own personal mantra..do you stand in the mirror repeating it twenty times a day, so you might actually believe it?" Chessy said.

"Chessy, Emily is special, she doesn't need someone like me." Mark said.

"Mark theres nothing wrong with you. You're a great guy and I know you care about her, you might be able to fool yourself, but you cant fool me." She said.

Mark just shook his head.

Chessy stood up and hugged him.

"Okay, I can see I'm beating my head into the wall. Thanks for the talk." She said.

"You're welcome, now go find Scott and kiss and makeup." Mark said.

"Okay." She said smiling.

Mark watched her leave. He sat down and thought about what Chessy said.

He was attracted to Emily, he knew that. But he had to think about what was best for her. Emily needed a man that would marry her and give her a family and a commitment. After his last failed marriage he had said never again.

Mark just didn't know if he could walk down that road again.

Chessy walked slowly toward Scott's dressing room. He was really mad and she didn't blame him. She had blown the whole incident out of proportion. She stood in front of his door and took a deep breath and opened it.

Scott was sitting on the couch still looking pissed. He didn't say anything.

For the first time in a long time Chessy felt unsure of herself with Scott. She couldn't remember the last time they had fought or yelled at each other.

Chessy walked over and sat down beside him.

"Scott I'm sorry."

Scott sat there for a minute before he turned to her.

"Chessy, you know I love you, I wish I could change some of the things I did, but I cant." he said.

"I know that. I don't know whats wrong with me, I just lost it..Just the thought of you with another woman, makes me nuts."

Scott took her hand and pulled her in is lap.

"Beautiful, you are the only woman I ever truly loved. My life was nothing before you." he said placing his hand on her belly and leaning over to kiss her.

Chessy wrapped her arms around his neck playing with his hair.

"Forgive me for being a slut, well a reformed slut ?" He asked smiling.

"Yea." She said kissing him again.

"Now if I can just wake Mark up about Emily. Everything will be perfect."

Scott shook his head.

"You are hopeless." He said.

Chessy just grinned. She was going to get those two together. She just knew Mark wanted Emily. He was just being stubborn.

Mark got his stuff together and was about to go look for Emily..there flight was leaving at one am and he needed to get back to the hotel and get packed.

The door opened and Dusty walked in.

"Hey honey, I thought maybe we could lock this door and have a little fun, before you take off." Dusty said shutting the door.

"I cant..I have to catch a flight out tonight." He said grabbing his bag.

"You always made time before, whats changed?" She asked.

"Look Dusty..I like you..I really do..But its just sex..You know that." He said.

"It's that girl, Emily, I seen the way you look at her. Taker, I look way better than her, and I bet she don't know shit in bed. Me and you would be great together."

"It's not happening." Mark said walking past her.

"But Taker, I love you." She said.

Mark stopped and laughed.

"Dusty you don't even call me by my name, My name is Mark, you have never once called me Mark, you're in love with what I do, with my character I play, my money, not me." He said.

"Thats not true." She denied.

"Yes it is...Dusty stop chasing wrestlers around and find you a real guy." He said and left.

Mark grabbed his and Emily's bag from the rental.

"Come on Kid, get the lead out." Mark said.

Emily tried to walk faster, but she was so tired. It had been a long day and to have to catch a flight out one in the morning, all she wanted to do was sleep.

When they got to the gate Emily waited to the right with the other coach class, since first class was boarded first.

Mark grabbed her arm.

"Come on.: He said.

"But...I'm riding coach."

"Naw..I upgraded your seat, your sitting with me." He said.

"Why?" She asked following him.

Mark didn't answer her. Okay she thought, he was being weird.

Emily stopped when she seen Chessy.

"Hey Chessy, you okay?" She asked.

"Yea, I'm fine, sorry I went off the deep end earlier." Chessy said.

"So what you doing with Mark?" Chessy asked grinning.

Emily shrugged. "He upgraded my seat. He didn't tell me why." Emily said.

Scott grinned. Mark was really letting his feelings start to show.

"Girl, you got him on the line, now don't let him get away." Chessy said grinning.

"Chessy, I'm not trying to trap Mark, but I do have feelings for him, I'm not sure what to do.." She said.

"Em, you have to go after what you want, Mark is not going to make the first move, but if he does, you have to decide if you're ready for a relationship.." Chessy said.

"Emily..get over here!" Mark bellowed turning to see Emily still at Chessy's seat.

"Really though, you need to nip that crap in the bud, don't let him order you around, If it was me, I would tell him to bite me." Chessy said.

Emily laughed and shook her head.

"I'll see you later." She said waving to Chessy.

Emily found Mark and scooted around him to take the seat beside him.

Mark wasn't saying much. She wondered if he was mad about something. She peeked up at him, she couldn't help but admire him. His long hair was pulled back and she wondered why she had never noticed the few freckles scattered across his nose. And God those beautiful green eyes with those long sweeping lashes.

Mark almost laughed. It didn't take him long to notice Emily checking him out, maybe Chessy was right, maybe she was feeling something besides friendship for him.

"You never did say why you upgraded my seat." Emily said.

"No I didn't." he said giving her that slow easy grin of his.

Mark did laugh then as Emily's face scrunched up in a frown.

"Don't get mad Darlin, I just wanted to spend more time with ya." he said.

Emily's face lit up with a smile. Was Chessy right, was Mark feeling something more than friendship for her.

"Really?" She asked.


"You look sleepy." Mark said.

"I'm not." She said even though she felt her eyes trying to close. She didn't want to sleep right now, after all she had Mark all to herself for a while.

"Why don't you lay back in the seat and get some sleep." Mark said and picked up a book he was reading, as if that was the end of the discussion.

Emily had noticed this trend with Mark. He spoke and expected everyone to jump. Not that it bothered her most of the time, but she wasn't willing to give in so easily tonight.

"I'm not sleepy." She said suppressing a yawn.

Mark raised a brow at her as if to say, surely you're not arguing with me.

"You know, you look like the Rock when you do that." She said keeping a straight face.

Mark leaned over close to her ear. "You're being a real smart ass." he said.

The old Emily would have been intimidated, but she knew him now and she couldn't help but look up at him and grin.

Mark had to bite the inside of his lip to keep from grinning back at her sweet face.

"Oh ya think I'm being funny?" Mark asked.

"No, I think your really cute, when you get bossy." She said unable to suppress her laughter anymore.

Mark couldn't hold his serious face a moment long and smiled down at her.

"Cute huh?" He asked and he dragged her onto his lap.

"What are you doing?" Emily asked.

Mark stared down at her and bent and kissed her on top of the head. Then unable to help himself he pressed a quick kiss to her lips. He lifted his head to see if had offended her with the kiss, but she was grinning like crazy and he smiled.

"Sleep." He said holding her close to him.

Emily sighed and laid her head against his chest, she was sleepy.

Mark smiled down at her sleepy face.

"I always get my way, Darlin." He said.

Emily closed her eyes and laid one hand on his chest.

"I know." She said already half asleep.

Mark held her for a while and watched her sleep. He was scared to death to take things any further with Emily. He didn't want to lose what they had, this easy going relationship. They could talk to each other, they laughed together, they had a good time together. What if he took that step, they slept together and it didn't work out. Then he lost her as a friend. Was it worth the risk. Mark gently lifted her and laid her back in the seat. hea hd a magor decision to make.

Mark sat their bags down and looked at Emily. She was still groggy. He hated to wake her, but he didn't have any choice.

He shut the door and went over and wrapped his arms around Emily.

"Why don't you go on back to bed. I'm going to catch some sleep too." He said.

Emily leaned against him yawning.

"Come on baby, its four in the morning, you still can get some sleep." Mark said sitting her down on the edge of her bed where she promptly fell back and curled up.

Mark smiled and pulled off his clothes down to his boxers.

"Emily at least let me get your shoes off." he said sitting on her bed and pulling her shoes and socks off her feet.

Mark figured she wouldn't be to comfortable sleeping in jeans, he would just slip them off and leave her shirt on. Sounded like a good idea, till he had her jeans off and figured out how short the T-shirt was. He just stared like a staving man down at her trim thighs and the cute little bikini panties she had on.

He felt himself getting hard and he felt like some kinda sick fuck.

"Idiot, here she is passed out and you're getting some kinda sick thrill from looking at her." Mark muttered to himself.

He lifted her and slid her under her covers and went off to take a cold shower.

Mark came out about fifteen minutes later feeling a little better. Then he stopped cold. Emily was in his bed. He knew he wasn't losing it, he was sure he had put her in the other bed.

Mark sat on the bed and shook her shoulder.

"Emily..what ya doing over here?" He asked.

"Do you mind..I just didn't want to sleep alone tonight." She said looking up at him.

Emily wasn't lying exactly. She didn't want to sleep alone. But the kiss on the plane had pushed her into a decision. She wanted Mark, and he seemed to have feelings for her too. Chessy was right, if you wanted something, you had to at least make a effort. If Mark made a move on her, she decided she was going to go for it. .

Oh God, what was he supposed to say to that sweet face, no get back in you're own bed.

"Sure honey." He said.

He would just have to stay on one side of the bed and keep her on the other.

Mark got under the covers and laid as close to the edge as he could.

Emily frowned, why was he way over there she thought.

Emily scooted over and put her arm around him, her hand resting on his stomach.

Inwardly Mark groaned, she was killing him.

Emily felt him almost cringe under her touch. Now she was worried. Was he mad at her?

Mark wanted to flip her on her back and ravish her. His mind played several different scenarios all of which were giving him a hard on from hell.

He had to do something or he was going to lose all control.

"Emily why don't you roll over there and get some sleep." Mark said in a strained voice.

Now Emily knew something was wrong, Mark always cuddled with her when they slept together. He must be mad about something.

She rolled back away from him and turned on her side facing away from him. She had been hoping maybe their could be something more than friendship between her and Mark, but now he seemed almost repulsed by her. What had happened? She knew he had slept with Dusty, was he comparing her perfect body to her messed up body.

Did he finally realize he could never be attracted to her.

Tears rolled down her cheeks. She loved Mark, first as a friend, but now she knew it was more. The thought of Mark not wanting her, not even wanting to be near her was more than her heart could take.

Mark sighed as he heard Emily on the other side of the bed trying to cry quietly. Did women really think men wouldn't notice they had a crying woman in bed with them. His dick could crack the plaster on the ceiling right now and he was expected to comfort her, if he touched her he was going to fuck her.

"Emily...why are you crying?" He asked from the safety of the other side of the bed.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to bother you, I'll go for a walk or something." She said starting to get up.

"Don't move, where the hell ya going to walk at four in the morning?" He snapped.

"Now why are you crying?"

"It's nothing." She said in a small voice.

Mark was horny and her avoiding his question was making him mad, not a good combo.

"Emily, cut the crap, whats wrong." He snapped sitting up.

"You don't like me no more, you don't want me to touch you, you think I'm ugly." She said and burst into a full blown crying jag.

Mark sighed. This just proved the fact that women were crazy. How the hell did she come to that conclusion. He wanted her so bad, his dick was about to explode.

"Stop that damn crying!" He yelled.

Emily was startled by his yelling. It only made her cry harder.

Mark sat up and turned on the light and he dragged Emily across the bed and parked his body on top of hers. His face was right over her.

Mark pushed his hardness into her so she could feel it.

"Does this feel like, I don't like you, that I don't like you touching me, that I think you're ugly. Feel that, thats how bad I want ya. I'm trying to be a gentleman here, cause I respect you. I don't want to hear no more shit about you being ugly. You're beautiful and I want ya so bad, I feel like I'm going to die if I don't have you." He said harshly.

Emily was so shocked by his actions, she stopped crying and was mesmerized by his eyes and lips that were parked so close to her face.

She blushed at the feel of his hardness nestled snugly between her legs.

Mark watched the blush stain her cheeks. He knew he should move and get off her. But her warm little body felt too good under his. He wanted her so bad. But she was probably scared to death. She thought of him as some big brother or even worse as a father figure or something. She would probably never speak to him again. He had broken her trust.

He watched her lick her dry lips and she looked up at him with those beautiful blue eyes and he was lost.

Then she spoke the words that gave him hope.

"Mark I want you too, I have for a while, I just was to scared to tell you." She said.

"Really?" He asked looking hopeful for the first time.

Emily smiled then, she had never seen Mark look vulnerable, never thought of him that way. But at the moment she realized he had many of the same feelings she had, he had been scared to show her how he felt. It made her feel better to know she wasn't the only one scared of revealing their feelings.

"Yea..the reason I got in your bed was cause..I was kinda hoping...well I was hoping you would kiss me." She said blushing.

Mark smiled then. Emily realized how beautiful he was, the smiled only reinforced what a truly beautiful man he was.

He lowered his lips to hers and kissed her like she was made of glass. He jolted from the light touch of lips on lips. Emily wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer.

He parted his mouth and let his tongue glide across her lips. Emily's lips parted in surprise from his touch and he smoothly slid his tongue in her mouth. He deepened the kiss ravishing her sweet mouth with his tongue.

Emily groaned and her hips jolted as she felt his erection growing even bigger against her heat.

Mark kept his lips pressed to hers his tongue teasing hers. His thrust his tongue in and out of her mouth driving her to the brink of madness. He pulled back placing soft little kisses on her lips.

"Baby, I could spend the rest of the night kissing those sweet lips." He said.

Emily smiled. She had never felt so wanted in her life.

"Emily this is important, do you want this. I want to have you , but I want to make sure you want it too?" He asked looking down at her.

"I do Mark, I want you more than anything." She said.

Mark's body responded to the words like she had touched him. He got even harder if possible.

He kissed her gently once and then raised his head again.

Mark looked in her blue eyes, knowing once he did this they could never go back, once it was done, their relationship was changed.

Mark's head lowered and his lips covered hers in a fierce kiss, it was full of passion and heat. Emily could swear she felt fireworks going off in her head.

Even as his tongue ravaged her mouth his hands were sliding under her shirt, sliding up to her breasts and cupping them making Emily moan.

Mark moved his mouth over her chin and down her neck licking and nipping his way down.

"Clothes got to go baby." He whispered against her neck. He sat up and pulled the shirt over her head tossing it to the floor. Mark pulled her up and unclasped the bra and tossed it aside.

Emily breath hitched in her throat as he laid her back down and slid her panties off.

"God Emily...Do you know what you do to me?" He asked his heart beating crazily, at the site of her naked body.

Emily blushed but smiled up at him. Her own body was responding in much the same way, her heart beat was erratic and the moisture between her legs spoke of what she was feeling.

Mark stood and stripped off his boxers.

The look on Emily's face was priceless and he couldn't help but laugh.

He laid down beside her on his back, deciding to give her a minute.

"You're not scared are you?" Mark asked, wanting her to be sure this was what she wanted.

"Scared no, a little shocked, yea..I mean I know I don't have much experience, but well Damn." She said.

Mark laughed as he had never heard a cuss word off her lips.

Mark turned on his side and kissed her sucking on her lower lip causing her to gasp again. Mark kissed his way down to her breast and latched on to her left breast suckling it while his hand gently rolled her right nipple between her fingers.

"Mark." Emily moaned breathlessly.

Mark let his hand glide down over her flat stomach and he continue to lick and nip at her breasts.

His fingers skimmed lightly between her legs and Emily jumped at the contact.

Mark chuckled against her skin.

"Feeling good Darlin?" He asked as he his tongue followed a path down her belly.

All Emily could do was moan in response. She didn't know anything could feel as good as Mark's hand and mouth on her skin.

Mark moved off his side and spread her legs settling down between them.

Emily watched him move down between her legs and she turned bright red realizing what he was about to do.

Mark slid his big hands beneath her thighs and pulled her closer.

"I cant wait to taste that sweet pussy." Mark said lowering his head between her legs.

The first touch of his tongue on her glistening heat caused her to scream Mark's name. Mark couldn't help but grin as his tongue worked her sweet pussy with long strokes.

Mark had her writhing uncontrollably on the bed with his tongue lapping steadily at her, then his mouth closed over her nub and he began sucking gently, while he slid one big finger deep inside her heat.

"Mark..Please." She whimpered needing release.

"Yea thats it baby...I'm going to make ya cum so hard." He whispered and then went back to sucking on her nub and pushing his finger in and out of her wetness.

Emily grabbed Mark's hair and pushed her hips forward trying to find release and Mark picked up the pace, running his tongue over her nub flicking and licking.

Emily gripped his hair and cried out his names as her inner muscles clenched and her release flowed over her.

"Mmmmmm Marrrrk." She purred as her climax washed over her for what seemed like forever.

Mark smiled and kissed his way back up her body and settled between her legs. He kissed her pushing his tongue in her mouth tasting her and teasing her with his tongue.

Mark pulled back after a minute and looked down at her passion clouded eyes.

"I'm going to make ya cum again girl, spread your legs wider." he said nuzzling his hard on to press against her wet heat.

Emily did as he said and pushed her hips upward to encourage his movements.

"Thats it baby...meet me..move with me." He whispered as he sank slowly into her, her tightness nearly undoing him. He stilled his movements and bent to kiss her deeply. Mark was overwhelmed by his feelings at the moment. He wanted this to be good for her.

"You okay?" He asked pulling back to gaze at her.

She nodded and lifted her arms to pull him back down to kiss him. There lips locked in a deep kiss and Mark moved his hips, slowly in and out off her tight warmth, eliciting a deep moan from Emily. Her hands grasped his arms holding on tightly as he thrust into her heat. Mark lifted his head wanting to watch her as he loved her.

"Mark." She whimpered as he started moving faster.

"I hear ya baby, going to cum for me soon?" He asked.

He smiled as her head thrashed back and forth on the bed. God she was beautiful. Her body was swallowing him up and he was about to fall off the edge right along with her.

Mark reached back and pushed her legs up around his waist and she took the hint and wrapped them around him tightly.

Mark moaned at the feel of her thighs wrapped around him.

"Thats it baby, hang on." He whispered and started pivoting his hips faster and faster, thrusting his hardness into her over and over.

"Baby...your so hot." he said.

He felt like she was drawing him back into her body.

"Marrrrrrk!" She screamed as she felt her climax flow over her once again leaving her brain cloudy with pleasure.

Mark groaned as he felt her pussy clench around him milking him.
"Emily." He muttered as he emptied himself deep in her wet heat. He kept pushing into her, as he rode out the wave of pleasure overtaking his body.

His mind started clearing as he felt her arms wrap around his neck and felt her sweet kisses raining down on his face. He smiled and lazily opened his eyes to gaze at her sweet face.

Emily grinned up at him and rubbed her hand down the side of his face and tugged at his goatee.

"Closer. I want a kiss." She said.

Mark obliged and kissed her deeply, his tongue running lazy circles around her lips.

Emily giggled and returned his slow kiss teasing his tongue with hers.

Mark tuned on his back and pulled her up to lie on top of him.

"Sleep baby." he said wrapping his big arms around her.

"No, I want to do that again." She said giggling.

"I've created a monster." He said laughing and then placed a kiss on her lips.

Emily just smiled and laid her head on his chest.

Emily kissed his chest and ran her fingers up and down his arms loving the feel of him.

Mark growled at her.

"Keep it up Emily." He said.

She just laughed and ran her tongue over his flat nipple causing Mark to groan.

She rubbed her body against his and was happy to fill his dick swell again.

"Emily, you know you're being naughty as hell." He said laughing.

"Cant help it." She replied lifting her head to kiss him. Mark groaned as she rubbed against him and kissed him.

Mark thought of all the different ways he would make love to her and his hard on swelled even more.

Mark had been afraid at first he would have to be careful with her in bed, not sure if she could handle the way he was in bed, but he was beginning to see, that wasn't going to be a problem.

He lifted her off him and sat up.

Mark rolled her to her stomach and leaned over her kissing her shoulder blades and running his hands over the backs of her thighs. Her fingers skimmed over her ass causing her to groan.

"Feel good." He said and his tongue teased her back.

"Uhh huhhh."

"Good, want ya to feel real good." Mark said and started running his tongue down her thighs.
"Mark" She groaned.

"Yea baby...I know...I know what ya need." he said lifting her hips.

"Spread ya legs." He said getting up behind her on his knees.

Emily would probably have been embarrassed if she hadn't been so hot.

Mark pushed into her in one hard thrust and Emily whimpered in pleasure.

Mark smiled as she started moving her hips back to meet his thrusts.

Mark hissed through his teeth as he gripped her hips. She felt even tighter like this and he knew he wasn't going to last long at this pace. Plus she was moving on him.

"Thats it baby...work with me." He said running his hands down her thighs.

He pushed his erection into her harder and faster.

Emily felt the heat building in her. She pushed back against each thrust into her. Her mind started to go blank and she gripped the sheets as he rode her.

Mark could feel her muscles start to grip him.

"Cum for me Emily." He said as his body moved in hers.

Emily screamed his name as the wave of pleasure wash over her shutting down every thought in her, all she could process was the pleasure overwhelming her.

"Thats it baby." He crooned as he pushed into her faster and faster his own climax looming over him.

Mark roared in pleasure as he emptied himself deep in her wet heat.

"God..." He groaned and his head fell back as the pleasure shot through every cell in his body.

Mark came slowly back to his senses and bent to place a kiss on her back. He pulled out of her and he caught her in his arms as her body collapsed in exhaustion.

Mark laid down and pulled her tightly in his arms.

Mark needed to tell her stuff, tell her how he felt, but she looked like she was already asleep and he wasn't surprised. He had really put it on her. He grinned he was dead tired too, he could barely keep his eyes open. Tomorrow, he would tell her tomorrow.

Emily woke just a couple of hours later. She glanced at the clock and seen it was close to eight. She enjoyed the comfort of Mark's arms for a moment. Then tears slowly ran down her cheeks.

She knew when she had made her decision to sleep with Mark, it was one time thing. It was worth it. Even if she only had this one night to remember, it was worth it.

She tried to stop the flow of tears and quietly got up and started packing her stuff. She would make it easy on Mark, no painful scenes, or her bawling in front of him. She would go now, while he was asleep. It would make it easy on him. She cried silent tears as she grabbed her bag.

She walked back to the bed to stare at the man she loved. He was so handsome.

Mark had become her friend first, but somehow in a short time, he had become the man she loved, her life. Now she had to learn to live without him. She would have too.

Emily bent and kissed his lips in a soft kiss so as not to wake him and she turned and left the room.

Emily went and booked her a room and dropped her stuff off and went to go see Chessy.

She needed her friend right now.

She knocked at the door and when it opened she burst into tears.

"Em, whats wrong?" Chessy said pulling her in her room.

Chessy glanced over and seen Scott was still asleep and pulled Emily over to the couch.

Chessy put her arm around her and just let her cry. Emily cried till her eyes hurt and finally lifted her eyes to Chessy's.

"Girl what did that bastard do to you? I'll go kick his ass myself." Chessy said.

"He made love to me Chessy, it was wonderful. I never in my life felt like that. It was so beautiful." Emily said sniffing.

Chessy got up and brought her friend a box of tissues.

"Okay, then why the tears?" She asked sitting down again.

"You know Mark, he sleeps with a woman and then its over. I knew what I was doing. I knew it would be over, but I wanted to be with him just once, I love him." Emily said tears falling from her eyes again.

"Em, I think maybe you should talk to Mark, before you jump to conclusions." Chessy said.

"Chessy you know better than I do how he feels. He always says he'll never get married again, thats he not looking for a relationship or a girlfriend, thats why he just satisfy his needs with ring rats, cause he don't want a girlfriend or wife or whatever." She said miserably.

"Em, you're not some ring rat, Mark wouldn't treat you like that." Chessy said.

"Chessy, he is not going to want anything more with me, you know that as well as I do, I'm just making it easier for him and me both. I got me a room." She said.

Chessy realized she was beating her into the wall.

"Let's go get some breakfast, no sense making yourself sick over this. Then I'll drive you over to the arena to work." Chessy said.

Then Chessy thought, I'll come back and have a long talk with Mark and I don't like what he says, I'll kick his ass myself.

Chessy and Emily left and Scott sat up in bed, he had woke up when Emily come in.

He grabbed his cell and rang Mark's number. Mark didn't pick up, he was probably asleep.

Scott got up and got dressed. He would be there when Mark did get up. Better he talk to him before Chessy got there. She was liable to beat him to death. Scott thought grinning.

Besides he owed Mark a heart to heart, after all it was the Deadman who set him straight, when he had hurt Chessy so bad with his refusal to see that he loved her.

He owed the man a favor.

Mark rolled over and yawned and looked at the clock. Damn he thought sitting up. Why hadn't Emily woke him. It was after one in the afternoon. She must have went on to work.

Well there was always tonight and the next night and the next night he thought grinning.

He got up and made a pot of coffee. He couldn't wait to see her, it would be his first stop when he got to the arena.

There was a knock at the door and Mark pulled on some shorts and opened the door it to find Scott standing there.

"Come on in." Mark said and went and poured himself some coffee.

"I'll come straight to the point, how do you feel about Emily and if I don't like the answer, I'm going to kick your ass." Scott said.

Mark gave him a look and sat down.

"Whats this all about?" mark asked.

Scott sat down beside Mark.

"Emily was at our door early this morning crying, she said you guys slept together and that you didn't want her no more, it was a one time thing, how you didn't want a relationship. She was pretty broken up, Chessy has been with her all morning and just took her to work, so whats the deal, did you use that sweet little girl?" Scott asked.

Mark just sat there. He would never in a million years understand how womens minds worked. Emily just assumed and never even talked to him.

"Scott I love that girl, I never would have touched her if I didn't." Mark said.

"Well then maybe you need to tell her that." Scott said.

"Yea I'm going to tell her that all right, right after I put her over my knee and tan her butt good, for jumping to conclusions without even talking to me." Mark said getting up.

Scott just laughed.

"Maybe you better tell her how you feel first." he suggested.

"I need to get over there and see her." Mark said grabbing his clothes and heading for the bathroom.

"Thanks Scott." He said.

"Yea, I figured it was better I talk to you, before Chessy did." Scott said laughing.

Mark laughed too. Chessy would have swung first and asked questions later.

Emily tried to concentrate on working, but all she wanted to do was cry. She looked up and seen Kali, Paxton and Chessy hovering in the cafeteria.

They were worried about her, she knew that. But they just made her want to cry to see the worried look on their faces.

"Girls..we have to do something, maybe you guys can stay here and keep an eye on her while I go beat some sense into Mark." Chessy said.

"Well maybe just talk to him first, after all Emily left the room without talking to him." Kali said.

"Speak of the devil." Paxton said pointing at the doors.

Mark walked in and seen the three girls sitting there and groaned, he didn't need this shit.

They all three walked over to him and started talking at once.

He let it go on about thirty seconds.

"Shut Up!" He shouted.

"One more word, and I'm going to put ya over my knee, except for you Chessy, I'll just let Scott know about all that junk food ya got stashed all over the place. Now let me take care of my business, unless ya want to try me." He said giving each one of the girls a scorching look.

"Why don't we just sit down over here." Kali said taking a step back.

The other girls followed sitting down at the table.

"Thank you." Mark said and walked off.

"Damn he's intense." Paxton said.

The other two just nodded and watched.

Emily stood putting out some sandwiches, not paying attention to anything.

"We need to talk."

Emily swallowed hard and looked up to find Mark staring at her.

She just wanted to cry, he was here to tell her it was over. He didn't want her no more and they couldn't even be friends.

She was determined to be brave no matter what. Mark was the one who taught her to be strong and she would be.

Mark looked over at James. "I'm going to steal your help." he said and James just nodded.

Mark pulled her over to the side of the cafeteria.

Emily just stood with her head down, if she looked at him she was going to lose it.

"Its come to my attention you have a job opening." Mark said.

Emily's head popped up confused. She looked in his beautiful eyes seeing amusement and something else she couldn't define.

She looked at him leaning lazily against the wall. He had on tight black jeans and a black sleeveless shirt. She looked at is face and wanted to stand on her tiptoes and press a kiss to those beautiful lips.

Mark knew she wanted him, it was written all over her face and dammit, he wanted her just as bad.

"Job?" She asked confused.

"Yea, something about a Knight in shining amour and well I want to apply for it, if it hasn't been filled." He said grinning.

Mark watched as the light went on in her eyes and saw the twinkle of happiness.

"Well there are a few job requirements." She said grinning up at him.

"Yea, I figured that, and well I want to let you know up front, the whole shining amour thing, well Mine is kinda rusty, my temperament sucks a lot of the time, and you might just end up over my knee, when you do things like jump to conclusions without talking to me. Now what's these requirements of yours?" Mark asked.

Emily smiled up at him. "Just one really..My knight has to love me." She said.

"Well then, I think we got a done deal Princess Emily." He said and lifted her to crush his mouth to hers.

Mark heard the girls cheering behind him and broke the kiss.

"Looks like you got a cheering section." He said grinning.

Emily smiled and ran her hand down his cheek.

"I love you." She said.

"I love you too, more than I thought I could ever love anything in this world." Mark said and pressed a soft kiss to her lips.

Mark pulled back and looked at her.

"I have a few negotiations first." He said.

She looked at him. "What?"

"Two kids." Mark said.

"Six." She said grinning.


"Four with room for negotiation later." She said kissing him.

"Done deal." he said and swung her into his arms.

"James, find a new girl, we're going to get married." Mark said carrying Emily through the cafeteria to loud cheers from everyone in there.

"Mark how can we get married today?" Emily asked.

"Remember, I always get my way." Mark said grinning.

"Girl call me!" Chessy yelled.

"I will." She yelled back.

"She will in a couple of days, we're going to go get hitched, yes, there will be pictures, no don't call us, we'll call you." Mark said as he carried Emily out of the cafeteria.

Chessy sighed "What a man..I knew those two would be perfect together."

All three girls sighed. It wasn't everyday you watched a fairy tale unfold.

Four months later.

"Chessy he's so beautiful."

Chessy watched as Emily held her two week old son.

Wrestling was in town and she looked around and smiled. All her friend were here to meet the newest member of the family.

She looked down at her beautiful son, with his dark eyes and jet black hair, looking so much like his father.

Scott grinned with pride at his boy.

"Little Kevin Scott Hall has a lot to live up to with a name like that." Mark said grinning.

Kevin beamed with pride, he couldn't believe they had named their son after him. When he had found out, he had asked Scott and Kevin why.

"Cause you happen to be both of our best friends. Not a better name I could think of she said.

"Let me hold the little monster." Shawn said and Emily smile and handed him over to Shawn.

"Little Kev, your going to have a new cousin to play with soon." He said grinning.

Kali, Chessy and Emily descended on Paxton with hugs and squealing.

"How far along?" Chessy asked.

"Three months." Paxton said.

"Dave know?" Emily asked.

"Yes, he has already bought about a hundred baby outfits." Paxton said laughing.

"I guess we'll be in the hospital at the same time." Emily said grinning.

The girls mouths fell open.

"You're kidding me you too?" Paxton asked.

"Yep, three months along." She said grinning.

The guys were treated to another round of squealing and crying and just shook their heads.

"Wow Mark, you don't waste no time do ya?" Chessy asked grinning.

"Why would we, we working on a houseful, might as well get started." He said grinning.

"Uncle Shawn I want to see little Kevin." Misha said tugging on his leg.

Shawn bent down and Misha grinned at the little baby.

"You're so cute, you look just like Uncle Scott." She said kissing him on the cheek.

"Aunt Chessy can he be my brother?" She asked hopefully.

Chessy bent down and pulled her into a hug.

"Of course baby, you know we are family an he needs a big sister to teach him stuff." She said.

Misha grinned and hugged Chessy. She had the best family in the world.

Mark went over and pulled Emily in his arms. He thanked God everyday for putting Emily in his path. For the first time, He knew what real love was.