By: peach83

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SYNOPSIS: Katie Singer vowed to hate every living Sammler in the world because of a bitter past with one. Can Jessie Sammler turn bitter into sweet?

A/N: I know I said I won't be writing much when school starts, but I can't help it… So, in this AU fic, Jessie and Grace aren't stepsisters… And yeah, let's try something new, Katie is the straight one…


Fort Lauderdale, Florida…

It was one cold December night, and the rain, which rarely pours, had just stopped. It was, indeed, a very cold night. Katherine Singer came out of a church wearing her favorite brown jacket. People outside hurried to get to their cars, excited to go home for dinner with their families after their church service.

Katie, as her friends usually call her, stops walking. She takes her time to look around, memories simultaneously flashing through her mind. The best moments in her life happened right here, right in this church. At least that's what she thought. Her life's fairy tale turned out to be her worst nightmare…

She stood there, not realizing the thinning crowd of people around. It was starting to drizzle again, and she's the only one, it seems, who isn't worried about getting wet. She reaches something from the right pocket of her jacket, and holds on to it.

Reluctantly, she made a few steps, her eyes wander in search for something, and upon finding what she's looking for, she stops in front of it: a large dumpster. From the right pocket of her jacket, she clutched the thing inside, tight. Gathering all of her guts, she let out a deep breath, and finally, pulls it out of her pocket.

It was a small red box…

She opens the box, and inside it was a beautiful and obviously expensive engagement ring. As she looked at it, she realized, this is going to be the hardest thing she'll ever do in her life… That would be letting go…

She stares at the ring one final time, and talks to herself…

"Somebody out there deserves you more… And it's not me…" Katie sighs, pulls the ring out of the box, and with all her might, throws it into the dumpster. Strange as it was, it's as if the burden in her heart was lifted. Like a thorn had been pulled out of her chest. She turns around, and walks away…

Thrilled, her mind wanders with thoughts of moving on, when she was bumped in the shoulder that almost knocked her down. She turns around with a glare, almost certain to pounce on the person who's so careless not to notice her, and finds a blonde woman, a bit shorter than her (though she seem to have a really strong shoulder), smiling at her, her blue eyes looking at Katie's green ones, looking ready to apologize…

The woman in front of her has such a beautiful smile, that Katie's glare suddenly turned to a smile of her own, a sheepish one… Then, Katie feels rather stupid for thinking that another woman's smile could actually be beautiful to her…

Both of them open their mouths to apologize, but neither was able to say a word. They stood in silence, smiling at each other… It's a silent conversation that only the two of them understood…

Pause… Then Katie remembers she's supposed to meet her bestfriend and co-worker Tad at some bar that night, and she was running late. She takes her eyes off the blonde, and walks away. The blonde one does the same…

Oddly, Katie feels the need to look at those blue eyes again, so she turns around for one last look… Her face flushes bright red upon seeing her looking and smiling at her just the same. Both embarrassed, they walk away in opposite directions, feeling too awkward to look again…

They walk away wondering…

What just happened?... Katie shakes her head in amusement… She had never felt so giddy towards anyone of the same sex before, but that girl, and that smile was just… BREATH-TAKING…


The following year, month of May… Emergency Room, Broward General Medical Center, 1600 South Andrews Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, Florida… It's a Sunday, and Katie, a nurse, just finished working the night shift, and just concluded her endorsements to Grace, who's working the morning shift.

"Where's Dr. Jessica Sammler?" Asks Julie, one of Katie and Grace's co-nurses. The long-haired brunette entered the Emergency Room, which was surprisingly empty at the moment. The question turns Katie's smile into a frown.

"Who?" Katie almost growls.

"We have a new resident. She was here yesterday. And why do you sound so irritated?" Grace raises an eyebrow at Katie. Katie's facial expression looks too serious and formal.

"What's her name again?"

"Jessica Sammler." Grace repeats the name. Julie smiles.

"She's hot." Julie then grins. Grace widens her eyes mockingly at Julie, and Julie giggles. Katie rolls her eyes.

"Aren't you supposed to be straight?" Katie looks at Julie in disbelief.

"Oh, I am… But have you even seen her?" Julie winks at Katie.

"Is this normal?" Katie shakes her head and turns at Grace.

"I don't know, but Julie's right. She's hot." Grace smiles at Katie, knowing that this will piss Katie off. It's obvious that Katie isn't that fond of the new doctor as much as everyone is, though she has no idea why. Jessie seems so nice.

"And gay. If ever I decided to try and experiment, I'd definitely go out with her. She's perfect." Julie jokes.

"That's a pretty nice thing to say from someone who just broke up with her boyfriend." Katie growls at Julie, to Julie's surprise. Katie's comment was below the belt, making her flare.

"Hey, I don't pry with your life, so don't poke your nose on mine." Julie snarls at Katie, but Katie doesn't look sorry.

"Jessica Sammler is not perfect, that's for sure. She's just another arrogant, miserable, washed-up professional who will inflict every bit of frustration on us." Katie almost shouts at them. Grace looks at her wide-eyed.

"How can you say that? Do you even know her?" Julie shouts back. Katie was taken aback by Julie's reaction, and realizes she shouted first. Grace watches them in shock.

"No, I don't know her…" Katie sighs.

"So how can you say all those things about her?" Julie frowns at Katie. Katie can be such a diva sometimes.

"Yeah, I don't think its right to judge people, Katie. She seems nice to me." Grace seconds.

"Do you know her?" Katie turns to Grace.

"Well, no, but---"

"Then I rest my case."

"Singer, chill out. She's just a new resident. Why are you overreacting?" Julie has no idea where Katie's animosity is coming from. The dirty blonde is normally friendly. Feeling the tension building among them, Grace breaks the ice.

"So she may not be perfect. But please, don't judge her before you get to know her. I think it's rude." Grace says calmly to Katie. Katie shrugs it off. She then heads to the bathroom. And when she's gone, Julie and Grace exchanged looks.

"What's her problem?" Julie frowns.

"Don't ask me." Grace sighs. Katie sure has some issues to deal with.

x - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - x

Katie, after picking up some coffee from Starbucks, heads home to her 10th floor apartment not so far away from the medical center she works at. When she reaches her floor, she finds Tad, another nurse at Broward, and her bestfriend, sitting on her doorstep. He gets up upon seeing her.

"Good. Now you're here." Tad smiles at her.

"I had a feeling that you'd be here." Katie smiles back, handing him a cup of coffee. She bought two. She unlocks her door and gets in, followed by Tad.

"I brought breakfast." Tad puts a brown paper bag on the table at the dining room.

"Just what I need. Thanks." Katie occupies a chair, and Tad sits opposite her. She goes through the paper bag and pulls out some French fries. Katie chuckles.


"Don't you think it's too early for this?" Katie lifts a piece of fry and eats it anyway.

"Hey, I love French fries."

"I could never understand you." Katie shakes her head, then picks up another piece of fry. Tad does the same. He then notices something: something really surprising. Katie realizes that Tad had been staring at her left hand.

"What?" Katie growls at him. Tad looks up at Katie with a questioning look at his face.

"Where is it?"

"I don't know what you're talking about." Katie frowns.

"Your engagement ring, where is it?" For the first time in the past year, Katie isn't wearing the ring, and since Katie had thrown it, it was only now that Tad actually noticed. It's a good sign, actually. It just really surprised Tad.

"Why are you looking for it?"

"No reason… I'm just surprised." Tad shrugs. Knowing how touchy Katie is when it comes to this subject, Tad knew better to shut up.

"I threw it." Katie confessed, which almost got Tad choking on his coffee.

"What?" Tad strained to be able to talk. He could still feel some coffee stuck in his throat.

"I threw it." Katie replies calmly.


"I had to do that…" Katie looks down at the table, avoiding Tad's eyes.

"Yesterday was supposed to be your wedding anniversary. Only that you ran away from your own wedding a year ago… What did you do?" Tad hears her sigh.

"I stayed home… This whole year, I've been trying my best to avoid everything, every place, every people that reminds me of Eli, because it relives the pain. Then one day, I woke up, and I realized that moving on is not about avoiding all the things that haunts you and causes you pain. It's dealing with it. I've been hurting for so long, and I think that's enough. I'm ready to accept the fact that everything is over now. Eli is not a part of my life anymore…" Katie sighs again. She's surprised at herself. For the first time, talking about her ex-fiance, Elijah Richard Sammler III, did not make her cry. It's definitely a progress on her part…

After watching Katie, Tad is glad to see that Katie, indeed, is coping well with the break up… Well, it's been a year. His bestfriend has had enough misery already. It's about time to move on. He gets up from his chair and goes around the table to give her a hug.

"I'm happy for you." Tad smiles.

"And this is rather cheesy, Tad." Katie jokes, but appreciates her friend's concern. Tad goes back to his chair and eats a mouthful of French fries.

"I've met our new doctor." Tad grins. Katie rolls her eyes.

"You mean Jessica Sammler? Who cares?" Katie is suddenly irritated, to Tad's surprise.


"Hot. I know what you're gonna say. Julie and Grace said the same thing." Katie remembers Julie's comments about his new girl. Nobody is that gorgeous, is there? Or maybe Julie's just exaggerating.

"So, you've seen her?"

"No, and I hope not."

"That's impossible. You're gonna be working with her some time soon. And besides, she IS hot." Tad confirms. Katie rolls her eyes again. Tad can be too shallow at times.

"Believe me, I wouldn't think of the same thing."

"Why not?"

"Because I don't normally think of women like that." Katie's statement only gives Tad a playful idea, it's obvious with the smirk on his face.

"You know, maybe you should try your luck with women this time." Tad winks at her.

"Not if you still want to live." Katie playfully threatens him, and Tad pretends to be scared, then both of them start laughing. Katie, who's really hungry after hours of working from last night, continues devouring the French fries Tad had bought for them. She didn't realize she's eating more than she normally would, and Tad is watching her closely.

"It's just a surname." Katie's reaction towards Jessica Sammler just wouldn't leave his memory. Katie throws him a look that could, somehow, kill. But Tad didn't flinch.


"So the new resident doctor is a Sammler. I thought you've let go of Eli. You just heard his surname, and I think you're overreacting. Katie, you can't keep a grudge against every Sammler in the world."

"I don't have a grudge against any one of them." Katie sulks, realizing how wrong this picture is: she's acting childish while Tad is the one being mature…

The moon must be full… Katie thought it's the only logical explanation.

"I just don't understand how Grace and Julie could like this new resident in the first place." Katie continues with a disappointed sigh.

"What's the big deal? Why wouldn't you just give yourself a chance to get to know this doctor first before you judge her? She deserves a chance, doesn't she?" Tad waits for Katie's reply. Katie, on the other hand, shifts her gaze constantly; from the table, to the floor, then sideways to the walls, before looking back at Tad…

"She's Eli's younger sister." Katie finally tells.

"What?" Tad asks in disbelief.

"She's Eli's younger sister." Katie repeats rather impatiently. She knew Tad heard her, but Tad really needs to emphasize everything sometimes.

"You've never mentioned anything about Eli having a sister, or having a sibling for that matter."

"I haven't met Jessie… Their maid at their estate (in Utah) told me… I asked Eli about her, and I learned that Jessie ran away from home when she was 16. She lived with a relative somewhere in Boston and never called or came back. I asked why, and he told me that Jessie was too selfish and too arrogant to stay." Katie sighs. She never really understood what Eli meant, but she believed him. She has no idea what Jessie looks like since Eli and his father had practically got rid of everything which belonged to the long lost daughter. Katie wished she had met Jessie, and had became friends, then maybe that fateful night of losing Eli (or letting go) wouldn't have to happen… She would have had someone to confide her feelings with… Tad is a great listener, but there are things that Katie just couldn't share with him…

"So you haven't met Jessica, or Jessie, and she's Eli's younger sister, that's why you don't like her?" Tad sums up with incredulity.

"She disowned her parents." Katie states in her defense. Still, the incredulous look in Tad's face stayed.

"You really haven't let Eli go, have you?"

"This isn't about Eli." Katie says firmly, locking eyes with Tad without blinking to prove her point. Tad isn't blinking either.

"You HAVEN'T met Jessie."

"She's a bad person!" Katie slightly raises her voice.

"And a Sammler?" Tad stares back at Katie with gentle, yet accusing eyes. And, it was Katie who blinked first. She gets up from her chair, almost wanting to throw a fit, but decides against it. She isn't sure what her stand is when it comes to Eli, but she sure had tried her best to let Eli go. Sometimes, she still thinks about him, but she isn't sure how she feels for him anymore.

"You know what? I haven't had enough sleep for days, and I'm going to sleep. Lock the door when you leave." Katie leaves Tad alone at the dining table, as she heads to the comforts of her bedroom…


Katie was standing in front of the church again, looking around as if trying to find something… Or someone… Truth is, she's never really a religious person. In the few times that she had been here, it's only been for a few reasons: whether Eli was insistent on going to church with her, and that last time she was here for a service in December…

That unforgettable, one cold night in December…

Katie stood in front of the church, staring at nothing in particular. That night, she asked for help, from God, to let her let go of Eli. Throwing the ring was one part of it. She wanted a new life, she wanted to smile again… And she did smile that night… Somebody made her smile… Someone she never expected could make her smile…

"What are you waiting for, Christmas?" A voice came from behind Katie. She didn't have to turn around to see it was---

"What are you doing here, Grace?" Katie smiles.

"Same reason why you're here." Grace walks to Katie and stops by her side.

"Why am I here?" Katie jokes at Grace. Grace ponders for a while before answering.

"I don't know."

"So you don't know why you're here either?" Katie sounds incredulous. Grace shrugs.

"Guess so." Grace chuckles. "Looking for her again?" Grace asks knowingly. Katie turns to face her. She mentioned that incident in December, when she bumped with this woman, and how that encounter put a smile on her face. She just couldn't keep it to herself. Instead of telling Tad, she told Grace, whom she thought wouldn't put any malice on it…

She was right. Grace had been more understanding than she expected…

"Why would you want to see her again anyway?"

"I don't know… Maybe because I don't have much friends, and I want her to be one of those few friends… She seems really nice." Katie knew that sounded silly; it sounded silly in her own ears… It's weird enough that she's standing here waiting for that woman who smiled at her that cold night in December…

"Yeah, you told me that, and that she has one gorgeous smile." Grace grins at Katie. Katie rolls her eyes. Okay, so maybe she was wrong about that malice part.

"I'm just curious, okay?"

"About a person you've only seen once?" Grace raises her voice in amusement. Katie had usually been moody after she called her wedding off last year. But when her friend told her about this encounter with this cute smiling blonde girl last December, Katie seemed happier, and less grumpy. She sees her smile more often, which is good, but weird on Grace's part… How could some girl do this to Katie? What does this mystery girl has?

"I just want to see her, okay? I don't know how, I don't know why, I'm driving myself crazy just by thinking of what could it possibly be… That night was one of my life's meaningless coincidences. It would be easy to let it go and move on… But I can't stop wondering about her…"

"Sounds like Katie Singer is crushing on a girl." Grace jokes and giggles. Katie slightly blushes but Grace doesn't notice.

"It's not a crush, it's… Haven't you encountered anyone that made every sad feeling in your heart disappear just seeing that person smile? It's magical. I mean, that night in December was one of the hardest times in my life… And then this meaningless coincidence happened… It was one simple smile in one single moment, and all of a sudden, everything feels good again…" Katie smiles dreamily. Grace was awestruck.

"You do know that sounded so gay, right?"

"I'm not gay." But Katie is still blushing. What did she just say?

"You're wasting your time."

"No I'm not."

"Katie, you're standing in the entrance of a deserted church after a service on a blistering summer night looking for a girl you've only seen once in your life, just because you're curious? Talk about wasting time, you're being stupid." Grace points out.

"Whatever, Grace… I'm not asking you to stay…" Katie stayed standing there, staring at nowhere. Grace sighs.

You got it bad, Singer, and you don't even have a clue… Grace shakes her head, and walks away…

Broward Medical Center… The night was calm, the corridors so quiet, you can hear yourself breathing. Few people can be seen walking. Some were relatives of the patients, most were nurses on duty. Katie felt some sort of longing in her heart, eating every energy that was left in her… It was a weakening silence she had never felt before… She felt her shoulders fall so suddenly, as she took the elevator down to the ground floor to fill in her night shift after visiting a sick friend at the sixth floor…

Great, I'm going to be late again… Katie constantly glances at her wrist watch, and realizes that she will actually be late again… Grace isn't going to be so happy about this…

First, there were five of them inside. The elevator stops on the fifth floor and takes in another two passengers, making them seven. Katie was too occupied to even pay attention to the other people around her. At the fourth floor, four of them boarded off, leaving three of them inside… On the third floor, the other one boarded off, leaving Katie with another blond female inside…

Then it happens…

The lights inside the elevator flickered for a few times before it completely went out. Surprised by herself, Katie didn't even feel a bit of panic inside her. She just stood there, waiting, though a bit irritated. She's running late for her shift after all. The emergency red light turned on, it was blinding. She closed her eyes, forgetting for a while that she wasn't alone…

"I'm so dead…" Katie sighs…

"You look pretty alive to me…" A joking female voice came from somewhere, which makes Katie look around. She sees a figure slump on the floor.

"Yeah, well, unfortunately…" Katie says bitterly, not noticing the frown forming on the other female's face. Something clicks in Katie's head and she reaches for the elevator buttons on their right, searching for the button to be able to contact someone from the outside… The other female who's still sitting comfortably in the floor watched her…

"I tried that, it didn't work." The blonde informs Katie.

"When?" Katie rather growls impatiently. It's supposed to work.

"Uh, just now?" The other female's left eyebrow raises at the dirty blonde's rudeness, but she couldn't blame her. Katie had been so lost in her thoughts that she didn't notice the blonde do just that a few seconds ago…

Maybe she's claustrophobic?... The blonde thought…

"Shit…" Katie is on the verge of kicking the elevator door open, but of course, knew perfectly that she isn't supergirl, and actually kicking that thick metal door would be stupid.

Pause… The blonde girl sitting on the floor falls in silence. Katie eventually gets tired of standing and slumps on the floor herself, opposite the other girl. Her eyes fall on the silhouette of the other female opposite her, but couldn't make out what the other person looks like in the dark. Suddenly feeling a little guilty, she knew she had acted unreasonably snappy. From the dark, she could tell that the other girl has a rather gentle personality, she could tell just by hearing the soft voice…

It was so soft, but it felt like it was breaking through Katie's walls…

"I'm sorry…" It took a lot of Katie's pride just to say that…

Why am I even apologizing to her?


"I said I'm sorry… I was rude…" Katie looks straight back into the person sitting opposite her… Still couldn't figure out what the other female looks like.

"That's okay…" The blonde smiles… And weird enough as it is, Katie could feel her smile… "Been having a bad day?" The blonde follows up with a question.

"How can you tell?" Katie asks.

"I've been dealing with different kinds of people for years now. I guess I learned how to read people's moods." The blonde replied.

"So what are you, a psychiatrist?" Katie assumes.

"Something along that line, yeah." The smile remains plastered on the blonde's face. There's something about this snappy female in front of her that's so intriguing… "What do you do?"

"I'm a nurse." Katie admits. The other female pauses for a while, Katie could swear she could see the blonde grinning in the dark, rather playfully, but she couldn't really confirm.

"Interesting." The blonde says in a higher octave, which gets Katie narrowing her eyes on her.


"You heard me. Don't make me say it again." The blonde, in fact, was grinning. Her playful tone, yet still soft voice, keeps drawing Katie in…

"So, what exactly do you mean by 'interesting'?"

"I meant... I meant that's hot…" The blonde, although sounded like joking, made Katie blush. Katie then hears the blonde giggle.

"I'm sorry, I'm normally charming, not scary…" The blonde actually managed to say it in the most suave way, eliciting an almost embarrassed smile from Katie… She's isn't offended, it just seemed weird and awkward…

So she's gay… Katie thought the other girl sounded so gentle to be gay. But what does she know about that anyway? She, herself, had been having unexplainable daydreams about a certain female… Not lewd daydreams, those are actually innocent ones, but still, dreams that turns out to be not so platonic in the end…

And yes, I AM straight… Katie reiterates to herself, taking a note to make an appointment with a therapist as soon as possible, and making sure not to tell Grace or Tad…

"I hope I didn't offend you in anyway…"

"No, not at all…" Katie smiles.

"It's just that you suddenly fell quiet and---"

"I just remembered something." Katie sounds sincere. The blonde stares at her for a while before asking again.

"May I know what about?"

"Just this person that I like, I think…" Katie's mind wanders back to that cold night in December, and a dreamy smile plasters in her face… "Someone I couldn't get out of my head, no matter how hard I try… Despite the fact of seeing that person only once, I couldn't forget… The sexy smile, the way it made me feel, the mystery… It all sounds silly, but…" Katie giggles to herself… "Have you ever felt that way? I mean, helplessly attracted to someone you're not even supposed to be attracted to?" Katie asks. She normally wouldn't discuss this with a stranger, but she feels comforted just by being here with this person…

The blonde thinks for a while, remembering a personal event in her life, and she smiles…

"I know how it feels…"

"So… What would you do if fate brings you two together again?"

"I'll kiss her… And maybe, never let go…" The blonde has her own dreamy smile plastered in her face.

The two fall into another few minutes of silence, both drifting into their own daydream (or nightdream, whatever the right term is)… Katie then starts feeling hungry. She forgot she hadn't taken any dinner that night. She had left home early to visit Russel, a friend from highschool, who's currently confined at their hospital. She reaches for her bag, rummaging for something in particular, and upon getting hold of what she's looking for, she pulls it out, creating sounds from some plastic…

"Would you like some kisses?" Katie asks innocently, not realizing for a while how she could have sounded on the girl opposite her.

"Excuse me?" The blonde almost chokes an imaginary lump in her throat. That came out of nowhere, and even if she would be stuck here for days, she didn't consider hearing that from the nurse sitting opposite her…

Suddenly realizing what her question might have implied, Katie feels her cheeks turn warm. Embarrassed, she backpedals, and managed to do it in a rather calm way.

"Kisses, Hersheys." Katie corrects, then giggles.

"Oh…" The blonde sounded relieved and disappointed at the same time.

"You thought I was trying to seduce you?" Katie asks in amusement, this time embarrassing the blonde.

"Well, I thought you were, and I wouldn't have complained… But I was surprised." The blonde explains, then giggles. Katie smiles, thinking of how cute the blonde's giggle was…

Okay, that sounded even more gay… Katie shakes her head out of cobwebs…

"I never dreamt of doing it in an elevator though. There's too much chance of getting caught and not finish what you started. It's frustrating." Katie jokes.

"So… Where do you want to do it?" The blonde jokes back, half-flirting.

"Surprise me…" Katie surprises herself again…

I'm actually flirting back!… The air was charged, there's tension, but not a bad one. Both of them know it, they could feel it… But what to do? They have no idea. This elevator has to start working now, or who knows what could happen next…

"What's your wildest dream?" Katie asks. The blonde raises an eyebrow.

"Do you really wanna know? I'm telling you, it will gross you out." The blonde jokes.

"I'm bestfriends with Tad. Nothing else can gross me out." Katie replied, which the blonde didn't understand.


"Never mind. Come on, tell me."

"My wildest dream would be jumping 20,000 feet in the air on a parachute." The blonde grins.

"Really?" Katie sounds disbelieving.

"You don't believe me."

"It's just unbelievable." Katie shrugs. The blonde smiles.

"What, you expected me to say having a ménage a toir with two gorgeous females in one night?" The blonde sounded amused.

"Something like that, yeah. Well, you do like females." Katie chuckles.

"Yeah, but I'm not a pig. I still believe that doing 'it' with someone should mean something, and not just to satisfy some lustful desires." The blonde replies in defense.

"Hmm… Good point."


"So, why don't you?" Katie asks in curiosity.

"It's hard to find someone you'd feel instantly connected with…" The blonde answered, which got Katie contorting her forehead.

"I'm talking about the jumping-from-the-air-on-a-parachute thing." Katie laughs. The blonde blushes in embarrassment again. Katie could embarrass her all night, but she wouldn't get mad…

"Right, uhm… There's this little problem… I'm afraid of heights." The blonde admits.

"Oh, so you're a chicken?" Katie jokes.

"I'm not a chicken. Everyone has fear of something. What are you afraid of?"

"Nothing." Katie mocks indignity. The blonde giggles.

"You're not supergirl… Really, what are you afraid of?" The blonde wished she could see the dirty blonde's eyes… But that's gonna have to wait…

"I'm afraid of losing the people that I care about…" Katie sighs… It happened to her once, she doesn't want it to happen again…

"I think everyone is… You shouldn't take anyone for granted, because sometimes, you're not meant to lose someone; you're just forced to let go because you have no choice. Sometimes when I look back, I wished I could make things different, but I can't… Instead, I just feel helpless, crying alone at night…" The blonde falls in silence again. Katie watches her in the dark… How she wished she could reach out and hug the other girl in front of her…

But she was scared; scared of how that would make her feel…

"Most people wouldn't admit that." Katie jokes to lighten up the situation. The blonde smiles.

"And I don't know why I just told you that…"

The lights flicker again. Katie and the blonde girl got up from the floor, and finally, the light of the elevator switched back on. Feeling victoriously happy with the lights on, Katie and the blonde girl turned with a smile for each other, only to surprise themselves…

Katie could never forget that smile… The longing that she felt minutes ago had suddenly melted.

"It's you…" Katie uttered in disbelief, with a smile…

"And you…" The blonde couldn't believe it either…

They had reached the ground floor. They haven't even finished enjoying their euphoria when the door opened…

"Dr. Sammler." Grace's voice made Katie and the blonde turn to her.

"What?" Katie's smile suddenly turns to a frown. She waits for Grace to answer. Grace turns to Katie.

"As usual, you're late. Where the hell have you been?" Grace asks, but Katie didn't answer, as she's still waiting for Grace to explain who Dr. Sammler is…

"I'm glad you two have met." Grace smiles at Dr. Sammler and the blonde returns it. A bit confused by the sudden change in Katie's behavior. Katie had been glaring at Grace, as if waiting for the brunette to say something.

"We haven't." Katie says bluntly.

"Well, then let me introduce you to our new resident. Katie, meet Dr. Jessica Sammler, and Dr. Sammler, meet Katie Singer, one of our nurses." Grace says formally.

Jessie actually blushed with the introduction. Katie shifted her eyes confusingly between Grace and Jessie.

"It's the time when you're supposed to shake each other's hands." Grace raises an eyebrow as no one of the two made a move to do so. Jessie is still smiling at Katie, while the happy feeling Katie had felt a while ago turned into animosity. She looks at Grace, avoiding Jessie's blue eyes. When Jessie offered her hand, Katie merely looked at it, and ignored the blonde doctor totally…

"Sorry I took so long. I'm checking in." Katie says coldly. She walks away, leaving Grace and Jessie in confusion. Grace and Jessie exchanged looks, and Jessie watched as Katie disappeared from her view…

"What just happened?" Grace frowns.

"No idea…" Jessie shrugs… But she silently wished that she has. She couldn't seem to figure out what changed Katie's mood. They were getting along well until the lights went back on. It bothered her…

Sensing that Grace wouldn't be able to ease her confusion, and she has to go home anyway (after dropping by for a short meeting with the medical director), Jessie says goodbye to Grace…