There I was. My sad, bored vampire self sitting at the Jamba Juice counter near the movie theatre, slowly drinking my Carribean Passion and trying to resist knocking the guy at the register out because of his provacative thoughts. Yes, I know you're wondering 'what the heck? she can drink Jamba Juice?' and the answer is yes. I drink animal blood once in a while but I mainly crave human food.

"Hey," said a smiling figure that came to sit next to me. I was just about to snap at that person but then i realized it was only Jacob. Me and Jacob we are still the bestest of friends even though our kinds are supposed to be enemies. Surprisingly, none of the pack or even Billy, have a problem with me. They say that i was a wierd human and vampire. I guess they're right. Ever since I've been changed by Laurent, i've never had the urge to drink human blood. It actually kind of smelled a little wierd to me.

"Hey Jake. What movie are we seeing?" I asked smiling now that Jake was here.

"Let's go see...OCEAN'S 13!" he yelled the last part, earining us stares from people in Jamba Juice.

"Awwww, but i wanted to see Nancy Drew...Max Theoriot is a studmuffin," I said the last part winking. He laughed and responded.

"Whatever Bella, You do realize you can have any guy you want right?" he said matter-of-factly. It was true. Being a vampire was fun, but the beauty was like a curse. I hated it; all of it, the lustful stares, provocative thoughts, constant guys trying to hit on me, it was all really disturbing my time with Jacob. And before you ask, NO, me and Jacob aren't dating. First of all Jacob was a werewolf and I was vampire, two, apparently the whole pack wanted my and they all made a pact that none of them could date me, and three, I've even seen Billy throw me a few lustful glances which is really quite disturbing.

"Let's go," I said as i pulled out my red 8.9 mega-pixel camera that laurent had given me for me birthday, along with a new porsche carrerra GT.

"Why did you just take out your camera?" Jacob asked, worried.

"YOU DON'T KNOW?" I stared at him with wide eyes.

"Ummmm, no?" he said, questioning himself.

"Well...we are going to make a JOURNEY TO THE MOVIE THEATRE!" I yelled happily, causing everyone to stare yet again.

"But...but we made a journey to the bus stop just yesterday..."

"I KNOW. " I said like it was totally obvious. "But this is going to be waayyy better," He went along with it, and we made our journey across the street to the movie theatre. When we got there the girl that worked there was sending my envious glares and told me to put my camera away.

"Sheesh, you party pooper," I said to her.

"Excuse me?" She said sounding totally offended.

"I said 'Sheesh, you-" I was then cut off by Jacob who was trying to lead me to the gate our movie was at while muttering some stuff about getting us kicked out like last time.

"HEY!" I said, "That guy was being totally inapropiate!" I shot back

"He was elderly, Bella. And then you kicked him in the groin."

"You would have to if you heard his dilusional fantasy about me and him and some sort of 'naughty student and handsome, young headmaster' story."

"Ewww, that's gross. Nevermind. We're here," As soon as he said that he let go of me so i could find us seats in the theatre.

Okay, there really was no finding involved since there was only four people in theatre, obviously because Nancy Drew came out weeks ago. Me and Jake went to sit about five seats behind the four people since they got the best seats directly in the middle. As i sat down i could see four heads. They were both together. Must be a double date. There was a short, jet black haired girl with a tall blonde haired guy. Next to them were a platinum blonde girl and a wierdly colored boy with bronze hair. That boy looked a lot like Edward's hair. I had gotten over Edward about a month after he left. I mean. he didn't love me, it wasn't his fault, or mines. So whatever. But that didn't mean I didn't stop loving him, I just stopped obssessingly loving him; It's like i forgot about him. Which i kind of did.. hmmm. The guy in front of us with the bronze hair, had hair a lot similiar to Edwards'. Edward's hair was alway kind of wierd.

"Hey Jake, the guy in front of us has wierd hair," I whispered so quietely that i had to make my lips touch his ear in order to hear; no human would have ever heard that. I saw the girl with jet black hair giggle and the male blonde hair snicker. The girl with platinum blonde hair turned around to glare at me and when I saw her face i gasped. She was beautiful and had pale skin with purple like bruises under her eyes. she was a vampire.