Title: Long Under Tree

Author: Darkhorse

Rating: PG

Summary: Legolas is an elfling giving his ada headaches and heartache. The young life of Legolas 'long under tree'.

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Disclaimer: I don't own anything.

Legolas scuffed the ends of his little boots on the pristine white of the marble floor in his fathers study. "Please Ada? Please, can't I go outside for a little while?" He pleaded, sticking his bottom lip out just enough that it wouldn't be considered outright petulance.

"No my little greenleaf," Thranduil sighed, not looking up from the large volumes on his desk. "There is no one to watch you, you are the son of a King and you are in danger because of that." Thranduil caught the look of despair on his sons face, he had only ever forced Legolas to stay inside when he was being punished.

Elrond was coming for a visit and was due to arrive with his twin sons in less than two days. Because of this his staff was consumed with preparations for the Lord's arrival, young Legolas had not been able to walk in the sun or swing from a tree's willing bough for two days now and was growing increasingly restless.

Thranduil had explained to his son over and over again why he could not go into the forest alone and why everyone was too busy to play with him. The bad blood between he and Elrond was hopefully going to be put aside, Mirkwood needed the Rivendale Lord's support as the spiders continued to invade her great forests. Thranduil planned to make the arrival and visit something memorable for his own kingdom as well as for the Rivendell elfs.

"Legolas, come here." Thranduil said gently, looking up from his work and waving the sullen boy over.

Legolas quickly ran over, happy his father was paying attention to him at least, he knew he had been annoying with all of his pleading, but he couldn't seem to help himself. As soon as his baby came within reach Thranduil grabbed him and threw him lightly in the air eliciting a giggle from his charge before settling the little elf on his lap and cuddling him to his chest. Thranduil could be a stern father at times but his love for Legolas new no end.

"Why don't you look at your picture books Las'?" Thranduil mumbled into the elflings downy hair.

"I'm bored. We can go outside, ada, you would like that! You wouldn't have to stay in this stuffy old room anymore" Legolas peered up at him wrinkling his nose.

The King chuckled. "I know your tactics Legolas, I would love to take you out, but I am very busy and you have a way of turning meager minutes of play into hours, I would never finish my work."

Thranduil tried valiantly to hide his smile as Legolas made himself boneless, slinking out of his grasp and melting onto the floor in a mock faint.

"Oh no! What has become of my son!" Thranduil exclaimed overdramatically as he stood over his elfling who had flattened himself with his back to the floor and his arms stretched out wide.

"I am fading Ada." Legolas hoarsely whispered.

"Well I can't have that! What would my subjects think if I let their prince fade on my study floor? I suppose I will have to take you to the healers!" Thranduil could no longer contain his mirth as Legolas scrambled to his feet blushing. "I feel much better suddenly Ada."

"I thought you might." The King smirked, turning back to his work with a smile on his face.

"Well...I'm going by myself anyway!" Legolas blurted, testing his fathers reaction.

Thranduil jerked, Legolas had never challenged him before, he was at a loss for a moment until he decided what must be done.

The King rose from his desk and walked quickly over to his small son, towering over him. "Legolas! I said no! It is dangerous, you will stay inside and learn to be patient." Thranduil grasped the small arm tightly. "You are never to talk back to me little one." Turning him to the side Thranduil gave Legolas a light smack on his backside.

The sting of hurt feelings was more powerful than any smack, he peered up at his father through his tears. 'Does he still love me' Legolas wondered. He had never been naughty like that, he didn't know why he said that to his father. It wasn't as though he had never been spanked before, but he had never seen that look in his fathers eyes. It looked almost like fear. But fathers didn't get afraid did they?

"I'm sorry Ada." Legolas said with an audible tremble in his voice.

He stared straight ahead at his father's robes. He wanted to bury his face in them, he wanted his father to hold him so he could know for sure that he was still loved. BeforeThranduil thought to reach out for him, Legolas bolted, running for his chamber.

Thranduil cringed, he was still in a daze. The King's mind had raced ahead years in a matter of minutes. He saw Legolas as a tall elf challenging him, what would he do then? When his son was no longer an elfling how would he persuade him to stay out of danger? Thranduil returned to his desk still worrying over the child as he looked over the many scrolls in front of him.

Legolas stood in front of his window in his room, sulking. What was so dangerous? He was almost a big elf, not a baby after all! The sun was shining brightly and the breeze was cool, the forest looked so peaceful, surely no harm would come of just a little walk.

'I could come back before anyone missed me.' Legolas reasoned. 'Would anyone miss me?' A shadow of a frown fell across his fair face.

He was feeling reckless, his heart thudded hard in his chest. He had disobeyed before, but never like this. He had been told many times how wrong it was to go outside the palace by himself, and especially the woods! Big elves rarely went into the woods by themselves, let alone little princes. He had made up his mind though so without further consideration he threw a leg over his window sill.