Uchiha-Uzumaki: The Split


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The Uchimaki Clan had been a part of Konoha for aslong as anyone could remember. The clan was one of the founding clans of Konoha three hundred years ago. The Uchimaki Clan had one of the strongest bloodlines in all of the ninja world the Tonogan. The Tonogan granted its users the abilities to copy others ninjutsus, genjutsus and taijutsus. It also granted the user the ability to make powerful genjutsus and it also made an enemys movement seem slower. The Tonogan also had two other abilities it granted its users. One of the abilities was that with enough chakra drawn to the eyes the user could stop all ninjutsus and projectiles comming at the user. The other thing it granted its users was that the user was practically immune to genjutsus. But all these abilities to one bloodline came at price the ability required enormous amounts of chakra. Another thing was that the Uchimaki were people of very small chakra reserves. So the bloodline and body were a double edge sword. All these abilities to one bloodline made the Uchimaki a hated clan and yet the envy of many. There were those who wanted the secrets of the Tonogan. Those who wanted to kill the Uchimake because they thought they were extremely powerful. Through all this the Uchimaki helped Konoha prosper making it one of the most powerful ninja villages in the world. There were other ninja clans in Konoha with their own bloolines like the Hyuga and the Kurama. There were also other clans with no bloodline but they had clan only jutsus and other things to make for the no bloodline. Even though eveyone in Konoha was seen as equals. To all other countries the Uchimaki Clan was what made Konoha so powerful.

A hundred years into the founding of Konoha:

Konoha was doing well it was still atop of the ninja world. All the clans in Konoha were doing well too. But for the Uchimaki it was little different story the clan itself was prospering but at the same time the clan itself was dividing. The clan heads didn't see this though, they were to busy to see it they thought their actions were for the best of the clan. Twenty years before this time the clan heads decided to train people apart from each other. People who could copy abilities and make strong genjutsu would train together. People who could stop projectiles and ninjutsus and were immune to genjutsus trained together. Even though all Uchimaki could use all other their clan abilities. Just some were more proficient in some abilities then they were in others. The clan heads wanted to make the clan stronger, so they felt by doing this the clan would be stronger. The Uchimaki all had eyes of onyx color, but one thing soon became aparent. Those who were strong in the fields of copying abilities and genjutsus when they activated their bloodline, their eyes would be red and black. But those who were strong in stopping ninjutsus and projectiles and had a stronger immunity to genjutsu, their eyes turned blue and black when the bloodline was active. (think of the sharingan but with blue substituting the red) The clan heads noticed this but either didn't care or were oblivious they just wanted to make the Uchimaki clan stronger. They even went as far as to point out leaders for each part of the clan. So the clan was becoming more separate, each sect of the clan thinking they were better then other, mainly the ones whos eyes turned red. Even though they were becoming they were still Uchimaki, they could also still use the bloodlines abilities to certain degree. One thing that was still the same in them though was that no one sect of the clan lost the ability that allowed them to see movement slower. It seemed only the four main abilities were becoming separate. Another thing the clan heads had implamented was execises to make people have larger reserves. Again they thought it was all for the best.

A hundred twenty years into the founding of Konoha:

Trouble was brooding in Konoha its most famous clan was in turmoil as Konoha. Konoha was at war with Iwagakure, a war that had been going on now for ten long years. Many people had from both sides, but the Uchimaki has suffered more then any clan. In a single raid by Iwa against Konoha over two hundred Uchimaki had died. The attack was planed it was meant to destroy the Uchimaki. This was almost a fatal strike to Konoha, its most powerful assest had been devastated. The Uchimaki were hurt but not out they continued to fight for Konoha even with their depleted numbers. The Uchimaki Clan found itself even in more turmoil, the clan itself was having an internal struggle. But their pride did not allow them to show their problems to Konoha. They felt a war was raging and they had to fight and show a strong face. About two weeks after the devastating attack on the Uchimaki, their turmoil came all out. The leader of the sect who was profecient with stopping ninjutus, projectiles and were immune to genjutsu. The man was found dead in his chamber, he was clearly beaten to death, his face was barely recognizable. This event was a horrible day for Konoha, the Uchimaki were no longer a clan but now they were two clans. So Konoha now has to fight a war with Iwa and had basically a civil war within its walls. The Uchimaki was divide after the leaders brutals death, the two sects begin to fight amongst themselves. The civil war within the clan again devastated the clan, the clan numbers so slow. The Hokage had to step in, not only to save the clan but save Konoha his precious home. So Hokage decided to call meeting of clan heads, the Uchimaki sent two people one from each sect. None of the clan head went for they were dead now, the internal struggle had caused their lives. So the meeting begin, the future of the Uchimaki and Konoha at hand.

The Meeting of Fate:

The meeting had started of badly, minutes into the meeting the two sect representatives were already fighting, they nearly killed each other. They were quickly subduded by the representatives of other clans at the meeting. The Hokage decided enough was enough, he was gonna put an end to this one way or another. So he got up from his chair and handed each of the sect representatives a pieces of paper. When the man looked at the paper, each one of them dropped the paper they were in utter shock. The Hokage wasn't surprised by this his plan was a brilliant one. It called for them to stop fighting now or all face execution. Only the Hokage new this was a bluff, but no one but him was going to know. The other thing it offered was that the clan since it was already divided, would officially be two clans. The clans would be two now longer one, the Uchimaki was no longer. So the Hokage waited for an answer after he told everyone to leave but the two sect representatives. The two man kept thinking it over until they finally agreed with the Hokage. Shortly after the meeting when the news traveled amongst the once Uchimaki clan. An epic battle was fought within Konoha, the two sects went all out. The battle lasted four days but once the battle was over, the once Uchimaki were all but wiped out. There were about two hundred left a grandtotal of twelve hundred people had died. They not only killed themselves but Konoha had to protect itself so they had to regretfully kill some of them. The Hokage thought to himself so much for my bluff. But the something unexpected happen the remnants of the clan followed his orders, they were two clans now.

The Uchiha and Sharingan are born:

Those who could copy the best and were good at genjutsu and had the red and black eyes when the bloodline was activated. They became the Uchiha, they also didn't want to share anything with the other sect so they called their bloodline the Sharingan.

The Uzumaki and Fioregan are born:

Those who could stop ninjutsu, projectiles and were immune to genjutsu and had the blue and black eyes when the bloodline was active. The became the Uzumaki and they just simply called their bloodline the Fioregan.

The war with Iwa:

The war raged on for another twenty years with Konoha eventually winning. But the victory came at a cost clans were nearly wiped out, it would take Konoha years to recover if not decades.

The two clans, two hundred eighty four years into the founding of Konoha:

The Uchiha and the Uzumaki were polar opposites and hated each other to no end. Yet even with this hate they remained loyal to Konoha and never once in the years that passed did they battle again. There were some deaths that were a bit mysterious but nothing more. The Uchiha were a reclusive clan and seldomly associated with other clans. They were arrogant and thought they were above all other clans. They had mastered their abilities copying and genjutsus, with the years that passed they lost the abilities the Uzumakis had. They specialized in Katon jutsus and were on par in chakra reserves with the Uzumakis. The Uzumakis in the other had were very out going people they were full of laughter and liked to mingle with other. They too mastered their abilities stopping ninjutsu projectile and immunity to genjutsu was exclusive to them. They like the Uchiha who lost the abilities of the Uzumaki, the Uzumaki lost the abilities of the Uchiha. The Uzumaki were also very close to the Hyuga Clan there were known to inter marry. The Uzumaki were Suiton jutsu specialists, they developed this over the years for not wanting to be like the Uchiha. This though was a point of laughter for the Uchiha, because of this they claimed they were true to fire country.

Two hundred eighty five years into the founding of Konoha:

It was a very cold and windy day in Konohagakure it was a special day. The wives of the Uchiha leader Fugaku and the Uzumaki leader Arashi were in labor. The Hokage was present at the hospital as were many guards from each of the clans. And then it happened the wife of Fugaku gave birth to a baby boy Sasuke Uchiha he was named. About an hour later the wife of Arashi gave birth to a baby boy aswell Naruto Uzumaki he was named. Fugaku seeing that his son was born first took this as sign, that his son would be better then Arashi's son. The two clan heads came face to face the room was filled with killing intent like no other.

"My son will be better then yours at everything trash" said a smirking Fugaku.

Arashi didn't take this lightly one bit he was ready to fight. "Well atleast my son won't have his hand up his ass and be an arrogant bastard."

That hit Fugaku hard he too was ready to fight so he charged Arashi. But before he could reach Arashi the Hokage appeared between them. He looked very upset, they simply looked at hims and then looked down.

"Good thing you came Sarutobi, you would have not liked a dead Uzumaki" said Fugaku as he was leaving.

Arashi just looked at him and said "you mean a dead Uchiha." Sarutobi simply looked down and left to the Hokage Mansion.

Minutes later a man stormed out of the Konoha hospital, he was screaming like no other. "The heirs have been born, The heirs have been born." Konoha was buzzing with the news the two most powerful clans now had heirs. Of course people were divided some cheered for the Uchiha and some cheered for the Uzumaki. As the crowds gathered near the hospital one man stood behind a window looking down at them. It was none other Uchiha Fugaku, he was preparing to to show them his son. It was costume for heirs of clans to be shown before the people to show them the arrival. Fugaku did not want to waste time he wanted to better Arashi at all costs. A few minutes later the Uchiha heir was shown to the public to see. There were roars in the crowd people were excited beyond belief, the heir of Uchiha was before them. All Fugaku could do was smirk, he thought to himself that yet again he beat Arashi and beat the Uzumaki. After the showing of Sasuke, Fugaku like the crowd began to wonder where Arashi was with the Uzumaki heir. The pro Uzumaki crowd thought something bad had happened but Fugaku and the pro Uchiha crowd just thought he was shamed of his son. But Arashi was with his wife and his son Naruto. After his little altercation with Fugaku a nurse ran to find Arashi. The woman brought him some horrible news, his wife was doing bad. After haven given birth for some reason or another she had developed internal bleeding. Finally the nurse brought him to a doctor who confirmed to Arashi that all their efforts to stop the bleeding were not working. After a few hours of still trying to help her at Arashis' request the doctors had to stop there was nothing they could do. So now Arashi was with his wife and son, he wanted her to spend her last ours with her family. The hours came by really fast and eventually death came to Uzumaki Rose. Her and Arashi knew it he hold her tightly with Naruto between them and listened to her final words.

"Be strong Naruto. Great things will come from you."

And those were final words she was dead, Arashi lost his love and Naruto lost his mother.

Two hundred ninty two years into the founding of Konoha:

A blonde boy and a girl with indigo colored hair were seated at the local ramen shop. They had become very close friends over the years. Might be because their fathers were best friends or maybe because their clans were on real good terms. They both had a pretty good lives, although short they were only seven. The both of them were considered prodigies of their respective clans. And then there was a loud scream.



Two men were running towards them as if their lives were hanging in the balance. The two children didn't need to be carried they could fend for themselves but the man just did. Now that they were being carried, they were taken to the refuge behind the mountain of the Hokage Monument. When they arrived at the refuge it was filled with women, children and the elderly. Also there was a deafening sound, sirens were going off all around Konoha and attack was comming. Naruto and Hinata found themselves trapped in the commotion as they were led further in to their respective clans. One thing became apparent to them though, their fathers were no where in sight.

Meanwhile outside the gates of Konoha stood the massive demon fox the Kyubi. The tailed demons never paid attention to humans. They never came in contact with the villages, most people thought they were benevolent demons. Others thought that because of their power they didn't associate with people because people were inferior. But this day was different there he stood the king of the tailed beast the Kyubi. The reason Konoha has gone into alert was because the demon destroyed almost all the forest outside Konoha. So they knew his visit wasn't going to be a nice one, he wanted something or had a specific reason for doing what he was doing. Then there was complete utter silence, well that was until the demon said something.


No one was comming out the gates, but the demon did notice alot of shinobis were amassing at the gates. He was getting annoyed he had only come for one man Uchiha Fugaku. And the people of the village were hiding him.


Outside Konoha it was almost a sight of hell the flames that spewed from the fox. The flames were burning so intensely that the ground it stood on was liquifying. From its nostral came out the hottest air imaginable. The demon by now was in a frenzy he was ready to attack Konoha. But he came to stop when the main gate to Konoha came to an open. The men who came out the gate was none other then Uzumaki Arashi and Hyuga Hiashi. Fugaku was still no where to be seen.

(Earlier that day Sarutobi sat with Arashi. He told Arashi how noble of a man he was and that Konoha was in debt to him and his clan for they did for the village. He also went on to say that Arashi was the top ninja in Konoha no one was stronger. He grabbed Arashi's hand and told him that he wanted Arashi to be his successor. When Arashi recieved the news from the old hokage he was simply overjoyed. He was to be the first hokage that belonged to the Uzumaki clan. He knew that other Uzumakis had been given the chance to be hokage but none of them took it. For the Uzumaki never craved power, unlike the Uchiha who craved power and always took the hokage role if offered to them. Arashi agreed to the terms but before the thier little meeting was over. Sarutobi told him of Fugakus begging to be the next hokage. Arashi took it in like if it wasn't a big deal, he knew Fugaku craved power like all Uchiha.)

At this time Fugaku was with elders of the Uchiha clan. They were planning to not let him go face he demon fox. They knew what he had done, seeking power he killed the kin of the demon fox. But then they came up with a very sinister plan. The plan would be that Fugaku would sneak in and wait til the Kyubi was defeated and then take the credit. He was sure to be the next hokage because of this. News had gotten to them that Arashi and Hiashi were face to face with the demon fox. This news made Fugaku extremely annoyed and with a flash chakra he was gone. Minutes later Fugaku was outside the gates of Konoha but no one had noticed him.

The demon fox was looking dead strait at Arashi and Hiashi. His chakra was gathering completely at his mouth, he was preparing for an attack. And without warning the giant demon fox opened his mouth and spewed wicked fire from his mouth. The intensity of the fire was great and if not for the quick speeds of the two Konoha shinobis they would have been burned alive. Arashi's bloodline limit was useless to stop this fire for it was no ninjutsu. It was made of pure demonic energy. Arashi then used his summon jutsu and summoned the all mighty Gamabunta the boss of all toads.

"Bunta keep him distracted. I need time to prepare a special Jutsu." Said a very stern Arashi. His thoughts were of protecting the village and to protect his son and his clan. He was the new hokage he had to protect all that was precious to him.

"Hiashi my friend please go with Bunta help him buy me sometime." Hiashi simply nodded and got on top of the giant toad and then they chraged the demon fox.

Meanwhile back in Konoha Sarutobi was getting up from a slumber he didn't really remember why he had. Then it all hit him, Arashi had knocked him out cold. This all happened when they got the news the demon fox was at gates.

"I'm sorry Sarutobi, but this is my village to protect now" said a somber Arashi. And then with speeds Sarutobi had never witnessed before he was hit on the back of neck and was out cold.

"Damn it where are you Arashi" screamed the old Hokage. Then he was off to find his ninjas and protect his village.

The battle outside Konoha was still raging. Gamabunta and Hiashi were trying there best but were finally tiring. The demon fox was simply to powerful, his chakra never seemed to run out. Then in the middle of the battle the fox spoke.


Fugaku cringed at hearing the demon fox roars his name.

The Kyubi was about to deliver the final blow to Gamabunta and Hiashi when then out of nowhere Arashi appeared infront of them. He was floating in mid air and he was begining to glow. Then he made one final handseal and with the death god appeared behind him. Gamambunta and Hiashi were startled to say the least, they had thoughts of what the hell is Arashi doing. The Kyubi roared as more of its chakra spewed out.


Arashi looked back at his friends and smiled and simply said.

"Goodbye my friends"

He then launched himself at the Kyubi and then their was a massive explosion. It was made of searing light and demonic chakra. What no one noticed was that the death god's scythe had come down on Arashi's soul. Killing him in the process and also at the same time killing the Kyubi. And with that the Shiki Fuujin was complete. After the light and demonic chakra faded there they were a lifeless Arashi and an unconcious Hiashi. Fugaku saw that they were unconcious or dead and that the Kyubi was gone. So he took his chance and went to pick them up and take all the credit. He picked them up and went to gates of Konoha and knocked on them to be let in. When the gates opened everyone was surprised to say the least. There before them stood Fugaku with a dead Arashi in one shoulder and an unconcious Hiashi on other. Fugaku had a smirk like no other, he was pleased with his little deed. Then a voice came out of nowhere.

"Uchiha-sama did you defeat the Kyubi"

"Thats right I defeated them damned fox. I was not going to let it destroy my village."




Were all the shouts that could be heard from all the shinobi around him. Well the Uzumaki and the Hyuga surely weren't shouting Uchiha. Then finally Sarutobi arrived and was shocked at the sight he was seeing. Arashi was dead and Hiashi was out cold and being help up by Fugaku. After noticing the old hokage Fugaku dropped Hiashi, with a cold passion. And began to walk towards the mountain monument.

"Where are you going Fugaku" asked the Hokage.

"I'm going to give the Uzumaki my respects"

"Fugaku... what is the point in doing that"

"Like I said my respects"

Uzumaki ninjas began to surround Fugaku, but he ignored them for he knew they would not want to harm the body of their fallen leader anymore. Fugaku then passed the old hokage and whispered to him.

"I guess I'm the next hokage wouldn't you say so."

Sarutobi almost blew up but he calmed himself down and continued walking behind Fugaku. After minutes of walking Fugaku reached the refuge where most of the citizens of Konoha were located. Everyone in there was shocked, at the sight of seeing the now dead Arashi being carried by the leader of the Uchiha. Fugaku continued walking untile he reached the Uzumaki section of the refuge. He looked around through all the Uzumaki until caught a glimpse of Naruto and his grandparents. He then walked to them and proceeded to drop the body of Arashi next to them. They were devastated, Naruto had lost his father, and his granparents had lost a son. Naruto began to cry and ran to his father and hugged him.

"No, no father you can't be dead. Grandfather Jiraiya, Gradmother Tsunade please tell me this all make me belief. My dad is just sleeping right, he isn't dead right he is alive. Tell him to quit playing this joke on me please."

Tsunade simply went to the boy and hugged him. She didn't know what else to do she was at the breaking point. Jiraiya to got teary eyed and went down hugged them. Fugaku just had a huge grin on his face and said words that stung the Uzumaki.

"Weak Uzumaki, he died like a coward." And with that said the Uchiha head turned around and headed towards his people.

Three hundred years into the founding of Konoha., The present:

"Captain Uzumaki" shouted an ANBU, he was looking for his leader.

"Captain Uzumaki"

"Captain Uzumaki"

Finally the door of an office opened. And out it came out a tall, blonde ANBU, and next to him was a beautiful Hyuga woman with indigo colored hair.

"Captain Uzumaki Naruto, Uchiha Sasuke is outside the ANBU HQ main gates and requests your precense."

"Very well, I supposed I can waste some time with that idiot" said a smirking Naruto.

"Hinata stay here I will be back shortly" Hinata obeyed and stayed. But she did have a sad face maybe she felt something bad was going to happen. Naruto left the office and walked towards the main gate. He finally reached the main gate and saw the Uchiha standing there. He also noticed a crowd standing beside him. It was mostly people his age. Naruto reached him and they were face to face.

"What do you want Uchiha" said Naruto.

"Fight me Uzumaki"

"I don't think so, your nothing to me"

"I see you are just a coward like your father"

That hit Naruto hard and quickly his onyx eyes became blue and the black dots in the blue began to spin. He had activated the Fioregan. Sasuke smirked at this and to activated his bloodline limit the Sharingan. His eyes turned read and the black dots in the red began to spin. Then he and Naruto took a jump backwards and got into fighting stances.

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