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Ch. 1 Crucible –-1. A vessel made of material that does not melt easily; used for high temperature chemical reactions.

2. A severe test, as of patience or belief; a trial.

"We have come to believe, from Harry's behavior, that some of Voldemort's more experimental attributes have morphed with Harry—" a scattering of gasps, "Now, it's nothing too serious, but mixed with the traumatic shock and magical backlash, it has….. had some adverse, but we are confident temporary, effect. Nominally, it seems that young Harry has adopted some instincts of the creatures Tom made bonds with, rather than the man himself.

"I impress upon you the importance of care when in his presence as the smallest thing could potentially be a threat to some mindset he has acquired. The only personas we have able to identify thus far have been an affinity to snakes, which may have been obtained from the large snake Nagini, that we now believe played a part in nursing Tom back to health, the milk of a mother having magical properties; and unicorn, of which we do not yet know the consequence, as it was unicorn blood that Tom ingested, if you recall, back in Harry's first year, which has rather negative curse-like qualities. Poppy and Severus," a courtesy nod to both, "Are currently working diligently to identify more species.

"In the meantime, please interact with Harry on his terms and exercise extreme caution around young Mr. Malfoy—"

"What's the brat done now?!" Sirius interrupted, gaining himself a Look from Molly.

Dumbledore continued, "—as Harry has \hem\ claimed him as his own." He said this; a bit of discomfort showing in his expression. The adults were silent, each mulling over the statement; only Remus understood, and he did so immediately, comprehension making him spring out of his chair, a distressed look paining his face. He had started to voice his concern but was stopped by a placating raised palm from Dumbledore. "Settle yourself, Mr. Lupin. We have tested for lycanthropy and are convinced it is not present." Dumbledore had the infuriating practice of reverting to the titles he called them when they had attended Hogwarts. Back when they had been young and safe, in order to infer security and trust. Despite Remus acknowledging this it still put him at ease. Somewhat. "May I also remind you, that many beings have this instinct, numerous of which are not malevolent or dangerous in the least."

"But not many that the Dark Lord would be interested in." Remus countered.

"True, true; but no harm has come to Mr. Malfoy, besides a little shock, thus ruling out a great number of the more menacing options." Remus was about to continue questioning, for there were many things he wanted answered, not a small few asking Draco's situation; but before he could there was a great rumbling, as even the foundations shook, and Dumbledore smiled benignly.

"It would seem Mr. Potter has awakened."

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