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Ch. 2 Esoteric—1. Understood only by those few with pertinent knowledge; 2. communicated to by the initiated only; 3. belonging or pertaining to an inner or select circle, as of disciples.

While Harry descended the stairs all eyes were on him. He didn't seem to care. To say he didn't notice would be foolish, he was very aware. The scrutiny of the others was a tiny, unthreatening bleep on his internal radar, unworthy of his attention. The others were not so indifferent. This was not the Harry Potter from Hogwarts, small from maltreat and eager to blend in. This was the Harry Potter nurtured by war and struggle. He had grown much in the past years, a good 5'11'' with broad shoulders and evident muscles, sinewy and lithe like a cat. His physical appearance was not the most striking though, it was his aura, magical or not, that held them captive, it marked him as dangerous and dominating, his eyes burning intensely from his tanned face and dark bangs.

While Harry continued down and off the staircase he took in the surroundings, seeing things that only he could, stopping slightly periodically to test the air, his whole head turning to look in different directions, like an animal. As he passed Severus he stopped and held the potion's master's gaze until finally Snape gave a conceding nod and Harry moved on. Other that Snape Harry was dismissive of everyone else in the room, even Dumbledore only gracing a distrustful, but not overly concerned, glance, before being passed up. It wasn't until the young man's gaze fell on Remus that anything significant happened.

Upon spotting the lycanthrope there was a spark of recognition, and even pleasure, in his eyes. He crossed the small distance between them, and before anyone registered the movement, had Remus pinned against the wall. Startled, no on moved for a few moments as Harry held himself flush against his former professor, rubbing his cheek against Remus' and burying his nose into the sandy hair, where he alternated between inhaling deeply and snuffling. All at once the room responded, springing into action. Dumbledore and Sirius were both almost to the pair when Remus called out "Wait!" His head lowered submissively, chin almost touching his right collarbone, he didn't look up as he continued, sounding slightly winded.

"It's just a greeting. He's putting his scent on me, marking me as one of the pack, if you will." He exhaled sharply then, as Harry moved on to bury his face into the curve where neck met shoulder, emitting a playful noise, half-way between a purr and a growl. Everyone watched closely as Remus' eyes dropped closed, his head never rising from its neutral position, and his lips parted slightly. This was not explained until a few minutes later when Harry stepped back, looking pleased and satisfied (the very picture of smug) and they saw a red circle of skin there as evidence. Later upon closer inspection by Poppy, with Harry hovering nearby, suspicious and interspersing growls, it was found to be a very shallow bite, barely breaking the skin and , predominately, a flushed suck mark garnet in color. Contented with his work, Harry turned around and continued to examine the room, the only indication he remembered Remus was even in the room, the hand he slid distractedly up and into the straw-colored hair, giving no care that he was mussing it up something awful. For a few moments the young man's unblinking gaze settled on Sirius and the Order prepared themselves for another pounce, but he looked away uninterested and stalked into the next room, leaving them (besides Snape) perplexed and tagging along.

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