Hey there!

This fic is set in season two and is an AU...I wrote it ages ago, purely because I'm Scottish and I wanted to write a fanfiction set in Scotland! I wanted Carson to visit my home village, and I also wanted Rodney to be Scottish, since he has a Scottish surname.

So yeah...that was the basic inspiration! I wrote this a while ago, and I'm not sure where it's going so any ideas are most welcome!

Anyhoo...no spoilers in this story whatsoever...it's lighthearted fluff!


The train pulled into the small train station heavily laden with people. Carson cursed under his breath as the train braked sharply. Waiting for the hustle and bustle to die down as people alighted, Carson held back, before pulling his bag down from the shelf above his seat. By the time he'd got off the train, the huge throng of people had miraculously dissipated, and quiet returned to the village.

He'd been back in Scotland for a week, and that morning his Aunt May had appeared and whisked his mum off to the highlands for the day. Living in Paisley meant the highlands were only a short drive away. Sadly the same could not be said for public transport, and it had taken Carson two hours to make it his Aunt's village. He'd been sitting with one of his brothers when he'd got the call.

"Your Auntie May's missed you…come on up and annoy us!" His mum had shouted cheerily down the phone.

So here he was in the village of Balloch. Destined to spend an evening with his mum, his aunt and his moronic cousin Andy.

"We've got family visitin' us that you've no met since you were knee-high tae a grasshopper!" Aunt May had informed him.

Just great. He thought. I wanted a quiet few weeks at home.

Aunt May was a lovely woman and very much like his mother. But the rest of her side of the family were a bit odd to say the least. Many people had commented that Carson had always had endless patience, but Carson didn't suffer fools gladly.

It was dusk, and Carson shifted his bag onto his shoulder before leaving the station, turning to the right to cross the bridge over the River Leven.

At least Balloch had some nice scenery. He thought as he glanced to the right at Glen Fruin - the hills that marked the start of the highlands.

Carson drifted off into a mix of memories. Some old, some new. He thought about everyone still on Atlantis - Dr Weir, Radek…Laura. He smiled as he thought of Lieutenant Cadman before sighing sadly. He wasn't going to see her for well over a month. Colonel Sheppard, Kate Heightmeyer and Rodney were all back on earth as well. Sheppard was probably in Los Angeles. Drinking and sunning himself. Kate was visiting her sister, as was Rodney since he got back in touch with Jea-



"What the…what the HELL are you doing here??"

"Me? Whit the hell are you doing here! In Scotland!"

"Well…what's my name Carson."

"McKay…yeah ah know that's a Scottish name but…ah thought you were Canadian."

"Well I am…but my parents are from Scotland."

"…right…and you're here…why?"

"I'm visiting my cousin Andy."

"Andy." No it couldn't be…but then mum's maiden name was…

"Andy McKay…and yes I do know that in Scotland McKay's pronounced 'Mac - I' which is a bit ironic considering I hate iMacs…"

There was a loud thud and Rodney found himself staring at two upturned feet...

You okay Carson?"

Well...hope you liked!