Title: Barriers
Crack!pairing and a lame, last minute title
Dedication: Written for Purr-chan
Disclaimer: I do not own, or claim to own, any of the characters/series mentioned below.

Kon likes Usagi.

He likes her a lot – the curve of her neck, the length of her legs, the way her fingers look when she twirls a pencil and chews on her lips in frustration. She's got the best eyes; deep and soulful, they draw a person, lighting up when she's happy, darkening when she's sad, dancing when she's teasing him.

No one else in the world has a smile like Usagi, who can say more with a twist of her lips than many others can with an entire paragraph.

Kon likes it best when those eyes and that smile are directed towards him.

He wants to spend all his time around her, but that's impossible.

Kon is a Modsoul; he has no real body of his own.

When he takes her hand, it's Ichigo's skin she's touching. When he smiles at her, it's Ichigo's face that moves. Ichigo's arms, Ichigo's legs, Ichigo, Ichigo, Ichigo…!

The body of a doll is no better substitute.

- - -

Usagi likes Kon.

People have explained that he's a Modsoul, that he spends most of his time in the form of a lion doll but she's okay with that. Kon makes her laugh, makes her smile, makes her happy and he's her friend – he can't help how he was born so why would she hold that against him?

She knows that he gets frustrated when he's in Ichigo's body. He's told her time and time again how he loves being able to move around, to run, to jump – Kon likes jumping – but every once and a while she'll catch him scowling at a reflective surface and know what he's thinking.

Usagi doesn't mind that he looks like Ichigo.

It's not important because when she looks at him and he grins at her, she knows without a doubt that it's Kon staring back at her.

That, she decided long ago, was more than enough for her.

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