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Title: Constellations

Chapter 1: Prologue/ Joshou


Letting out a tired sigh, he closed his eyes, long, silky lashes rested against sun-kissed skin. A melancholy smile graced his lips and he let his mask fall as it did every night knowing it would be there the minute he awoke.

How long had he been doing this? He wondered.

It was a thought that popped in his mind every once in while, and to be truthful he couldn't remember. Time had seemed to dull the hurt and the pain; though there was always his sleep where he couldn't hide or suppress it any longer; past memories and the emotions that came along with them would wash over him and make everything he had worked so hard to achieve disappear in an instant.

His new friends, his new life.

The fa├žade he put up everyday for people not to see the true him, the real person inside that was slowly dying a little every time he put on his mask. No one realized the utter misery and loneliness from having to hide who you really are just to gain acceptance; knowing if you didn't then you would revert back to square one where all the terrible experiences had emerged.

To say that life was a fucking bitch would clearly declare his state of mind. He was tired, wore-out, and completely drained from being on the look out every minute he was awake and even when he was asleep. Always expecting the worst; knowing that one slip-up would mean the end of his life. It was actually sort of depressing when you took the time to look at, but he made a point of not dwelling on his current situation too much.

Some would think its better being dead than looking over your shoulder every minute and rarely ever achieving a true sense of security that eluded him even in his sleep.

But there was no way in hell he was giving up now after all he had been through, all the sacrifices he had made, and his parents' sacrifices; he was not just going to throw it all away for such petty selfish reasons after enduring for so long. You had to be kidding.

Then he wasn't completely alone in this was he? He had his special secret friend who was both his saviour and his punisher. A paradox wasn't it? That a being that was only real to him alone could mean so much that his mere existence depended on it. If it wasn't for his so-called friend, he knew he would never have lasted.

Though, he sighed, 'Sometimes having a voice in your head 24/7 that only you could hear was a major pain in the ass; that he had to admit.'

Then he wondered to himself, 'Where the hell is that stupid fox, anyway? Way too quiet.'

"Missing me already kit, I'm touched", an amused mock voice spoke.

Naruto couldn't help groaning in annoyance, 'As if you moron, I just wondered where you were, the last time you left me alone you gave me nightmares about Tsunade beating the shit out of me for acting like Jiraiya. I couldn't be in a room alone with her for a week without nearly wetting my pants you idiot.'

"Good times, good times; anyway I'm hungry. Stop staring off into space and get me some food."

'Do I look like your damn maid? And besides you're not real just a figment of my overactive imagination, so you don't need to eat.'

"Figment my ass", Kyuubi said thwacking the back of Naruto's head harshly with one of his crimson tails for the comment.

"Real enough for you Blondie; now get off your butt and make me a sandwich, unless you want me to replaying this week's events in your head again, because frankly it will satisfy my daily dose of meanness since I haven't kicked the shit out of anyone in while."

'No anything but that, even you wouldn't be that cruel Kyuubi, would you, old buddy. I mean, we've been together for so long,' he chuckled nervously.

"Oh wouldn't I; be serious Kit when have I ever passed up the chance to trouble you? It's my only fun these days since you won't let me out to cause a bit of trouble."

'A bit of trouble?' Naruto echoed, 'You've got to be shitting me Kyuubi. The last time I let you out you beat up a whole gang and put me on their hit list, you tried to molest a frickin' 10 year old boy, and nearly got me arrested for vandalizing the school walls, not to mention insult Tsunade and earn me a week's worth of detention cleaning the gum off the undersides of the school desks before I could regain control.'

"What? I was only having a bit of harmless fun; you can't blame a fox can you? And besides teal is a nasty colour for those walls; they were screaming for a do-over."

'If you call spray-painting obscenities all over the place and calling yourself the ruler of the whole fucking world a do-over.'

"So what, I got a little carried away, no biggy."

'Next time I'll leave you to deal with Baa-chan when she's drunk and goes on a puking spree.'

No that's inhumane, that hag almost always spews on me and you know how sensitive my delicate nose is, I couldn't bear the stench, not to mention the bodily harm.

'Next time consider the consequences before trying to take over.'

Yeah, yeah, whatever. New topic, so who you gonna chose? Kyuubi asked lecherously causing Naruto to growl.



The Past Week

It was late November and the first semester of Naruto's senior year at Konoha high was almost complete. Exams were looming closer everyday and teachers were hustling to shove last minute details into their brains and give them a mountain of homework to finish in a short space of time.

Not to mention many students were already cramming since this exam could make or break them it determined whether or not you got accepted in a good college or if you even got accepted into a university at all.

Ah, the pressure of being a teenager,

But all these things were insignificant to a certain blond who was walking to school half asleep considering the winds were blowing fiercely and it was freezing cold as winter's arrival drew closer, signified by the leaves of various tress turning form various shades of green to orange, yellow, red and every colour in-between.

The drastic change in temperature had caused Naruto's puffs of breath to become visible and his normally fawn cheeks to gain a rosy flush that only enhanced the colour of his vivid azure eyes the sparkled and radiated vigour and life.

After nearly fifteen minutes of enduring such harsh, unyielding weather he arrived at school. To say it was a normal educational institute on the whole would be a major understatement in just about every aspect.

Konoha High was unlike any school in Japan, it was in a league all of its own and damned a certain amount respect for holding such prestige in society. Only the very best was accepted and that meant people who were either extremely intelligent or were loaded with money, it was a dream school, it had everything and more than anyone can hope for.

The state of the art facilities, advanced technology readily available and was always being consistently updated and improved, over-qualified teachers who excelled at their subject areas, sporting facilities that were well tended, and five star meals were served instead of plain old mystery meat. There was nothing ordinary about school this.

Shrugging off his jacket, Naruto made his way towards his locker, the school's heating system in full effect brushing off the frigidness and replacing it with comforting warmth that he wanted so desperately to soak up.

He was dressed in his usual trainers, one of his many well worn faded jeans that were moulded to his legs, and his long sleeved shirt that came in a variety of colours, today's pick Navy blue, that gave a glimpse of his well defined muscles that he rarely exposed.

His day started off badly it seemed, he was late for class for the second time that week and was given detention, that meant facing Baa-chan. God only knows what punishment she had in store for him this time. Then he was scolded in class by his English teacher Iruka for not paying attention and by the time the lunch bell had rung he felt as if he'd aged ten years.

Did someone suddenly declare it was pick on Naruto Day; seeing as he was in a very pissy mood that was only getting worse by the minute.

When he had gotten his usual bowl of ramen he plopped down in his seat next to Shikamaru and began to devour his noodles greedily only half-heartily paying attention to the conversation the rest of his friends were engrossed in.

'Ramen. Oh Ramen what would I ever do without you?' He mused.

The Blond didn't count on being shaken out of his thoughts when his loud mouthed friend Kiba started poking him into side and bawling his name right into his ear.

"Sheesh, dog breath I'm not deaf you know and I don't appreciate you trying to make me. So what do you want?" Naruto asked impatiently.

"Well excuse me, I didn't realize you would be such a PMSng bitch, don't get your panties in a twist" Kiba retorted hotly.

"Mutt I'm in no mood for your shit, if you got something to say, say it before I beat your scrawny ass for annoying me."

"As if, but whatever man. Did you hear they announced it was the beginning of the Uke Competition and they have already picked this year's prize?"

"It's began already huh, I guess its going to be like last year, a bunch of horny guys chasing after some girlie boy who'll be running for his life, wouldn't like to be him."

Kiba shuddered, "No way man! This years going to be a showdown, the most brutal competition Konoha's ever had. Hyuuga, Sabaku and Uchiha are going to be taking part this year and from what I hear, the others aren't going to stand a chance. It's going to be a battle to the end between those three, and you know their reputation."

"Shit! This is bad, they're going to rip each other's throats out, I can't imagine how their fan girls will deal with this, probably going to go on a mad rampage. Its going to be a frickin' riot and I want no part of it; those bastards are too fucked up with deal with period."

"I hear you man, and the Uke this year is supposedly extremely hot and a personal conquest for each of them" Kiba informed.

"No good is going to come from this." Naruto warned, suddenly he felt his ravenous hunger disappear and was replaced with a feeling with dread and impending doom. Naruto didn't know what it was, but all of a sudden he had a feeling this day was only going to get worse and his instincts were screaming at him to run for cover.

Oh Naru-chan you don't know how right you are.


The school day was almost over and Naruto had only one more class to go before he could leave this miserable servitude that kept him locked away most of the day. P.E. with Maito Gai was something that almost every student in there right mind dreaded. Gai was an eccentric, crazy fanatic who worked his students to the bone with his overzealous methods of fitness training.

Today's gruel agenda was basketball, but Gai could even make something as interesting and liked as basketball into some form of torture.

They were all dressed in their uniforms and after warming up they all lined up and attempted to shoot the basketball into the net. The only problem was they were shooting from half court and they were given three tries. If you couldn't shoot the ball into the net after that you had to run around the court twenty times and that wasn't exactly an easy feat to accomplish.

Only two boys so far had managed to shoot the ball into the net, Sabaku no Gaara and Uchiha Sasuke both of which were on the school's basketball team. After Rock Lee had managed to easily shoot the ball into the net on his first try and most of the class was already running laps.

Naruto's turn finally came, though on the outside he appeared fidgety and nervous on the inside he was as cool as a cucumber, mentally calculating what the best angle to shoot from was. After pretending to fault the first two times on his third try the ball went into the net with an audible swish.

Naruto knew he could hold his own when it came to both sports and endurance but he was a sadist to put himself through all that unnecessary pain when he knew what he was capable of and besides he didn't think he could stand Kyuubi's constant bitching for messing up on purpose.

When the class was finally over, nearly everyone was sweating like pigs and heading for the showers. Naruto noticed something was off after lunch had ended. He didn't understand what it was, but plenty of guys, if he wasn't mistaken, kept glancing at him with a strange look in their eyes and their gazes almost always drifted towards his ass and he couldn't figure out why.

Even now in the locker room eyes were trained on him; they had a promising gleam in their eyes he didn't like and he was beginning to feel the past feeling of fear and anxiety returning in full force. His survival instincts screamed at him to get out of the locker room immediately; changing quickly he tried to leave, but it was not without incident when he was suddenly stopped in his tracks and pushed violently against the wall.

He hissed as he felt a sharp pain in his back; he focused his eyes on the person in front of him and stared in shock as he recognised who it was.

"Gaara" he muttered the name under his breath but the other heard it and smirked. The redhead suddenly began to lean into Naruto, his toned body pressed against the blond's whose breathing hitched at their close proximity. He tried to push his captor away, but it was to no avail, the redhead had him firmly within his grasp.

What Naruto hadn't expected in the least was when Gaara suddenly captured the blond's lips with his own and forced him into a crude kiss that left Naruto breathless as his body was held immobile by Gaara who began to grind his hips into the trapped boy who was struggling with his traitorous body that seemed to respond excitedly to every one of Gaara's touches.

But as soon as it started it was over and Gaara was already walking away causing Naruto's weak knees to buckle as the redhead only glanced back at him and spoke in a low sensuous but threatening tone, "You will be mine my little fox."

Sighing in confusion Naruto picked himself off the ground and walk out of the room hoping no one had seen. When he arrived at his locker what he saw caused him to see red, 'This was not happening' he said to himself as he ripped off one of the numerous flyers that covered the lockers and the walls of his surroundings.

There was picture of him, his school picture to be exact, and at the bottom were words that caused his blood to run cold.


The next thing that happened was the beginning of World War III.

End Flashback


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