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Title: Constellations

Chapter 8: Explosive/Isshokusokuhatsu


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The Uchiha had finally backed Naruto up against a tree. Cornering him so there was no escape, his hands placed on either side of the dobe's body.

"What are you doing teme?"

"Mentally undressing you."

The kitsune blushed before whacking Sasuke over the head.



The close proximity was all they needed to begin embracing each other once again. Geez, they had more mood swings that than a pregnant woman.




After the incident on the rooftop, Sasuke started to show his true colours to the entire student body. His sudden uncharacteristic possessiveness over Naruto was a great shock to him; then again, it was well-known that Uchihas' did not share.

There had also been some suspicion regarding the reddened mark on Naruto's neck that had suddenly appeared unknown to the blond. It seemed like a territorial claim had been placed on him. How primitive he had though, but Kyuubi had been all for it, his animal instincts contributing to his choice.

The blond, though on the outside appeared chagrined, was ecstatic within. How he had longed for the day when the raven would finally call him his in front of everyone. But that didn't stop his mischievous side from deliberately provoking the Uchiha.

He took advantage of every opportunity to enrage Sasuke and endanger the lives' of his peers; a jealous, over-protective Uchiha is not one to be trifled with.

The blond flirted with boys and even had the gall to make a pass at a few teachers, though they were innocent enough. Naruto was truly a kitsune in every sense.

But his wanton behaviour did not stop him from thrashing Sasuke's devoted, maniacal fan girls when they stepped over the boundaries. He could also be possessive when the need arose and it did wonders for Sasuke's ego, though Naruto always made sure to deflate it a bit with some teasing comment or the other.

But it was clear for everyone to see Naruto that was taken and they accepted it. Losing to an Uchiha is not a demeaning thing.

And as for Neji and Gaara, they acquiesced, but the former was far more civil about it than the latter considering that the redhead had publicly threatened to string Sasuke up by his balls if he ever hurt the blond.

All in all things were looking up for the blond, but the omnipresent danger that lurked near by was never dismissed. Naruto could not deny the increase of security measures within and outside of the school mainly for his protection.

Inactive metal detectors had been activated and there were suspicious, older looking students who had not been there before. Security cameras were placed strategically about the school grounds that monitored its surroundings scrupulously.

Hell, Baa-chan and Jiraiya were so on edge; they had given Naruto a panic button and a semi-automatic gun for his safety in case something unexpected ever happened.

This occurrence had brought up one of the many issues concealed in the blond's tragic and melancholy past.

Naruto after the assassination of his father had been trained for countless years by numerous tutors adept in both martial arts and weaponry in a military fashion to protect himself against such incidents.

But the truth of the matter was that the bullet had never been meant for Kazama Arashi, but for Naruto who had been no older than five at the time; baring witness to his last remaining parent's gruesome death.

It had scarred him irrevocably and Kyuubi was its proof; he had long ago come to terms with his losses, but some wounds were still fresh as the day they had been inflicted.

The blond tried to not let himself dwell in the past too long before he was wholly sucked in and this was where Kyuubi stepped in.

They had all been walking on eggshells waiting until the bomb dropped, although they hadn't expected it to be quite so literal.


Naruto had promised himself that after the dance he would try his best to stay away from Sasuke, but for now he wanted to indulge in this forbidden pleasure. Kami, why was he so cursed? To have his love in his reach only to have him violently snatched from his arms.

Love was a friggin' pain the ass.

It hurt him deeply to know he would have to give up Sasuke so soon, but he had no choice. He would prefer a live, miserable Sasuke over a dead one, especially if he was the cause. He was so torn up inside that to clear his head he took to banging it against the wall of his room repeatedly.

Though his mind was certainly blanked, a stabbing headache was the price. Somehow this just didn't seem like a fair trade, not at all.

Seeing that he wasn't making any progress with the Sasuke issue and was dreadfully bored he decided to call up Neji. The Hyuuga always had a way of putting things into perspective once he got over his whole fate and destiny bullshit.

Digging his new iPhone from his pocket he scrolled down the phonebook till he found Neji's number. It only took a couple of rings before the Hyuuga answered.


"Hey there Snowy."

"Naruto-kun," Neji's voice taking on a less formal tone, "how are you?"

"Just fine unless you consider the fact that I'm bored to tears an' in desperate need of a pick me up."

"Blunt as always."

"I can be eloquent when I want to."

"Sure you can," came his sarcastic reply.

"I can, when I want to at least."

"Alright, where do you wish to go?"

"Oh I don't know how about we go to that new ramen restaurant that just opened. There's nothing better than a bowl of steaming, delicious, succulent, tasty, scrumptious-"

"I get the point Naruto. I'll pick you up in 15."

"Thanks Neji. I know you would come through for me."

"As always Naruto-kun thinking with you're stomach."

"Bye-bye Snowy." Hanging up the phone grinning like a Cheshire cat now all he had to do was successfully convince Neji to pay for the meal as well and they would be all set.

The Hyuuga, true to his word, arrived on time; Naruto, craving his ramen, urged the prodigy to go faster, but his efforts were in vain. Neji drove as fast as an old, paranoid, half-blind lady. It must be all that polite society conduct drilled into him by the Hyuuga Clan. Go figure.

In what normally took the blond ten minutes, twenty tops, turned into a never-ending stopping and going with the Hyuuga pausing for every Stop sign and pedestrian and slowing down on every Yellow light when most drivers took it as a sign to speed-up.

By the time they arrived it was almost an hour since they had left and Naruto was angry and incensed from being kept away from his Ramen for so long. To add to the injury all his protests and urging towards the Hyuuga were wasted words.

As unintentional payback Naruto went on a free for all eating extravaganza gobbling down bowl after bowl of ramen. All varying flavours, his hunger was insatiable, the bowls were stacking up and the tab rising higher and higher. It wasn't until Naruto had finished his eighteenth bowl did he put down his chopsticks and lay back in his sit patting his stomach contently.

His voracious eating habit had attracted quite an audience, most looking disgusted though it was tinged with awkward fascination. How did someone so little eat that much on a regular basis and manage to stay that size it was inconceivable, his metabolism must be anomalous for such an occurrence.

Once the crowd had gone away and they were left in relative privacy each drinking a cup of steamy tea did Naruto broach the subject that had plagued his mind for some restless nights.

"Neji I didn't just call you here today so we could have a meal, th-there is something that's bothering me that I can't seem to express to anyone else."

The Hyuuga stayed silent giving an indication for Naruto to continue.

"As you know Sasuke and I well we, uh like each other, but there are circumstances surrounding me that will indirectly affect the relationship that Sasuke and I have. I'm afraid that if we get to close that something bad will happen."

Neji took his time responding, "Does Sasuke know about your circumstance?"

"No, he doesn't and I don't want him to either. Getting him involved further could be potentially detrimental towards him."

"Naruto" he said speaking in a sombre tone, "how serious is this whole situation regarding you."

Sighing he answered reluctantly, "Life-threatening."

"How do you intend to go about resolving this? If it's as dangerous as you say then you're going to need backup." Pausing he asked, "Does this have anything to do with the unforeseen boost in safety measures."

"You noticed then, I shouldn't be surprised. And as for my problem I honestly don't know, it's escalated to such a point that the repercussions will be tremendous. I'm dealing with some critically, perilous individuals who will go at any extent to arrive at their goal."

"Since I don't know the details I can't give you an accurate opinion, but from what you're telling me if you truly wish to keep Sasuke out of this then you have to be willing to let him go for his own wellbeing. These people will possibly attack your weak points in order to get at you."

"I know Neji, I know. But losing Sasuke after only such a short time is going to be harder than expected. I-I love him Neji, as ridiculous as it sounds, I love the bastard, but because of that I to have to release him. He's going to hate me, isn't he?"

"Knowing the Uchiha, he is probably going to be angry, very angry, and sullen. He's going to feel rejected and hurt, but over time if you keep your distance he'll recover, hopefully."

"Yeah, maybe. Thank you Neji I know I have to make this decision, but to get another outlook helped strengthen my resolve, I'll tell him after the dance, I can at least give us both a bit more time." Then plastering a smile of his face he pried sneakily, "And who are you going to the dance with huh?"

"What makes you think I'm even going?" The pale-eyed boy retorted.

"The fact that as Student Council President you are required to attend all school functions and then there is that little rumour that you and Gaara have been spending quite some time together."

"And what if we have?"

"I knew it," the blond exclaimed grinning pointing at the Hyuuga. "You like him don't you?"

"It's not a matter of liking him Naruto, Gaara is a nice-"

"Cut the crap Hyuuga and admit it you and Gaara are a couple. Never thought I would see the day."

"We are not!"

"Hey Neji ever heard of this river in Egypt it's called 'Denial'."

"Whatever, you baka."

Naruto giggled; well at least he didn't have to worry about those two being lonely. He just had to make sure he had a camera at hand to snap the picture to prove that they're an item and post it all over the school.


After that the blond didn't miss the chance to tease the two about their 'relationship' all the while treasuring every moment he spent with Sasuke. If the raven noticed Naruto's strange clinging to him he didn't say a word, if anything he enjoyed the attention and adored having the blond in his arms.

Often he would find Naruto staring at him affectionately with a distant look in his eye, tracing the contours of Sasuke's face, mesmerised by his striking, exotic beauty that drew him like a moth to a flame.

When they were alone Naruto would run his hands over Sasuke's bare skin, touching and mapping the plains of his body, feeling smug yet privileged that he was the only one allowed to do this. The though of anyone else having this pleasure disturbed him greatly, but he was going to have to accept it for once he let go of Sasuke there was no turning back.

Naruto had also come to a startling decision, but one he needed to fulfil. Before he broke both Sasuke's and his own heart, he was going to lose his virginity to the Uchiha, his last parting gift and with any luck it would lessen the blow he was about to deal them both.

The Kyuubi at first had violently protested against turning away Sasuke and this had caused him much grief, but after shedding a few tears and continually reminding the kitsune of the dangers did he begrudgingly comply.

The arrival of the dance came far sooner than he had anticipated, for the most part he was nervous yet as the time drew closer for him to meet Sasuke a strange tranquillity had settled over him, his resolve would not be broken.

Gazing at his wardrobe as usual he allowed Kyuubi to take over temporarily to choose their apparel. The fox took great care for this occasion; he could feel sadness and regret emanating from the boy.

Selecting a pair of slacks so dark a blue it appeared black, a long sleeve dress shirt a few shades darker that his eyes and a pair of designer black shoes. His long blond hair was tied back loosely and his bangs shadowed his eyes. He looked far older and sophisticated than usual, with an air of maturity and mystique surrounding him.

He had insisted on taking his own car to the function and Sasuke had agreed after considerable persuasion. He figured the raven wanted a traditional date, but he never was one for conventional means.

Taking his time on the slippery roads, which were covered in ice and a layer of snow, he pulled into the school parking lot. It stopped snowing, but there was a chilling breeze and such frosty temperature that caused everyone to hurry inside for warmth. Naruto couldn't blame them even with his insulated coat the cold was managing to seep in.

Swiftly he walked towards the gymnasium and was astounded by the transformation, it seemed that the committee had truly outdone themselves this year. Off to the sides were the seating arrangements and there was an incredible 12 foot long buffet table stacked high with an assortment of Japanese and American cuisine.

The theme this year was 'Ancient Greece in the spring' it was a strange choice and most were sceptical for good reason, but in the end it came into full circle and the results were magnificent.

There were marble statues everywhere depicting battles, gods, heroes, and beautiful maidens. Ivy covered the chairs and trimmed the colossal stark white columns that gave off the appearance of being the true pillars supporting the building. Flowers were in full bloom everywhere accenting the bland, but elegant nature of the structures.

But the floor was the most amazing of it all, it was replaced by shimmering granite that reflected light and was engraved with various symbols and characters. It was an almost magical setting that was designed to allure and enthral.

A rush of warmth immediately engulfed him as he walked through the doorways, handing over his coat he went in search of his true intention for being there. However instead of him finding his target it found him.

The raven wrapped his arms around his waist and placed feather light kisses on the blonde's smooth, creamy neck causing Naruto to moan slightly. Then he led them to the dance floor and they began to sway in time to the music. All the while Sasuke whispered naughty, sinful musings in the blond's ear allowing him to gain a rosy flush across his cheeks.

To onlookers they looked so enamoured, the essence of love, yet their appeal and magnetism drew their attention wholly and solely. Soon enough all eyes turned to the pair and gazed at them fascinated by the show of affection.

The girls sighed wishing their partners could be that adoring and considerate and the guys wished their dates could be that submissive and beautiful. It seemed the Greek gods had intoxicated the pair with love spells and Cupid's arrows.

When the song ended and the two unsuspecting charmers stopped dancing and only then was the trance was broken on their audience. With their appearance the dance was soon in full swing wild teenagers touching and grinding on each other, a cluster of bodies moving in synchronisation.

And to top it all off Sasuke and Naruto were in the mists of it all. They hadn't had the chance to truly explore how erotic dancing with each other could possibly be. Sasuke was possessively holding the blond close to his body as they danced together.

The atmosphere seemed to be get hotter by the minute and the pair had been suffused in such unbearable warmth caused by the numerous dancers or more likely their own passionate heat that fuelled their insatiable lust for each other.

They went on and on practically stimulating sex on the dance floor in front of everyone with only the minor but infuriating interference of their clothing.

It was only after nearly an hour of continuous action that their energy dimmed and they retired from the crowd. Sitting at one of the many tables with the blond sat comfortably on the Uchiha's lap as he took a few deep breaths and allowed his breathing to return to normal.

It was then Neji and Gaara decided to make an appearance both contrasting like night and day, yet complementing each other perfectly. Naruto smiled upon seeing them while Sasuke opted for his usual scowl. Gaara was no better and this had cause for the two friends to roll their eyes at their partner's antics.

"Neji, Gaara so you finally showed up." Naruto grinned at the two all the while being held back by the Uchiha from getting up.

"I can't be the one to blame; Gaara took excessively long getting ready." The Hyuuga quipped shooting a pointed look at the redhead.

"Don't try to pass this off on me Hyuuga, you're the one who sent me back to change, oh what was it, three times!" The disgruntled boy growled.

"Looks like Hyuuga's got you wrapped around his finger Sabaku." The Uchiha smirked.

Gaara was about to retort, but Naruto beat him to it flicking the raven in the forehead. "Is that so, I could say the same thing for you, Sasu-chan."

Sasuke, infuriated, took the chance to get back at Naruto by pinching his butt, Naruto yelped and so the two began to bicker. They didn't even notice the other two walking away shaking their head's at their childish behaviour.

It was only after a long, slow, sizzling kiss that the two came to their senses and realised Neji and Gaara were gone. Shaking off it they went back to dancing, totally absorbed in each other.

But this happiness wasn't meant to last for when the huge, towering, analogue clock that was a historical land mark chimed ten o'clock a massive explosion rocked the building sending everyone into hysteria.

There were screams of terror, some were injured and many were shock-still not able to process what was happening. The teachers were desperately trying to control the situation, but it was too overwhelming. Meanwhile the cogs in Naruto's head were turning wildly.

He knew for fact this was no accidental happening and after being separated from Sasuke in the chaos he began to run headlong out of the building into the blistering, cold night. Heading towards the Eastern block where the Science labs, and the source of the blast, were located.

Debris was scattered about the ground and the sight he held before him was terrifying, yet fascinating as he watched the flames waltz across the ruins of the edifice as if it were some ritualistic dance of victory at having damaged, no decimated it as if it were no more than merely swatting a pesky, insignificant fly.

As he continued to look on, out of the flames came to two figures both emitting such malice and glee at the destruction they had likely caused. As they came closer he felt as though a bucket of ice cold water had been thrown on him, it can't be happening. The goddamn Akatsuki can't be here, they can't taint this place with their wickedness. No they wouldn't as he would not allow it.

This was a representation of the only normalcy in his accursed life and he wasn't going to let them defile it. At the rise of such strong, fierce emotions Kyuubi's animalistic ways began to take over; he was going feral and there was no turning back.


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