By LifeGoesOn101

Summary: As a burn another page... I think about everything I've become. The revised and edited version of 'Angel In Crimson'.

Chapter One: Tracked

The messy pony tail swung side to side as the girl ran through the bushes trying to doge branches and kunai that came in her direction. She cussed as one blade grazed her cheek leaving a thin trail of blood in its wake. This had to end now...

Leaving her cover of the foliage, the female Nin sent a barrage of knives and shuriken at her enemy. The piercing scream of the older Shinobi sent a smirk to her lips. There was a sickening thud as he hit the forest floor and a sudden loud poof. A new Ninja appeared from the clouds of smoke.

"Well done, Kaiya." He praised as he approached. The kunoichi smiled before sending a well thought out kick to his head. He blocked it easily with his fore arm before he sent the raven haired girl back into the trees.

"You want to continue do you?"

The girl called Kaiya didn't reply as her hands moved rapidly in the movements of hand signs. The older Ninja swore loudly as a scorching fire balls were sent plummeting at him. The ear screeching yell he admitted sent a devious crook to the Kunoichi's lips. Her smirk faded as she was tackled to the ground, icy cold metal pressing into her throat.

"You missed." He whispered into her ear. The kunoichi beneath him faded into a storm of petals. The male Nin smiled. She did have a way with Genjustu...

"Suck it, Kakashi..." She hissed as she appeared in front of him. He though, merely laughed...

A pink- haired Kunoichi shifted uncomfortably in her seat as she waited for the meeting with the Hokage to begin. It wasn't that she was nervous... it was just that the business being discussed dealt with her and her kin... her daughter as a matter of fact.

Sakura's eyes shifted to the door of the Hokage office when a sudden creak was heard. She sighed when the blonde Hokage walked through making the Jonin and herself silence without a word. It was amazing what respect Naruto had gained from everyone.

"Kaiya is developing quickly correct Sakura?" The village leader asked as he sat at his oak wood desk. The papers in his hands rustled as he lowered himself.

The ANBU Capitan nodded. The sixth smiled at her before turning to the Jonin in the room.

"Does anyone have a reason why this child shouldn't be allowed to precipitate in the Chunin exams?"

The room was silent before one of the older Jonin in the back raised his voice making faces turn in his direction.

"Yeah... her father."

Angry emerald eyes flashed before Sakura had the man called Kanturo pinned to a wall her small hand pressing non to gently into his wind pipe. He grasped and hissed for the air that refused to come.

"You know nothing..." She hissed into his face, her pink hair brushing the bridge of his nose.

"I-I know that Uchiha blood runs through her veins." Kanturo gasped clawing at her fingers. "And that blood will begin to boil if she's given free range... you know that!"

Sakura's fingers flexed on his neck causing him to grunt in pain and swallow for the missing air that his lungs ached for.

"She won't be like him."

Kanturo was suddenly dropped to the ground as Naruto pulled the pissed off Kunoichi from her prey. He gulped and shuddered as the oxygen rushed to the places denied it.

Massaging the hand prints that pulsed and throbbed on his flesh, he stood.

"Fine let her take the Exams. I'll just watch this village fall from the sidelines."

And with that he left.

Sakura snorted before turning to the rest of the room of shinobi with a crack of her knuckles.

"Does anyone want to say anything else?"

Their faces turned sour and where moved away from the Kunoichi. "Thought so." She huffed before turning to Naruto. "I have to pick up Kaiya now."

The blonde smiled warmly at his sister figure. "Tell Kai-Chan Uncle Naruto says Hi for me."

Sakura returned her surrogate brother's warm gesture. "Sure."

Sakura revised at the sixth training grounds on the Far East side of the village at a little after 5 o'clock. The sun was just beginning to set behind the tree tops when she spotted her daughter leaning against a tree trunk. She observed her expression and noted the similarities between her and the other half of her heritage. Sakura's gaze followed her child's and landed upon the Takaya child. The boy blushed deeply before mumbling something to the tall onyx eyed kunoichi. The girl's lips moved to form the words 'No'.

Many emotions crossed the boy's facial features before it settled on one and Takaya's face fell and brunette bangs moved to cover his deep violet eyes.

Sakura involuntarily shuddered. The scene kept playing in her head till she suddenly discovered why it looked so familiar. It was the same way she used to be with that Uchiha Sasuke. She brought a hand up to clutch at her shirt. The simple thinking of his name brought a painful clench to her heart, which made her want to break through her chest wall and rip the offending organ out. The only thing it did was make her suffer more with keeping his face sheltered deep within it.

The sudden voice brought the pink-haired women out of her gruesome thoughts.

"Kaa-San are we going now?"

Sakura opened her eyes to stare down at the face of her beautiful offspring. She opened her lips to retort but, her emerald orbs caught sight of a thin reddish line grazing the pale skin of her daughter's right cheek.

"Kaiya what happened there?"

The raven-haired princess snorted before turning away to gaze at the scenery at her side. The cherry blossoms falling from their branches in pink swirls seemed to have memorized her.

"That dammed Kakashi..." She huffed swiping absent mindedly at the scrape. Sakura simply smiled before the two headed off.

A silvered haired Shadow watched as the two female Nin walked off. His obsidian gaze bore into the back of the younger kunoichi where the red and white should have been, so much so that she spun around and stared vainly at he leaves sheltering his form.

He sighed when she turned and continued to follow her mother. Her actions and features were beginning to become so much like her father it almost unnerved him. When he had offered to take her under his 'wing' he hadn't thought the blood in her wouldn't affect her complete aspect on life. Oh... how wrong he had been. The continued bantering of the other villagers had sculpted the young girl into a strong Shinobi into a strong Shinobi ready to take on whom and what that spoke disrespectfully of her birth and mother's actions. She was tried of people telling her what a monster she was and far as she was concerned would beat them to hell if that's what it took to gain their respect and the pride back of her clan. In a way, she was the much screwed up version of Naruto, her Mum and her Father. She may have the genes of her parents but, her life was beginning to take the shape of the sixth Hokage's past.

And that, Kakashi, suddenly realized, as he sped off towards the Haruno complex, dismissing the remainder of his team before hand, may be her salvation.

Note: Well that was the first chapter of the revised and edited version. Was it better than the first? I took out the part with Sakura and Kaiya as a baby. I may put it back in as a flash back later. A well put flashback that is. Oh and basically this is kinda of a put together version of chapter 3 and 2 of my first version if you noticed.

Salvation put in as though Naruto can give her the direction she needs because their lives are quite similar. Anyways thank you and...


Chapter Two: Found