Sakura didn't have any time to respond before the lips moved to cover hers. Hard. She wiggled as hands moved from there place on her hips to explore the contours of her body. Her common sense was completely forgotten, though she did briefly remember wanting to tell him something. The kunoichi groaned into her assailant's mouth, when his wet tongue traced the outside of her lips. She gladly parted for him and he of course eagerly took the chance.

Sakura moaned loudly against his teeth when their tongues brushed. She returned the gesture by sucking deeply on his bottom lip, making him emit a sound deep inside his throat. With every movement of his mouth the kunoichi was falling harder and faster.

She soon became aware that her hands had moved from his chest in a futile motion of holding him back to cupping his face between her palms as his mouth left hers.

Gulping in the air her lungs were screaming for, she glanced up at her temporary lover. His dark eyes still dug deep into her. Sweaty raven bangs were plastered to his forehead. He leaned closer to her so their forehead's brushed.

"Why do I let you do this to me?" She murmured to the figure. He didn't reply before he was suddenly shoved backwards. "Why do you have to keep hurting me? Don't you remember anything you told me?!"

The male Nin didn't respond before he idly wiped a hand across his lips. He glanced up at her now pained face. Obsidian orbs eyes traveled across her now swollen and love bitten lips. The sudden urge to kiss her ripped at him.

He turned away.

"This isn't the time, Sakura."

"This is the perfect damn time, Uchiha!" She hissed before grabbing hold of his wrist in long slim fingers. She was officially and truly pissed off and he was going to her what she needed to say.

"Twelve years ago on my mission to Snow country to gather information of the location of a certain document I run into you. About thirty seconds after that I end up under you moaning your name in a run down hotel room while you whisper you love me and you care about me into my ear. I didn't want my first time to not be about love, so was it true or not?!"

The man in her grasp didn't answer as his head suddenly tilted and midnight locks covered his expression. Why did she have to make everything so hard for him?

"Answer me!"

"No." Liar...

Her fingers loosened. "What?

"You heard what I said..."

Her hand dropped and so did her face. "So that's it then..." She pulled away from him and moved to lean against the nearest tree, not caring about the bark pressing to her back through her ANBU uniform.

"I was just a plaything...a sex puppet."

Sasuke eyes closed again this time in wondering what to say to her...

'No... You...I...Your so much more...' It won't come...

"I..." He mumbled as he moved to touch his former lover again, the kunoichi sighed as she pushed him away. "It doesn't matter now," As soon as she couldn't feel his warmth anymore, she flinched. She felt almost hallow. Did she really need him this badly?

"Ha-have you heard anything about Itachi?" she asked straitening her ruffled clothes. Why did her voice have to waver so badly?

"Yes, that's why I'm here." He stated. His cold demeanor had returned with the sudden mention of that name. He approached the pink-haired ninja quietly before taking his place at her side. "I failed in my second."

Sakura gazed at his face. It was impossible to know what was going through his head.

"I heard he was near Konoha," Sakura nodded. "Yes, he attacked a squad of Genin on the Sound Border, Naruto-sama has..."

Sasuke raised an eyebrow in a questioning manner "Sama...?"

The kunoichi smiled at the Uchiha despite everything. "Yes, he got his dream."

A devious smirk trailed on the Uchiha's face suddenly as all traces of there early conversation left his mind. "Yeah...well, I have to get one and some again..."

"Don't..." Before Sakura could finish, Sasuke plunged his tongue deeper into her mouth, tasting every bit of it. The kunoichi moaned loudly, as she greedily lapped at him like a wild animal. In midst there passion, Sakura wrapped her long legs around his waist for leverage as her hands became tangled in his raven locks. This time the kunoichi attacked his neck with kisses, designing patterns on his skin with bites as he lifted and moved his head around to make it easier for her. He gladily returned the motion by forcing pleasured moans and whimpers from her with his skilled tongue, lips, and teeth. It seemed that one their mouths meet all and everything was forgotten except lust and the spur of the moment.

They finally broke away when Sakura gasped because of the heated bump pressing all too accurately to where it was supposed to.

"You want me..."


The blonde haired Hokage yawned as he settled another stack of paper onto his ever growing pile of finished documents. With tired cerulean orbs he took a glance to the large glass window that adorned his newly reanimated office. The full moon shined brightly over the Hokage faces illuminating his own carved portrait.

His sudden solitude was destroyed as the hard wood doors that blocked the room were burst open before a Uchiha Sasuke was thrown face first into his Oakwood desk with well manicured fingers holding his head down .

"TEME!" Naruto screeched jumping up before his desk collapsed.

"Hn." He tried to reply, raising his head before Sakura smacked it back down.

"Why are you here? Did you here about Itachi?!"

He didn't get his reply for the Uchiha stopped struggling and allowed the pink-haired Haruno to bury his face in the crumbled wood chips of the former furniture.

"Naruto...this bastard just knocked out my whole team."

The Sixth stared at her before gazing down at his former best friend. "Even Hinata...?" Sakura glared at the blonde leader before hissing. "What do you think?"

Naruto scowled at the unmoving and unresponsive Uchiha before he glanced up to his seething sister figure. "Release him."

Sakura stood while dragging the traitor with her.

"You are to be held in the Konoha Prison till' I decide for other terms and then you'll be banned from missions till' other wise and be under total watch till' myself the council of Elders decide you'll be trustworthy enough to be a working member of the Leaf Village Society."

Sasuke snorted. "You didn't say anything about the gallows. I'm surprised."

The two former teammates stared at each other before the Sixth Hokage turned away. "Contrary to what you may believe, you're still important to both of us." Naruto turned again to glance at Sakura. She was biting her lip hard but, not enough to draw blood.

After the guards arrived and had taken Sasuke away to his holding cell and a group of Nin had been sent to fetch the remainder of Sakura's squad, Naruto and Sakura were left alone.

"So, did anything happen that you want to tell me?" He asked giving his surrogate sister a affectionate and concerned look.

Haruno Sakura turned away with a quick turn of her heel as her pink hair swatted at her cheeks. A hand moving to graze her fingers at the now swelling red marks that marred the pale flesh of her graceful neck.

"We just took a painful dig at the past."

And with that she left not allowing the moistness that burned at her emerald orbs to fall.

I don't want to cry a tear for you,

So forgive me if I do...

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