Chapter 1: You love me, but I hate you

"Mom, why did we have to move? I don't want to go to start over again." Complained 15 year old girl with blossom pink hair, but hey it matches her name, Sakura.

"Sakura, we discussed this already, your father needs this job, and it pays fortunes honey." Sakura's mom said while putting away some clothes into the closet. "You better get dressed if you don't want to be late for your first day of school!"

"Yes mom…" Sakura said and walked into the bedroom and closed the door. She walked over to her newly unpacked things and picked out an outfit. A white tank top and a pink mini skirt with her new white heels. "This is going to be a long day…" Sakura thought and sighed as she walked downstairs and out the door. It was a short walk from Sakura's house to the school. Sakura gazed up at the big letters spelling Konoha High School, sighed then walked in and checked with the principal where her new classes were going to be,

"Hello, I'm Sakura Haruno." Sakura said bowing to the principal who was fussing with bunches of paper.

"Ah, yes Ms. Haruno, we were expecting you. Here is your lists of classes, if you need any help at all, feel free to come in and ask me or ask your fellow classmates, I'm sure they would love to help." The principal said handing Sakura a piece of paper.

"Yes, thank you." Sakura said and walked out of the principal office to see everyone's eyes on her as she walked. She heard some whispers about how big her forehead is, and how strange her pink hair looks. Sakura started to run through the halls to her first calls trying to block out all the gossip that is already starting up. She wasn't watching where she was going and bumped into a boy with spiky raven colored hair.

"Hey, watch where you're going will you." Sasuke said as he got up from the floor.

"I'm sorry…" Sakura said looking up, her emerald eyes meeting with his onyx colored eyes.

""Well, watch next time." Sasuke said and walked away followed by a bunch of girls surrounding him.

"Bastard." Was the only word that ran across Sakura's mind as she got up from the floor and walked to her homeroom. Once she entered, again all eyes were on her…she felt a rush of embarrassment and quickly found a seat and sat down. Sakura felt a tap on her shoulder as she turned around

"Hey, you must be new here, my name is Ino." A girl with long blonde hair said smiling at Sakura.

"Yeah, I am. My name is Sakura nice to meet you." Sakura said giving a smile. The first bell rang and everyone was hushed by the teacher.

"Class today we have a new student." The teacher said while gesturing for Sakura to stand up and she did.

"What's your name?" The teacher told to me to tell the whole class.

"Haruno, Sakura, Nice to meet you." Sakura said looking around the room. She was surprised to see the boy she crashed into was sitting on the other side of the class, staring at her.

"Well it's nice to have you here." The teacher said and sat down and so did Sakura. She looked over at Sasuke to see if he was still looking at her. Sakura sighed in relieve when she saw him talking to a guy who was unusually wearing orange with bright blonde hair. Ino noticed Sakura was looking over at Sasuke and tapped her again.

"Uchiha, Sasuke, the best looking guy in all of Konoha High. A lot of girls like him, I use to, until I met my boyfriend. You interested Sakura?"

"Me interested in a jerk like him, NO WAY!" Sakura said rolling her eyes remembering how rude he was earlier.

"You met him already?

"Not really, but he's such a jerk." Sakura said making a annoyed face.

"Well, even if you did like him ,the chance of him asking you out is one to a million."

"Why is that?"

"Who knows, he ever had a girlfriend before, well not that I know of, and almost every girl in the school has asked him and he turned them all down,"

"Maybe, he just doesn't like anyone yet?" Sakura said trying to defend Sasuke since she felt bad for a guy that hot not to be in love.

"Maybe, but who knows…" Ino said leaning back on her chair and took out and mirror. She flipped it open and fixed her make-up. The bell rang and everyone rushed out off homeroom and into the hallway. Sakura walked out the door looking at her schedule to see where she's suppose to go next. Sasuke was standing with that blonde haired guy talking until he noticed Sakura.

"Hey pinkie." Sasuke said calling Sakura who looked to see who it was, but was disgusted that it was Sasuke.

"What, do you want?" Sakura said coldly.

"I didn't know you were in my homeroom."

"Why do you need to know?" Sakura said and started walking to her next class which was English.

"No reason, hey my name is-"

"Uchiha Sasuke right?" Sakura said stopping and turned around to face Sasuke and his blonde friend.

"Yeah, how did you know?" Sasuke said amused to see that Sakura already knew his name.

"Heard from people, what do you want?" Sakura asked again and started walking.

"Why are you so mean?" Sasuke said looking at Sakura who stopped and turned around again.

"Mean? I'm not mean; I just dislike people who are rude." Sakura said getting angry at this bastard who kept following her.

"If you're still mad about at first I'm sorry, I wasn't in the best of moods okay?" Sasuke said still following Sakura until she turned around with a mad look on her face.

"Okay whatever, but would you quit following me!" Sakura said while walking into the classroom.

"I'm not; apparently, I have the same class you do." Sasuke said plainly.

"Oh, I knew that…so who's your friend?" Sakura said blushing at how stupid she was for saying he was following her.

"Oh this guy right here? His name is DOPE." Sasuke said punching Naruto on the arm.

"Stop playing around, my name is Uzumaki Naruto."

"Hey, nice to meet you." Sakura said sitting in an empty sit next to Sasuke. The bell rang and class began. Sakura was scribbling away on notes because she really needed to catch up with everyone else. The rest of the morning went by fast and soon it was lunch. Sakura was walking out of her last class followed by Sasuke. Unfortunately, Sakura soon found out Sasuke was in 4 of her classes.

"So you want to go grab lunch with me?" Sasuke said walking beside Sakura who was holding a bunch of books in her arms.

"No thanks, I need to catch up on a lot of stuff." Sakura said struggling with the books in her arms.

"Here, let me at least help you with those…" Sasuke said taking his hands out of his pockets and grabbed some of Sakura's books but Sakura moved them aside.

"No it's okay; I don't want to bother you with them."

"Sakura, they are clearly too heavy for you."

"No, I said I'm fine!" Sakura said walking faster but ended up tripping and hitting the floor hard. Sasuke tried to restraint a laugh and helped Sakura pick up her books.

"See I told you didn't I?" Sasuke said handing Sakura her books and help her up.

"Whatever. Thanks anyways." Sakura mumbled and started walking again. Everyone's eyes were on Sakura who didn't seem to notice since she was walking so fast trying to get away from Sasuke. She arrived at her locker later to see her locker mate, Ino was already there.

"Hey Sakura want to go get lunch?"

"Yeah sure let me drop these books off first." Sakura said throwing her books into the locker then slammed it shut and followed Ino into the packed cafeteria. The girls were just glaring at Sakura as she walked pass them.

"Geez what's with them?" Ino said making her way to her usual table and sat down. She ushered Sakura to sit down with her and so she did.

"Did you do something Sakura?"

"What do you mean?"

"Did you do something like to piss these girls off?"

"No, not that I know of…" Sakura said.

"Hey pinkie." Sakura heard an oh so familiar voice calling her, that someone that had been trying to talk to her nonstop since this morning. She turned around to find no other then Sasuke looking down at her.

"What do you want now?" Sakura said annoyed.

"What, not even a hello?"

"Sasuke, hi," Sakura said sarcastically. "What do you want?" Sakura asked again.

"You left one of your books on the floor." Sasuke said shoving the book in Sakura's face.

"Thanks, Sasuke." Sakura said taking the book and turned around to put it on the table. She felt her cheeks were hot, and her eyes widened. "No way, I'm blushing because this good for nothing creep came and returned my book?" Sakura thought to herself. She saw a couple of starburst that she brought from home on the table. She was going to eat them but decided not to. Instead she turned around again to see Sasuke still standing there.

"Do you want one?" Sakura said holding out a handful of starburst.

"Yeah, thanks." Sasuke said taking one slowly, his eyes never looking away from Sakura's.

"You can take more if you like." Sakura said smiling for the first time in front of Sasuke which really stunned him.

"No thanks, I don't want to eat up all your candy. I'll see you later." Sasuke said returning a small smile and walked off into the crowd.

"Sakura, I know why all those girls are death glaring you." Ino said as Sakura turned around and started eating her lunch.


"Because, of Sasuke." Ino said pointing over to where Sasuke was standing.

"What? I don't understand." Sakura said looking at Ino, her emerald eyes looking confused.

"Don't you get it? Sasuke is talking to you." Ino said pointing out the obvious. Sakura laughed at how Ino had out the statement.

"What about it, he talks to other girls too."

"But, he doesn't talk to them as much as he talks to you. And you're the new girl around here; Sasuke doesn't usually talk to anyone new." Ino said taking a bite into her sandwich.

"Maybe he's just being friendly?" Sakura said still a bit confused.

"No, that's just it. Sasuke is not usually that friendly and especially with someone new.

"So what are you saying?"

"I'm saying he likes you." Ino said looking at Sakura who was taken back by what her friend just said.

"No, he can't, no way…" Sakura said shaking her head and glanced over at Sasuke.

"Well can't help you now. He likes you. And I'm sure of it." Ino said taking another bit of her sandwich. Sakura turned towards Sasuke's direction again to him run his hand through his silky raven colored hair. Sakura turned back to her food a million things running through her mind. She smiled at the thought of Sasuke liking her, but she wasn't suppose to like him, he was a jerk but why is she happy when she found out he might like her?