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More that Months. Chapter 14.

For days later.

Smallville Cemetery.

He had been kidnapped by mutants; his father fried his brain when he was twenty two; he almost clone his dead little brother; he had been close to death more time that he could count. And for some crazy and absurd reason that he really needed to understand right now, he was burying Clark, the man that he imagined would live more that any of them and would be always there. Nothing prepared him for this, knowing that the love of his life was in a casket all alone and cold was breaking his heart, he didn't know pain like this, it was like ice was inside him and nothing could make the coldness go away.

Well he did know something, or better someone that made his pain go away. His son, somehow Sam made him feel better.

The minister stood at the grave sight. "For as much as it hath pleased Almighty God of his great mercy to take unto himself the soul of our dear brother Clark Jerome Kent, we therefore commit his body to the ground; earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust," the minister threw a handful of dirt into the open grave and indicated to Martha to do the same. The minister began his final words, "in sure and certain hope of the Resurrection to eternal life, through Lord Jesus Christ. Amen"

With that the casket was rolled down into the ground next to Jonathans' grave.

Martha was at its side with Chloe holding her trembling hand. She was her mother, and for more prepared that she was, she felt like dying. "Bye baby, I love you so much"

She was helped for a still in shock Lois and a very distraught Chloe to the car. A last look at the grave and they were gone.

In the end Lex was left alone. He was numb; he didn't know what he was feeling. Emptiness, grief, pain, anger, fear …love. He tried to smile. He would never stop loving his farm boy. He went to his knees and sobbed quietly. He was gone; it was all over, not a new second chance anymore.

"I love you. I can't understand why or how, but I do. I tried not to cry before; I can't do it in front of people. But don't think that I'm too dark and lost that I can't share tears for you. I love you; I would never get tired of say it, just please don't leave me. I mean, stay here somehow and let me feel you; I need to feel you, to know that I'm not alone. I'll have Sammy and your mother with me, but a part of me always will be all empty and alone because that was the part of me that you filled. I feel so stupid, I tried to hate you all this months, and look where all my ambition and selfishness land me, I lost you completely and you didn't meet your baby, our son. He is all you, he eats all the time, and he has green eyes and black hair" He said with a smile.

"I'll take care of him; I'll love him and tell him about you. That you saved me from myself, that you loved me so much that you gave your life to save us. Because I know that you didn't just lived all this months for him, now I can see that you did this for me too. Thank you, for everything. And good bye, never forget that I love you and please make sure that you have a place for me too, wherever you are. Bye Clark, I love you"

And with tears in his eyes but a much cleared heart he went to his car back to the farm where he would make the first step toward his new life.

Four Months later.

Lois was going to have a heart attack. She knew that weird things happen in this town, but this just left her in shock, again. First it was to know that Smallville was so sick that he wasn't allowed to have visitors and then his death, and then all had sense, or sort of, Smallville was an alien who got pregnant by his jackass of a boyfriend who put hormones in his future wife to make her believe that she was pregnant, and then he died because the pregnancy was to much. So the new baby whose name was Sam, never Sammy because Lex would skin her alive if she said his nickname to his child, was Clark's baby, well he definitely was, that mope of hair and way to eat was just Smallville's. Chloe decided to tell her the true before she was able to find troubles looking for the real reason of Clarkie's death.

But that was two months ago and she would never admit it but she enjoyed having Lex and Sam close. Samuel was a cutie, but his father hated that word, he said that his son was good-looking, but come on not baby is just good-looking, that for men's in their mid forties. And Lex, well he was doing fine, he came to the farm to eat dinner, some times pass the night and to her surprise help Martha in the garden, well he was gay after all. But for more smiles and joke that he astonishingly liked to do, something in his eyes was off, she knew that it was because of Clark's death but she wanted to help him feel better. Yea, unbelievable but true.

In her usual visit to Clark's Grave she was surprised to the new visitor that was putting flowers and talking quietly at the tombstone.

"Lana Lang, I didn't think you had time for this" She said with a hint of anger. Stupid attitude but she wasn't a LanaLove.

When the other woman was interrupted she abruptly stands up and put her hands in her pockets. Lois saw how the green stone of Lana's necklace glowed slightly, she frowned at this; she never had seen a meteor rock glows like that.

"Lois! Off course I came, Clark was my friend too" Lana said walking toward Lois. She was dressed in black, her hair was shorter and she had lost weight.

Lois raised a brown and snorted. "Yea, he was your friend. You were going to marry his ex-boyfriend. And since I know you, you haven't acted like the good Samaritan let me tell you".

Lana just smiled sadly and walked past the blonde girl. "I know, is because of it that I'm trying to do this" When she was away from Lois she softly said her. "Say hi to Samuel for me"

Lois was so focused in the necklace that stopped glowing once Lana stared walking that she didn't notice a blue stone in Clark's grave that stared glowing and then disappeared inside the ground.

"That women always creep me out" Lois shocked her head, turned around and after putting some flowers in Mr. Kent's Grave, touched Clark's tombstone and said. "Hi Smallville. Here I am like I promised, what do you what to know? Ummm let me think…umm Chloe is staring to date Jimmy, I met a billionaire that I'm sure would be your type because since you dated a bald, obsessive compulsive billionaire you could be with my blonde price. Sam is okay, he is close to six months and is looking cuter every day; your mom is okay, she left the Senate but she is living with me and Chloe and sometimes Lex at the farm…"

Two days later. Daily Planet.

"Okay, tell me again why we accepted to baby sit today?"Lois asked Chloe with a desperate tone. Sam was drooling all over her shirt and had his hands on her breast.

Chloe laughed at her. "Because Mrs. Kent is at the doctor and Lex is busy in some reunion with a Japanese director or something". She took the baby from Lois lap and put him in her. Sam smiled and put his head in her chest closing his eyes. Chloe smiled at her cousin but Lois only shrugged.

The older women took some napkin "Yea I understand Mrs. Kent. But I can hardly believe that Lexy can't hire someone to take care of his puppy" She shouted

Chloe looked hard at her."Don't call him likevthat. And you very well know that Lex don't want strange with his son, and come on is not that bad" She caressed the baby's face and feel proud when she received a little sigh.

"Yea aha, be drooled and pissed all over and lost my hearing because of his wail is really great" Lois said looking at the baby.

"Oh you are so in love with this little one" Chloe teased her

Lois snorted. "Yea right"

Moments later Chloe moved slowly from her chair to the couch so Sam could sleep better. "Okay don't worry I'm sure Mrs. Kent is close to come, she probably stopped at the cemetery".

Lois looked at her computer and whispered. "Uh well I really hope she don't have the same surprise that me"

"What surprise? What did you find in there? Something happened in the cemetery?"Her cousin moved form the couch and in an instant was in front of her desk

She must have figured, her cousin is really good at hear everything. "No. Nothing bad happened. I just met Lana there"

"What? Lana? ¡¡" Chloe almost screamed. She was stopped for Sam's cries, she moved to his side and patted his little back gently."Shhh baby, shhh is not with you" She then turned to Lois. "When did you see Lana? Why didn't you tell me before? What did she said? What was she doing?"

Lois raised a brown and softly laughed at her. "Okay little coz, take a breath. I saw her two days ago and she was there, just sitting in by Clark's grave putting some flowers and saying something. That was two day ago."

Chloe bit her lip. Why would Lana be back after what happened? She didn't have anything left there; she must be looking for something. "That's weird. Lana has been missing since her wedding mess"

"Well, she was her usual long-suffering self" Lois responded.

Chloe just shocked her head and continued thinking about Lana while rubbing Sammy's back.

Five hours later, Martha Kent had come for her grandson, Lex had called and said that they will all have a dinner at his place and now Lois and Chloe were heading to his penthouse. Chloe had a bottle of wine that Lois had taken out of Oliver Queen's bar, and Lois had a box in her hands which she hadn't stop looking since Jimmy brought it to her.

"Okay, do you have a mini Oliver in there?" Chloe finally asked.

Lois jerked her head, looked her cousin and then went back to the box. "I was just looking for something to happen, but nothing. It was a waste of time" She then abruptly closed the box.

Chloe looked surprise. "What did you wanted to see?"

"Umm nothing really just a little glowing, that's all" Lois bit his cheeks.

Chloe laughed at her. "What kind of glowing? Don't tell me you were smocking something from there" She teased her. Whit Lois one never knows.

Lois blushed. "No. I wanted to see if these rocks glowed like Lana's did"

Chloe wrinkled her brow. "Lana's necklace is a meteor rock. Kryptonite. When did you see it glowing?" She asked not taking her eyes of the road.

Lois shrugged. "At the cemetery. It was glowing really weird. But I want one of those. But which is weirder is that it stopped glowing suddenly"

Chloe stopped listening her cousin. The meteors rocks glowed when Clark was close and alive, if Lana's was glowing it means that…no way, that's impossible, Clark couldn't be…but his death didn't have a full explanation, and he lost his power all of sudden and …BAM

"Oh My God…we buried Clark being alive"