Things Emmet is not allowed to do…

Bella and Edward are sitting in Edwards's room, on the couch together making a list of all the things Emmet is not allowed to do.

Run around the house wearing only tights

Kill flies with the steering wheel of Edwards car

Touch Edwards car at all

Tell Bella that she's fat to see if she will go anorexic

Stuff snow down Bella's shirt

Stuff anything down Bella's shirt

Scream "Mr. Collins!" when he sees Tom Hollander in Pirates of the Crribbean

Tell Bella that she's hott while Edward is in the room

Tell Bella shes hott while Rose is in the room

Tell Bella shes hott while charlie is in the room

Tell Bella she's hott at all

Call Bella's mom and tell her that the baby is doing fine

Pull down other peoples pants in public

Pull down other peoples pants ever

Talk about the "voices" in his head

Shave his legs

Tell people he shaves his legs

Tell people that Bella thinks that he's a vampire

Tell people that his "Spidey Sense" is tingling

Prank call someone and make them believe that he is Justin Timberlake looking for hott back-up singers and dancers

Give Bella cranberry juice and tell her its animal blood

Tell people the reason he never had a girlfriend before Bella was that he was scared of bras

And he was gay

Tell everyone that Jesus is in a helicopter waiting for him

Tease Edward about his virginity

Same with Bella

Steal Edwards Cell phone

Steal anyone's cell phone

Shove a button up his nose

Try and follow Bella into the girls bathroom

Tell Edward he is going to eat Bella if he doesn't change her

Tell Bella he is going to eat her if Edward doesn't change her

Tell the world when Bella is having her period

Sing any song by Brittany Spears

Try and dance like Brittany Spears

Sing any song by Hannah Montana

Sing at all

Throw Bella in the pool

At this point Jasper enters the room and helps them add things to the list

Go in Alice's closet

Tell Alice that yellow is not her color

Tell Alice anything that has to do with clothes

Put peeps in the microwave

and then leave them in Jasper's favorite book

Smash Edward's Cd's when he breaks the TV

Use a hammer… for anything

Play with a tape measure

"Accidentally" break a school window

Scream Edwards name in his mind over and over again at school

Hum any song with the word sexy in it when Bella walks by

Same with Alice

and Esme

and sometimes Rose

Go threw Bella's tampon drawer

Tell Alice she is stuck on permanent PMS

Same with Esme

And Rose

And Jasper…

And Edward

Try and make Bella faint because you think it is funny

Set off the fire alarm at school

I will make more!!!!! I think they are really funny! If you know any good ones tell me!