Thanks to Shadow Dragoness and Bella's-choice and edwardcullenmaniac for the ideas.

I don't own these characters

Jump out from behind a tree and scare the people who are passing by.

Cut his hair into a Mohawk and dye it red.

Wear the same clothes that you see Gwen Stefani wearing at a concert.

Sing any of Gwen's songs

Pretend to be Johnny Depp from POTC

Try and get drunk at a bar

Pretend to be Orlando Bloom from POTC

… and Kiria Knightly

Tell Edward that his car is ugly

Write a list of 60 things that Edward isn't allowed to do

Dare Alice to streak through the Whitehouse

Try and get Mexico to streak through the Whitehouse with Alice

Go into Edward's room …EVER!

Make Bella participate in a holding your breath underwater contest

Touch Edward's Vanquish

Touch Edward's piano

Play Grand Theft Auto

And then see if he can get away with it too.

Wear a Spiderman costume

Tell Charlie Bella's pregnant

And that Edward is not the father

Make August official I'm Too Sexy month

Eat all the llamas at the petting zoo

Get within a hundred feet of a penguin

Imitate Arnold Schwarzenegger

Sing Apologize by Timberland/OneRepublic


Laugh when Bella trips over her own feet

Smash Edward's laptop when he loses at Memory

Tell little kids that Barney swears in one of his episodes

Show little kids the episode

When Edward goes hunting tell Bella that he (Emmett) is so bored he is going to eat her

Wear any kind of jewelry

Dare Bella to drink five Diet Cokes

Scream that Orlando Bloom is HOTT!

Tell everyone about his "Little Black Book"

Tell any blonde jokes

Tell any jokes that have to do with killing a werewolf

At the airport tell everyone that he has a bomb

That he is a suicide bomber and has 4 successful missions

Make any kind of resist joke

Say "Silence! I kill you!" in an Arabian accent

Watch this video on youtube: (on my profile)

Shoot rubber bands at his math teacher

Give Mike an ultimate wedgie

And then duck tape him to a locker

and then blame it on Bella

Stuff popcorn in the couch so it makes funny noises when Bella sits down

Go around and steal all the 7th Harry Potter books and rip out pg. 625 because he thinks that Ron and Hermione could have done a little better at the whole kissing thing.

Cry hysterically and shout at people passing by that Fred and Snape both should have never died.

Tell everyone that he's trying to get the skinniest waist for the Guinness Book of World Records

Try and play the Tuba

Make farting noises with said Tuba and blame anyone who walks by

Put posters of girls in bikini's all over his room where Rosalie can see.

Tell Alice there is nothing she can do to make him go shopping with her… she is really scary when she wants something

Where a pink shirt that says "Kiss me, I'm Gay!"

Drink Apple Juice

Have a "Man Purse"

Tell Bella in full detail about hunting for bears

Tell Edward that Bella thinks Jacob is hotter than he is

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