Last Forever

I am Ino Yamanaka. I am simple shinobi from konoha. It's been seven years ago since Sasuke Uchiha back to Konoha and seven years ago when Konoha shinobis defeated Akatsuki. So, now we have a peaceful life. A lot of things happen like Sakura were engaged to Lee. Anko-sensei just gave birth to their first child couple months ago. And, yeah Kakashi-sensei was the father. Shino were courting Kiba's sister, Hana. Hinata, my best friend is with Naruto like for a year and half. Neji is the leader of an Anbu. TenTen is now a sensei. Shikamaru is a sensei as well and konoha's strategist. Shikamaru's with temari like 4 years ago. All of them were became Jounin. Sai, he was still in Anbu. Actually Sai courted me for a year and then I told him that I don't like him but we're still friends. And I become head of interrogation. I trained under Morino Ibiki for like a lot of years. And the best part I am with the person I really love, Sasuke. It's like we're dating for a year and then he asked me if I still do love him and of course I can't deny it. I still do love him so we become together, of course with the help of Sakura and Naruto. Okay it's very hard to explain how he falls for me. We're together for like 11 months ago. But sometimes I think he's not in love with me. Because he never says that he loves me. He just walks me home. We're not even kissing each other or holding each others hand. If we do it's very often. Sometimes I want to break him up. But I do love him. That's why sometimes we have a quarrel. Our quarrel will last for 3 days and up. But he's always apologizing. There is one time I really wanna end our relationship. Actually I ended up our relationship but we back together with the help of our friends. Here's the story. I am walking with Hinata and Sakura. We passed in the ramen shop. In the Ramen shop there are Neji, Sasuke, Sai, Naruto and Lee. Of course when we saw them of course we stop. "hi guys, hi Naruto-kun!" Hinata said. And take note since Hinata and Naruto become together Hinata has more confidence than before. When she was talking to Naruto she's not fainting anymore. Okay, back to conversation. "hi Hinata-chan!" Naruto said while kissing Hinata on the cheek. And the guys gave a small smile to the ladies. "Hi people!" Sakura said as she kiss lee. And the I said hello to them "hi!" I said with smile. And they "hi" back. But that freaking Sasuke never greet me. "hey teme, why don't you kiss your girlfriend?" Naruto said. "..Hn.." Sasuke said. "C'mon Sasuke, she's your girlfriend!" Sai said. To be honest I am jealous to Sakura and Hinata cause they have a sweet boyfriend. I can't stand it anymore. So, I just walked out. "Guys, I think I need to go. Bye! I think Hokage-sama needs me at the hospital and Interrogation office." Ino lied. "but Ino, you just --" Sakura said while Ino cut off.. "I need to go!" Ino insist.. "Ino just got out in her duty, I think she just said that cause she got hurt!" Sakura said in her mind. "Teme, if I were you said sorry to her. You freaking hurt her feelings. Go after her and apologized" Naruto said. "go now!!" Naruto insist. Sasuke felt guilty so he goes to me to apologize. Honestly that time I don't wanna talk anybody. I am huggng my knees while watching the river and I just feel my tears on my cheeks. "Why the hell he's so numb. He doesn't even care about what I felt. I think he never did love me. I think, I need to end our relationship as soon as possible!! He's always hurting me!!" she said to herself. "Sorry" someone said. I didn't turn my head cause I know it's Sasuke. "What are you doing here?" I said without looking at his face. "I have to say sorry" he said. "I am very sick and tired in this relationship!" I said while crying. "……" he didn't reply. "It's over." I said. "this relationship won't work anymore. I really love you but did you really love me? cause to be honest, I never feel that you love me." she stand up and walk out. Sasuke didn't say anything. But his eyes are full of sadness..