This is a nightmare. I don't wanna be with him in one tent! I gave Sakura a I-am-seriously-mad-at-you glare! We went to "our" tent!

I heard Naruto's voice.

"Good luck, Ino-chan, Sasuke-teme!"

"Screw you!" I said sending him a glare!

Chapter 6

At their tent

"Okay forehead you're in the middle".. Ino said angrily..

"No, Sasuke-kun is in the middle." Sakura said.

"You bitch, like it or not your in the middle." Ino said to Sakura.

"I don't want to! Sasuke-kun is at between us." Sakura said while smiling at Sasuke.

Sasuke is just quiet!

"If you're not going onto the middle, forget the day I'd have known you, forehead." Ino said really huffy.

Sakura's POV

I don't care if you'll forget me..

All I want is you to be with Sasuke forever.

I gave up on hm because he loves you!

I don't really want another girl besides you to be with Sasuke.

So, you must be with Sasuke again.

End of Sakura's POV

"Fine then, Ino-pig!" Sakura said!

Sakura is in the middle.

Sakura knew that both of them are sleeping.

Sakura's POV

They're both sleeping.. this is good!

I'll go to the other tent,

This will be fun..

Hell yeah!

I can't imagine Ino's expression if she'll find this out.

I bet that Naruto will be happy!!

End of Sakura's POV

Sakura stand up very carefully so the both of them will stay asleep.

Sakura went to the another tent!

"Sakura-chan, why are you here?" Naruto said!

"Naruto, I will stay to this tent!" Sakura said.

"So they are alone to that tent?" Naruto asked.

"Hell yeah!" Sakura said very amusing!

"You're the best Sakura-chan!" Naruto stated!

"I know!" Sakura said confidently!

Ino woke up!

She look at her watch..

"It's 4:43!" Ino mutterd half asleep..

She realized that her face is just an inch to Sasuke's..

She blushed.

"What the hell????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Ino shouted very loud!!

Sasuke woke up!

He look up to her.

"...anything wrong?" Sasuke asked!!


Ino's POV

This is embarrassing as hell.

His face is just an inch to my face.

Forehead, get ready!

Start digging your grave!

Forehead you're pathetic brat!

End of Ino's POV

Sasuke's POV

I can say she's angry.

So what if both of us in tent alone?

Is there anything wrong?

This is not the first time we're alone in a tent.

We'd a lot of missions only two of us.

End of Sasuke's POV

Ino's POV

It's already morning.

The sun is up.

After we ate some fishes that Naruto and Sai caught we're heading to our journey again.

"Ino-pig, it seems you're so quiet today!" Sakura started.

"Shut up, don't talk to me!" I said heating up.

"What did I do?" Sakura asked innocently.

"I hate you, you leave us alone!" I said in very furious tone.

"Is there something wrong with that?" Sakura asked again inoffensive tone.

"Hell yeah!" I said!

"You just said yesterday that I'll be on the middle. You never said that I can't leave both of you alone!" Sakura said unworriedly!

"Don't talk to me, I am still pissed off because of you!" I said rheumatically.

"What the hell Ino-pig? Enough playing dramatic! This is no difference to your other missions that you're sleeping with Sasuke alone in a tent!" Sakura said matter-of-fact tone!

"Yes there is a lot big difference, forehead!!" I said!

"So what's the a lot big difference, Ino-pig?" Sakura asked.

"Before we have a relationship!! And before we had a relationship.. we're a friends.." I said.

"So, Sasuke, how's your night? Did you have fun?!" Naruto asked tauntingly.

I punched Naruto!

"What the hell?!" I said with wrath.

"I am just playing Ino-chan!" Naruto said.

"Stop playing around because it could be offend others." I said distressfully.

"Sorry." Naruto said.

I didn't gave a reply.

"We were arriving today night!" Sasuke said viciously.

End of Ino's POV.

Time passed by..

The group is entering in the Rock country.

"This Rock country is surely big." Sai commented.

Naruto's POV

The Rock country is very big village.

It's only 8 in the evening and I think almost all of them is sleeping.

Even the tea houses, restaurants, clubs and bars are already closed.

End of Naruto's POV

"We need to go now on the Feudal Lord's palace." Sasuke said.

They head on the palace..

At the palace..

There's a lot of soldiers outside.

There's a princess walking towards their direction.

"Pleasant evening for you Konoha's shinobis." the princess said.

They greeted back.

"It's cold right here, follow me inside." the princess ordered.

They followed her.

Inside the palace..

"My name is princess Takami, I am the feudal lord's daughter, please help us what really happened to my father. He changed for unknown reason. I wanna know the real reason why he changed. Please help my me. I really love my father. I want him to be back to normal, I mean the loving and caring feudal lord that I've known since I was a kid." the princess said while crying.

"Okay Takami-hime, we'll do our best to help you.." Ino said with smile.

"Shai! Maybe you're tired now, I'll lead you to your room." Takami said.

She lead them to their room.

The room was big and empty.

"This'll be your room. Just ask the servants if you need something." Takami told them while heading outside the room.

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