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Ch 1.

It had been the single worst moment in his memory. One minute he was storming away from Cho Chang, whom he had been dating and had just discovered she had been cheating on him, and the next he was waking up in a Ministry holding cell.

He was spit on.



He was just generally beaten and abused while he awaited a trial. Most people would think, 'My friends will come to my rescue! They'll make sure I'm given a fair trial!' but not Harry.

In his sixth year, he had befriended Draco Malfoy; which in turn caused his friends to un-friend him. He was alienated within his own House, so he spent his waking hours within the snake pit.

He was drug before the full Wizengamot and his crimes were laid bare for all to see; he was accused of raping Ginny Weasley after murdering Cho Chang and Michael corner, the guy she was cheating on him with.

Harry thought this was all strange; Cho had graduated, what the Hell was she doing at Hogwarts? And why in the world would he ever touch that red-headed stalker?

But one by one his former friends and dorm mates (Gryffindor) testified that Harry had become cold, distant, spending all of his time with the Slytherin's.

Harry sat there through it all, next to his incompetent law-Wizard who stuttered and stumbled though the farce of a trial.

In the end, all it took was one well placed condemnation from the great and all powerful Albus Dumbledore, to have him shipped off to Azkaban with a double Life sentence. He was cuffed and tossed into the waiting arms of the Dementors.

He was asked stupid questions; 'why Harry? Why would you betray us like this?' 'How dare you even exist Potter!' 'You rot in Hell you monster, for what you did to my poor Ginny!' Harry took them in stride.

Remus Lupin looked at him in sad disgust, the Weasley's with smug triumph, Hermione with clear disdain, Dumbledore with anger, and everyone else with contempt. Draco and Severus looked on with carefully crafted masks of glee, but the concern and fear shining in their eyes let him know that they were on his side.

When they drug his trunk in and set Fire to it, Harry didn't blink. He knew for a fact that his four most valuable possessions were hidden away.

He'd had an urge, that summer, to finally leave something at the Dursley's because he was determined to have a good and safe seventh year. So his map, cloak, photo-album and shrunken Firebolt (he had been booted off the team by Ron in their sixth year after a big row).

Now, he was glad he had left those things out. As he watched his possessions burn he wondered where Hedwig was when he saw her lifeless body tossed onto the flames.

He let a silent tear slide down his cheek as he was drug from the courtroom and portkeyed to Azkaban. He was tossed into a cell and locked in.

No windows.

Only a bed and a toilet.

The cell door was only discernable from the wall by the catflap used to shove in the loaf of bread, chunk of cheese, and cup of water he received once a week.

Two weeks into his stay, Harry felt something; similar to a snake, uncurl inside of him. It roared through his veins, burning him from the inside out. He felt it sink into his magick and turn that to liquid lava dancing around through him.

For the first time, Harry's agonized screams joined those of the other prisoner's.

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