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Chapter 4 – The Message

The next morning Rosaline awoke to the sound of a loud drumming on the door.

She yawned; eyes bleary and consciousness low as she struggled out of bed, almost tripping over her own shoes as she stumbled to the door. She pulled it open, and was instantly confronted by two sheriffs, one holding up a poster for her to read.

"We're sorry to bother you ma'am, but we have reason to believe this man might be dwellin' on these premises."

Rosaline blinked back the blurriness, focusing on the poster.


John "The Doctor" Smith

dead or alive

Reward: $100000

And there was a picture of him, sketched of course. She blinked, startled by the sight.

"Sorry sirs, you got the wrong house," Rosaline tried, but they remained stationary.

"May we come in, ma'am?" one said, taking off his hat as he pushed gently past her, not waiting for a reply. Rosaline's breath caught in her throat. He…he was an outlaw? He hadn't seemed like an outlaw. He couldn't possibly be an outlaw…

They were moving in John's direction.

"No sirs, you don't wanna be goin' there!" she said instantly and jogged over to infront of them, blocking them from John's direction. "Lady's Room."

"Ma'am, we be obliged to check every room of the house," he answered simply, moving over to the door and wrenching it open before she could stop them. She held her breath, expecting a burst of gunfire or yelling between two men – but it was silent. She moved slightly over to the doorway, peering in.

It was empty.

They checked the rest of the house, but of course found nothing. Rosaline was actually smiling as they walked out of the front door with their tails between their legs, almost embarrassed. Quietly she closed the door behind them, turning to meet Jacquetta standing right behind her.

"I believe this is for you," she said, holding up a fat-looking white envelope with the word 'Rosaline' printed neatly on the front. Frowning, Rosaline took it and sliced the flap open with her nail, taking out a folded piece of paper encasing a fat wad of something. Abandoning the envelope she opened the letter, staring in disbelief at the cash staring right back at her.

Dear Rosaline,

First of all I'd like to thank you for your hospitality, I would've certainly died if you didn't take me in. By the time you've read this letter I will be long gone, and the Sheriff will probably be looking around the town for me.

I want you to know, whatever they say that I am not a criminal. Well, maybe I am a little but they took the money unfairly, and I gave it back to the people who were conned.

I'm sorry for barging in on you and your mother at such a time that I did. Had I known I would've left straight away. Since it's my fault, I am going to amend my mistake. I've left $1000 in $20 notes, this should be enough to pay back your debt and keep your household without money trouble for a while.

As you can probably tell from the way this letter is written, I am not from Texas and I don't speak like a Texan. If I told you where I was really from you would not believe me, but I'm going to tell you anyway.

I am an alien: a Time Lord. I am from the sky, the stars themselves. I was born on a different planet and I am not human. I own a time travelling machine, and I travel time and space making sure bad people don't get away with their actions.

Maybe one day I'll see you again, and together we can touch a star.


The Doctor (John Smith)

That night Rosaline slept soundly. The debt was paid off and the Sheriff had not bothered them further, so Jacquetta and Rosaline had gone to buy some posh clothes with some of the money. Jacquetta's opinion of John (or was it the Doctor…?) was still a little shaky, but the money seemed to have got her more into John's (the Doctor's) good side.

She slept through the gentle rattling of her window, and the sound of a high frequency buzzing sound magically undoing the lock. She completely missed the pad of stealthy feet on the wooden floor, making their way across the room to her bed.


She turned over in her sleep slightly, yawning. Bleary eyes opened to meet a strange man standing over her feet – she almost screamed but a hand gently clamped onto her mouth as John's angular handsome face caught the moonlight through the window, and she smiled at the sight.

"Hello," he whispered with a grin, taking his hand off of her mouth.

"You coulda just knocked," she pointed out in a whisper, pushing herself up onto her elbows. "What're you wearin'?"

John looked down at his brown pinstripe suit with burgundy converses, covered with an overcoat.

"The height of fashion," he replied in a boasting voice, arms folded. "I happen to have a very good dress sense."

She laughed quietly. "So what brings you here pardner?"

"You," he answered, taking a seat freely on her bed covers. "Do you believe what I said?"

She paused, plaguing over the absurd idea of aliens. "I wish I could John, but you ain't shown me no proof."

"I got the proof right here," he said, reaching out and taking her hand, pressing it to the left of his chest cavity where she could feel the rhythmic booms of his heart beneath her palm. He let her feel it for a moment, before moving it to the other side of his chest and to her complete and utter surprise she could feel another heart pumping out a rhythm.

"You…you got two hearts! You're an alien arentcha?"

He nodded. "Everything I said is true – and I want you to come with me."

She blinked. "Wha…what?"

"Time travel with me."

It wasn't exactly a hard decision for Rosaline to make. "Okay."

His grin was about to break his face in two. "Let's touch a star, Rosaline. You and me."

"Me and you," she confirmed with her beautiful smile.

"Ready?" he asked as they stood by the front door, ready to leave. She nodded, placing the note she'd written for her momma on the table as he took her bag for her.

"Ready for anythin'," she said as he took her warm hand into his own, and led her out of the orld as she knew it, and straight into the cosmos beyond all possibilities.

The End