Summary: Deidara brought home a surprise for his group one day... a BIG surpise... he brought home a boy, a little boy around the age of 5, claiming that he was his long lost son he never had. To say that the group was surpised, would be an understatement... sure the kid was cute and cuddly, but he was hell on stubby legs! Whenever Deidara left him alone, he would break at least one or two things in the room. Sasori seemed to like the kid... though he was forced to, because Deidara would never leave the boy's side! Itachi was their resident babysitter even though he never wanted to but since he DID have a younger brother, he should be good with kids, right? Wrong! But there was something about the little boy who was yet to be named because of Deidara's frequent name changes. Every member secretly liked the little devil... maybe it was his sunny blond hair, or his big blue eyes, or maybe the fact that you could never stay mad at him for longer than 2 minutes... whatever it was, this poor kid was in for it because he now was protected by the whole Akatsuki group and NO ONE would ever take him away if they had any say in it.

Warning: Akatsuki group goes soft, fluff, cutness… but no Yaoi... unless you really want it between Deidara and Sasori or whomever.


Chapter 1: Long Lost, Never Had

As two cloaked figures walked down the street, people stared... maybe it was the fact that they were garbed in all black on a sunny day like this, or perhaps the fact, that they looked more dangerous than a pack of PMS-ing women on their way to chocolate store, or.. it was the fact that one of them was holding a sleeping boy in his arms... not just any boy, but THE Naruto, the one everyone hated in this village. But the men didn't seem to realize that, nor did the small boy, who was sleeping in the blonde haired man's arms at the moment, not that realized that he was being held.

Just a half an hour ago he had sat down by a tree and fell asleep; the same tree that the two-cloaked figures were walking by at that moment. And just one look at that sunny haired boy the blonde knew that he needed him. So that's how little Naruto ended up being carried by the dangerous man.

"Ohhhh He's so cute, Sasori! Why would someone leave something like this laying around!?"

"Well maybe if you being the kid back we'll see who it belongs to." Sasori sighed. His blonde partner sure was a strange one but in the end they were ALL strange, Deidara just had a thing for the kid that no-one could figure out why.

Deidara glared at his partner. "Why would I do that when he has someone now?"

"And who might that be?"

"Me!" Sasori sweat-dropped. Why must the heavens punish him so? ... Okay maybe he killed a lot of people... and he didn't really believe in god.. but thats no reason why he should be stuck with some idiot who likes to take random kids off the street and claim to be his long lost, never had child!

Deidara started to hum a random tune, as he gently rocked the kid in his arms. "I wonder what should I name him?"

"Him? Are you sure its a guy? The kid looks like a girl to me." Deidara stoped when realizing this and gently peeked in the kid's pants, Sasori's eyes widened. "What are you doing!"

"I'm checking you idiot! I have to see if my child is a boy or girl... and you know what?"



"I'm so happy for you," Sasori drawled out. "Now can we get home before we cause any more commotion? I think half the village now knows we're here!"

"Oh," Deidara laughed sheepishly. "Sorry, got caught up in the moment, it's not every day that you suddenly find yourself a child."

"You don't say!?" Sasori rolled his eyes and walked ahead. Deidara, realizing that he was being left behind ran up to Sasori.

"So what should we call him?"

"We? Who said I was involved?"

"Well, you were there, weren't you? And I didn't see you trying to stop me when I took him, did I?" Sasori shook his head and gave up, the only reason why he didn't say anything was because he'd rather not have to go around picking parts of him up after Deidara blew him up!

As they got closer to their hideout, Deidara finally settled with a name. "I shal call him, Ruri!" Sasori looked back at his partner.

"Isn't that a girls' name?" He asked.

"No! It's a pretty name, becasue he is pretty!" He argued.

"But why Ruri? There is nothing on him that is green."

"Well, we'll see once he opens his eyes, he might have green eyes, you know!"

"I doubt it." Deidara stuck out his tongue childishly. They finally stopped at the base.

Sasori took one last look at his idiotic partner and the boy before opening the door. They steped inside, and the door closed behind them. "Shhhh, you'll wake him up!" Deidara whispered.

Sasori sighed, "It's not like I have anything to do with the fact that the door is loud!" He contradicted.

"Hmph," Deidara said before he started to run his hand through the boys blonde hair.

Sasori turned and started to walk towards his room when a voice greeted him. "What took you so long, Sasori? It was supposed to take you only three days to finish the mission," Sasori sighed again and turned to Itachi who was standing in the shadows, red eyes glowing.

"We got a little sidetracked and Deidara found himself a teddybear."

"A teddybear?" Itachi repeated.

"You heard me, now I'm tired, so leave me in peace please and thank you."

Itachi moved out of the shadow's and walked down the hall intended on seeing this new 'teddybear' of Deidara's. Upon reaching Deidara's room, he spotted his partner, who waved and walked over. "I see that those two are back, do you know how they did?" Kisame asked.

"They did well, but Deidara found something so I'm going to check out."

"Something? What did he find?"

"Sasori refered it to a teddybear but I know Deidara, and he would never be seen with a teddybear so I want to see what this thing really is."

"Oh... can I come?" Itachi nodded and they opened the blondes' door.

What they saw next would forever change their lives.

Deidara was sitting on the edge of his bed watching a little blond boy sleep. The blonde looked up a grinned at the two. "Come here to see Ruri?"

"Ruri?" They both asked.

"Ya, he's my long lost, never had child!... Isn't he cute!?" The blonde pulled down the blanket covering the boy. Itachi and Kisame's eyes widened. Sure the kid was adorable but how did Deidara find him, and why bring him here!?

Sasori rubbed his head and walked down the hall. He had had the best nap in the last three days... even though it was his only nap... As he walked past his partner's room, he stopped and looked inside. There sitting on the floor was his partner, Itachi and Kisame playing cards. "What the hell?" Deidara looked up at him and smiled.

"We're waiting for my baby to wake up!" He said excitedly.

Just then a little yawn was heard from the bed and every head turned its way. Deidara jumped up and ran to the bed where his 'baby' had just opened his eyes. Naruto rubbed the sleep away and looked around, the first thing his eyes rested on was a blonde man leaning towards him with a big smile. "Who are you?" Naruto whispered shyly to the man. Deidara blushed and looked to his friends who all looked as stunned. He turned back to the most beautiful boy he had ever seen, and gawked.

"I-I'm y-your new daddy!" He stumbled around and blushed again when he realized how idiotic he sounded. Crystal blue eyes looked at him and he quickly looked back at his comrades for assistance. "Help me! I don't know what to do!" He whispered. They all shrugged, not really know either.

"Daddy?" Naruto asked.

"Yes!" Deidara's attention was back on him again.

"I don't have a daddy... or a mommy, so how can you be my daddy?" Deidara felt tears come into his eye.

Suddenly Deidara jumped and grabed Naruto close and hugged him with all of his might. Naruto turned blue and Itachi and Sasori ran over to get the blonde off of the kid while Deidara shouted out, "I LOVE YOU, I'M NEVER LETTNG YOU GO, YOUR SO CUTE, I'M YOUR DADDY, I LOVE YOU RURI!!!" Once the two got Deidara to stop Naruto laid back on the bed and took deep breaths. But suddenly he smiled and crawled over to the blonde who was engaged in a fight with his partner for stopping his death hug. Naruto slid his arms around Deidara and hugged him again. Everyone stopped and looked down at the blonde. Deidara smiled and put his arms around Naruto.

"I like being hugged, no one ever used to hug me in my village." Deidara felt a foreign feeling spring up in his heart... it felt like... love?


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