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Chapter 20: In the End There is No Place like Home

"Tousan, Tousan, Tousan!" Naruto cried, tears running down his cheeks.

"Don't worry, Baby, I'm here!" Deidara held Naruto close and glared at Sasori and the other two for hitting his baby and Sasuke. "You hit them too hard!" He growled possessively.

Sasori rubbed the back of his head. "Well we couldn't let them see you in THIS form now could we?"

Deidara got up and carried Naruto also. "Naruto knows who I am now... I don't know about Sasuke though, I think he was hit when I change." Itachi smirked since he was the one who hit his brother.

Deidara walked over to his backpack and brought out a bottle and gave Naruto a drink of it. After, he changed himself again and laid Naruto down on his back.

"I'm going to stay here till he gets up... are we going to take him now?" Deidara asked curiously, hoping that they would.

"No... Well I mean, I think we should first finish this challenge before we make any daring escapes." Sasori explained.

Itachi stood off to the side and stared at Naruto. He had grown into such a... cute boy... he couldn't help himself when they were alone that time with the dango! He just looked so, so... kissable!

Itachi's fist clenched. Hopefully this feeling will go away soon, Itachi couldn't stand it! All he wanted to do was to grab the boy tightly and, and... grrrrr... 'Stop thinking like this!' Itachi growled in his head.

Deidara ran a hand through Naruto's hair and thought for a minute. "No." He finally said. "I can't wait any more, lets take him home..." Sasori nodded and Tobi started to jump up and down.

"Yes, finally we can go home all together!" He shouted. Itachi smiled, a little as always but you could see in his eyes he was dieing to get home. They looked back at Sasuke.

"I don't think its fare to leave him without a team." Deidara sighed and got up. "Give me your scrolls." He said.

Sasori took them out of his pocket, no doubt that they would have the two by now. Deidara walked over and picked Sasuke up and hid him in the shadows till he woke up, he placed the two scrolls in his pocket and stood back up.

"I guess its time to go." Deidara smiled.


Naruto woke up and felt around for something to cover himself with, it was really comfy for some reason while he knew that he had fallen asleep on the ground.

Naruto felt a blanket and pulled it up to him and curled around in it, with a sighed he drifted off to sleep…. Wait! A Blanket!? His minds screamed, Naruto's eyes snapped opened and he quickly closed them when a nightlight blinded him.

"Arg, where am I?" He said a sat up and opened his eyes again. He looked around the room he was thankfully by himself in. There were two beds on either side of him, a desk sat in between them and pictures of him and his tousan's lined the walls along with pictures of explosions.

Naruto swung his legs over the bed when he heard the door start to open. He quickly got back into bed and pretended to be asleep. The door opened and he heard footsteps come over to the bed. Naruto was tempted to open an eye but thought better of it.

He felt the bed sink as someone sat down beside him. "Oh Naruto what are we going to do with you." Said a voice that sounded familiar. Naruto turned just a bit but stayed quiet.

He felt the person run his fingers through his hair and place a wet cloth on his forehead.

"Here you go, should help with the future headache... Naruto, I know you're awake." The person sighed. Naruto's eyes opened and he looked into reddish brown ones, which were staring at him through the dark room. "Welcome to the living." The person smiled. Naruto squinted and realized who the person was.

"Your Fai's tousan... no wait, your MY tousan!" Naruto said as he got a flash through his mind of the red head in front of him. Sasori smiled.

"I'm glad you finally remembered, Deidara has been passing the halls, waiting for you to wake up... maybe I should go tell him." Sasori stood up but felt something grab his sleeve. He looked down at the hand and back at Naruto. Naruto stared at him with confused eyes.

"Please, why didn't you tell me before?" He asked quietly. Sasori sighed and sat back down.

"Well it's a pretty long story..." Naruto shook his head. "Please, tell me." Sasori nodded. "Okay, well, when you were taken from us Deidara and I had woke up to find you long gone..." He took Naruto's hand in his.

"We seriously thought we lost you, Itachi was horribly mad for months... he never talked to anyone save for The Leader... Me and Deidara would go out on missions and during that time we would gather information on you and where you were living... just about a year ago we finally tracked you down and decided to come a get you but..." Sasori sighed and played around with Naruto's fingers as he thought about it.

"We knew you wouldn't understand, there was a little chance that Kakashi would let you keep the memory's of us... so we decide to wait just a bit more as we made up the perfect plan on getting you back... Deidara had made up a jutsu that could turn him into a kid again... just physically, but we had to keep it from everyone else... so in the end we came up with the story that you once knew about us, how I was Deidara's father while Deidara played Fai to get close to you, but things went wrong when Itachi found out one night and threatened us to tell or, well you know how Itachi can get... we then had to fallow him and take him with us into the Chunnin exams where me, Itachi, and Tobi would be a team while Deidara stayed with you, and well I guess you know the rest right?" Naruto nodded and sat there for a moment, tears ran down his face.

"I'm happy." Sasori looked up and over at Naruto. "I'm happy that I'm back..." Naruto grinned.

"This is a new start for me... and I can't wait to begin it!"

The End


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