Of Ninja and Renkin

Sum: Naruto gets a hold of Renkin and well it goes from there.


Welcome to Konoha, or the hidden leaf village, or to be more precise, a darker part of the woods that surround the village. In this part of the woods, a small boy, no older the six, was clutching his right arm and dragging his left leg behind him. This boy was Uzumaki Naruto, Konohas resident 'demon'. The reason for the state of his body was the villagers' belief that he was the demon lord Kyuubi, which was sealed inside of him. To the extent that Naruto decided to end his pain and jump into the gorge. Well, he did, only the bottom changed his life.

At the bottom of the gorge was a large metal room that had a child sized hole in the top, from years of beating from falling rocks and wind. Inside the room were hundreds of hundreds of metal hexagonal plates that had an A with three lines going thought it and a roman numeral under the symbol. As Naruto woke up, another plate fell and hit his chest. "How am I alive?" asked Naruto, looking around and found the door. As Naruto got up, a few plates fell to the floor with a light ring.

"What is this place?" asked Naruto, opening the door and walking into what looked like an old lab, which had been through a battle. As Naruto looked around, he saw a screen blinking and on it was a text box that said 'Play message Y/N?'. When Naruto saw this, well, curiosity kills the cat, not the fox, so, he hit the Y on the keyboard in front of the monitor.

When the message started to play, a man that looked like a priest came up on the monitor and started to speak. "Hello, to whoever found this base. I'm General Sakaguchi of the Asian Alchemy Warriors. If you hearing this message then…we have succeeded in killing all the homunculus and have sealed the Kakugane. The Kakugane have many uses, as they can heal the user and itself over time, as well as reviving the dead. With every user what they become, changes because of the individuals' instincts and personality, they are activated by saying "Buso Renkin". I give the Kakugane to you…use them well." said the general, as the message ended and the system shut down.

"Buso Renkin?" asked Naruto, as he felt a pinch on his heart and was engulfed in light. When the light subsided, he was in a cowboy/colonial silver and black uniform that covered every part of his body. The uniform had grips on his upper arms and legs that had small blades on them and a gold Katana hanging from his back. "But…wait, that man said that the Renkin could revive the dead, so, I must have died in the fall and come in contact with a Renkin. I have to keep this quite…maybe I should grab a few more Renkin." said Naruto, running back to the vault.

Narutos Renkin is a combo of the Silver Skin, Valkyrie Skirt and the Secret Trail.

Poll time….The three Genin ninja that get Renkin…No Sasuke or Sakura...I don't like them.

End of Prelude…And the moral of today's story is… Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak. Tenkai of Chaos.