Sum: Naruto gets a hold of Renkin and well, it goes from there.

Chapter two


Welcome, Fatal Attraction!

---Random clearing---

"Why can't I get this last step?" asked Naruto, trying to get the Rasengan to work. "It's a tough justu, Naruto. Take a break, and try something else." said Jiraiya, writing something in his note book. "Well, then teach me how to channel Kyuubis charka." said Naruto, giving him a sly look. "Ummm…right, and I know just how to get you to use it. Follow me." said Jiraiya, getting up and starting to walk away. "What are you up to, old man?" Naruto asked himself.

---Second random clearing---

"Ok, Naruto, you seem to only be able to use the foxes chakra in life and death situations. So, you better live." said Jiraiya, flicking Naruto on the forehead, sending him about twenty feet. Right over a cliff. "DAMN YOU, JIRAIYA!!!!!!!" yelled Naruto, desperately trying to cling to the slippery walls. 'Damn, if I can't cling with charka, then my blades won't do. Got to get the fox!' thought Naruto, as he slipped into the darkest part of his mind.

---Naruto's mindscape---Scary thought---

When Naruto looked around, he saw that he was in a hexagonal tunnel with paths leading to places dark. But Naruto follows a red light to the end of the tunnel. When he got there, he saw a large cage with a paper with the word seal on it holding the doors shut. "Oi, baka-fox, front and center!" yelled Naruto, but what he got was much more frightening. A human came to the front of the cage, not a fox.

The person was about six foot four with reddish tan skin and glowing green hair covering his red eyes. He was the stereo typical body builder and thug, wearing only a pair of pants and a black hexagon over his heart. "V…Vic…Victor." said Naruto, as he fell back, putting some distance between him and the person named Victor.

"Strange…someone knows my true name." said Victor, looking at Naruto. "I know you, Victor, wielder of Black Kakugane, number 1. Why are you sealed inside of me, and not the Kyuubi?" asked Naruto, standing up. "I believe your kind call it genjustu. So, how do you know of me, young one?" asked Victor, finally noting who the boy in front of him was.

"I'm the last of our kind. The last Alchemy Warrior, for now, anyway." replied Naruto, looking at Victor's face, twisted in amusement. "Really? Well, if you channel my power out when your using Buso Renkin, you might get my Fatal Attraction." said Victor, as Naruto bows to him. "Thank you for loaning me your power, Victor." said Naruto, turning and taking off for the exit. After a few minutes, Victor spoke, holding back a yawn. "Let's see if this generation doesn't repeat the mistakes of the last."

---Back at the fall of death---

'Good, I didn't use to much time in my head. Let's see if Victor was right.' thought Naruto; pulling forth some of Victor's power, as well as pulling out a Kakugane. "Buso Renkin!" yelled Naruto, as the Kakugane opened and in a flash of light, Naruto was holding a gigantic war-axe that had two blades curved away from each other and held together in the middle. 'Ok, Fatal Attraction has gravity control, so, invoke the weapon and tell it to make it zero-Gs around me.' thought Naruto, as his fall stopped and he started to float up, to Jiraiya.

"Well, brat, that was an interesting way to use the Foxes charka." said Jiraiya, patting Naruto on the back, till he hit metal. When Jiraiya looked at what he hit, he saw Naruto in the silver skin.

"What are you going to do to?" asked Jiraiya, backing away. When Naruto stood up and dismissed the Fatal Attraction, he ran a hand over the greaves, with a shine where his eyes should be. "Valkyrie Greaves, attack mode" said Naruto, as all eight blades popped out and aimed at Jiraiya, who was shaking. "This is for throwing me off a cliff." said Naruto, charging at a screaming Jiraiya.

The following scene is cut out by censors for the following. Blood, gore, cursing, improper use of a nail, improper use of sharp pointy objects, improper use of a book, improper use of a lawyer, and the breaking of several animal cruelty laws and improper use of a horse shoe. We now return you to your program.

"And that is why you don't throw people of cliffs, unless you mean to kill them." said Naruto, sitting on Jiraiyas beaten and battered form. "Now, what did we learn?" asked Naruto. "Nudeper sgt yjat hetdy?" replied Jiraiya. Translation: Never get you angry? "Correct!" said Naruto, getting up and leaving Jiraiya where he lay. "Rat? Rat? Rat-t-t-t-t." sobbed Jiraiya, trying to get Naruto to drag him back to the village. Translation: Brat? Brat? Brat-t-t-t-t.

---Training field eight---

As Naruto walked onto the training field, he could hear Kiba shouting about something or other. When he finally found team eight, well, you would laugh too. Kiba was hanging upside down, with Shino taunting him with food just out of reach, and Akamaru was eating in Hinata's lap, Kurenai was just shaking her head at team eights antics. Naruto couldn't help but laugh as he saw the sight.

"Hello, Naruto, what brings you here?" asked Kurenai, turning to face him. "I need to borrow Hinata for a little while. If that's ok with you?" said Naruto, putting his hands in his pockets and fingering the Kakugane he was going to give Hinata. "What do you need her for?" asked Kurenai, as Naruto's eyes turned sharp as swords and his voice as cold as frost. "All you need to know is the old man Hokage wants her, but I'd advise not looking into it, you are already on very thin ice." said Naruto, sending shivers down Kurenais back. "Fine, but if anything happens to her, I'll get you first." said Kurenai, trying to hide her fear of Naruto. "Right, come on, Hinata." said Naruto, as Hinata followed, to frightened to speak.

---Training ground 49---

"Hinata, I'm about to tell you something, but I want you to promise me never to tell another soul. Ok?" said Naruto, pulling out a Kakugane. "Ok, Naruto-kun." replied Hinata, holding down a blush. "Hinata, my "Bloodline limit" isn't real. I just told everyone that to get them off my back. The truth is that I use something called the Kakugane, and that after the Chunin exams, I'm leaving Konoha. The reason I'm telling you this is, I want you to come with me, and be a fellow Kakugane user. You're too good for this village. So, what do you say?" asked Naruto, looking Hinata in the eyes.

'Naruto-kun's leaving the village? He wants me to go with him? What will I do?' thought Hinata, as a storm of emotions reeked havoc on her moral center. "You say yes! You love him, don't you?" said a voice inside Hinatas head. 'who are you?' asked Hinata. "I'm the inner Hinata, the one that give you all those naughty thoughts and tells you the best course of action." said I-Hinata. 'What should I do?' though Hinata, looking into Narutos eyes. "You say YES, you twit!" replied I-Hinata.

"Yes, I'll join you, Naruto-kun." said Hinata, while pushing her index fingers together. "Good, here, it's a Kakugane. It's activated by your saying Buso Renkin, then, it will form into something that will help you the most." said Naruto, putting the Kakugane number XCV (95) in her hand. "Only, use it when others aren't looking or unless I say so, ok? It will save us a lot of grief in the end." said Naruto, kissing Hinata's forehead, which caused her to faint. "Same old Hinata." said Naruto, picking her up and carrying her home.

Poll time….The three ninja that get Renkin…(Not Sasuke or Sakura...I don't like them) the three I've chosen for team one are, Naruto, Hinata, and Tenten, so they are off the list with Sasuke and Sakura. Here's what the rest will get.

Lee-1 Gekisen (The healing cross-hand spear)

Shikamaru-1 Motor Gear (chakrams that increases speed and mobility and only useable by a smart person)

Ino-1 Noisy Hamelin (Mind controlling whip)

Choji-1 Peaky Gulliver (Size changing gauntlet)

Neji-1 UNDER GROUND SEARCHLIGHT (Makes tunnels and can product a months worth of water and electricity)

Kiba- Killer Rabies (Robot dogs)

Shino-1 Alice in Wonderland (confuses the nervous system) or Neardeath Happiness (Uses gunpowder that can be launched and explodes on impact)

End of Prelude…And the moral of today's story is… I love deadlines. I especially like the whooshing sound they make as they go flying by. Je ne, Tenkai of Chaos. Does anyone read the morals?