Sadly, I don't own Pirates of the Caribbean! The big Disney Company in the sky does! I just added 3 people and changed it around! I don't own these 3 people, because they're real people and two of them are the biggest Pirate Fans I know! So this story is dedicated to them! You know who you are! Hahaha! But anyway….please read on! And it's a weird story….but please read on! Thanks!

"Hoist the colours high! Heave ho, thieves and beggars, together shall we die!" Meaghan, Cynthia, and Tobi came out of the movie theater singing.

"Oh my god! Pirates 3 was awesome!" Meaghan exclaimed.

"I know! Orlando Bloom was soooooooooo flippn' out hot at the end! I can't believe that he and Elizabeth can only see each other every 10 years!" Tobi said.

"I wish Elizabeth died!" Cynthia laughed.

"So do I!" exclaimed Meaghan. "She got to make out with Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom!" Tobi nodded as she sipped her soda.

"You're still drinking that?!" exclaimed Cynthia.

"Yea, I got a large." Tobi explained. "Even though it was 7 bucks! Pus I got free re-fills!" The 3 girls walked down the ramp to the exit. A man was washing the floor.

"Careful where you step, loves! It's a little wet still!" he said. Tobi looked at him.

"Psst! Cynithia! Doesn't he look familiar?" She asked. Cynthia looked at him.

"No, not really. Why?" she asked. Tobi rolled her eyes. "Forget you!" She turned to Meaghan. "Doesn't he look familiar?"

Meaghan looked at him. "Yea….he looks like….." she didn't get to finish the sentence. Meaghan tripped over her foot and fell, bringing Tobi and her soda down with her. Tobi's foot caught Cynthia's and then she fell. All three girls fell onto the wet floor...!

You all right?" Tobi heard someone ask.

"Yea, Meaghan thanks a lot! You tripped me! And now I lost my 7 dollar soda!" Tobi opened her eyes. She was staring into the big beautiful brown eyes of Orlando Bloom.

"Oh my god! Somebody shoot me!" she whimpered.

"Meaghan?" he asked as he helped her to her feet. "Tobi, don't you remember? Meaghan was taken with the kraken, along with Jack and the Black Pearl. Don't you remember?"

"Ummm….no….Meaghan was just here 5 seconds ago and she owes me a soda!" Tobi pouted. "Wait….Jack Sparrow?" Orlando nodded!


"Are you sure you're alright?" He asked. "That fall must have messed you up a bit."

"Uhhh…yea the fall. What exactly happened?"

"You fell down the stairs over there." He put his hand on her face. Tobi looked around. She wasn't at the mall anymore. She was standing on a ship… Orlando Bloom was putting his hand on her face…it was a little weird.

"Uhhhh….Will….Orlando….or whoever you are? I mean what about Elizabeth? I mean aren't you two like together?"

Will/Orlando looked at her puzzled. "Who's Elizabeth?"

"You know the girl who's the governor's daughter and you two are getting married…." Tobi was trying to explain.

"Tobi….there is no Elizabeth. Me and you are getting married right after we find Jack."

"Wait! So there's no Elizabeth Swann?!?" Tobi exclaimed. Will nodded.

"OH MY GOD! THIS IS CRAZY!" she exclaimed. "I'M GONNA BE MRS. TURNER!" She started dancing around the ship, her dark brown hair flying. Suddenly, she bumped into someone. It was Cynthia.

"CYNTHIA!" she exclaimed as she hugged her! "YOU'RE HERE TOO!"

"AHH! Don't hug me!" she yelled as she tried to wiggle out of her friend's hug o' death.

"I'M GONNA BE MRS. TURNER!" Tobi yelled!

"Oh my god! Can I come to your wedding?" asked Cynthia.

"Of course!" The two girls started screaming and jumping up and down.

"What's all the commotion?" yelled Captain Barbossa. The two girls stopped.

"Nothing, just celebrating!" Tobi explained. "It's not every day that you get married to a sexy beast like that!" She pointed at Will, who was smiling.

"Hey is it cold or is it just me?" asked Cynthia. They looked around. It was snowing. Ice bergs were everywhere.

"Where are we?" asked Will.

"We be off the edge of the map, Mr. Turner." Barbossa said. "To places unknown to those of the living."

"So what you're saying is, is in order to get to Jack…and of course Meaghan, we have to die?" asked Tobi.

"Wait. Meaghan's here too? WHERE?!" exclaimed Cynthia.

"She's here but not here. She's with Jack in Davvy Jones' Locker….where ever that is." Explained Tobi. She turned to Will. "And how exactly did she end up there?"

Meaghan opened her eyes. She was lying on her back, the sun in her eyes. She sat up.

"It will all have to be redone! All of it!" exclaimed a voice. Meaghan looked behind her to see the one and only Jack Sparrow yelling, but no one was there!

"Ummmm….there's no one there!" Meaghan said. Jack turned around and Meaghan almost passed out because he was totally beautiful!

"Oh it's you. Then you can show these fine gentlemen how to tie a real knot!" Meaghan looked behind Jack.

"Come again?"

"Here." Jack tossed her the rope. "Show them."

"Jack…really….there's no one there. It really might seem like you're seeing hundreds of you… case some of them are top less….and you look so sexy top less….but there's really know one there! You're in the Locker and its making you go all mad!" Jack rubbed his head.

"I know where I am! I know that we're stuck here! But you really shouldn't be here, love."

"Why?" asked Meaghan.

"Because you ran back to save me when your little friend chained me to the mast of me ship. And you were eaten and ended up here with me, savvy?"

"When Elizabeth chained you to the mast?" Meaghan asked.

"No, your little red head friend…..what's her bloody name…Cynthia!"

"Cynthia?!! She's here!?!?! YAH!" Meaghan exclaimed. "Wait! Why'd she chain you to the mast?"

Jack shrugged. "She ran away laughing, though."

"Sounds like Cynthia. What about Will? Couldn't he save you?"

"No he was already in the boat with his girlfriend. He can't be anywhere without her! Your other little friend…what's her name….Tobi!"

"Tobi!?!" She's here too! YAH!" exclaimed Meaghan! "Yeah, she would be with Will Turner in a boat, while you die!" Suddenly, Jack bugged out again.

"Gentlemen, I wash my hands with this wind!" Jack then randomly jumped off the side of the ship. Meaghan ran over to the side.

"Jack didn't we just have this conversation? There's no one there!" she called out.

"What conversation?" Jack called back. Meaghan sighed. "Oh somebody get here soon and save us!"