From the Desk Of XObeautifulXdisasterXO:

Hello Everyone!

As you all know, there once was a sequel to "Sexy Beasties." I deleted it because I thought it needed some I've decided that I am going to re-make the sequel...only BIGGER AND FUNNIER!

So, I decided to give you a little peek by adding the first chapter to this author's note!

Please tell me if you like the idea because I'm not gonna write it if ya don't love it!

So Enjoy!

Tobi kicked a crab that was crawling by her foot. She was looked around her. There was nothing but endless piles of sand. The sun was beating down at her and she was getting quite bored.

But this was a meeting...and she had to be here. She was meeting with her boss to talk about...well getting some time off.

Tobi had saved Will, her husband from his terrible fate after her and her buds, Cynthia and Meaghan had been thrown into the Pirates World. She had gotten stabbed instead and now she was harboring the souls to the next world, and it was quite boring!

So while she waited for her boss to show up, she started to sing...very loudly!


"Quiet!" a voice shouted. Tobi jumped and looked around. There was no one there.

"Creepy..." she shivered.

"Who dares entar me home?" a voice asked. Suddenly, there was a woman standing before her. It was Tia Dalma or Calypso.

"Well now, Captain Turner...what is it that you've come to ask of me?" she smiled.

Tobi scratched her head. "Well, I don't know how you're gonna take this but, I want a week off."

"A week?" Calypso asked. "Why is this?"

"Ummm...I'm bored?" Tobi shrugged, "Plus I miss my hubby and Cynthia and Meaghan and Jack and James and Barbossa..."

"Enough!" Calypso shouted. Tobi stopped.

"You 're suppose to harbor the souls to the aft'ar 'tis you're job."

"I know...and I've done it! And I'll get back to work as soon as the week is up. I'm not asking you for the world here!" Tobi stated.

Calypso thought about this for a moment. "You promise that you will return when you are done?"

Tobi nodded eagerly. "Yes! Yes! Yes! Just please give me some time off! Once every ten years isn't enough! If you did that back in my world, the federal people of the government or union or something would have a lot to say about it!"

"Yes, I believe you deserve a week off, Captain!" Calypso smiled.

Tobi ran over and hugged her. "Oh! Thank you!"

Calypso smiled. "Now, what would you like to do first now that you are off?"

Tobi closed her eyes and sighed. "To be with Will!"

She opened her eyes again. She was now standing on a different beach just as the sun was going down. She looked around. Where was she?

Then she saw a two familiar faces in front of her.

"C.C! MEAGHAN!" Tobi screamed as she ran towards her friends.

"TOBI!" The girls ran towards her and formed into one big group hug.

"What are you doing here?" Meaghan asked. "You're suppose to be with the Fish People!"

"They're not fish people anymore! Duh!" Cynthia exclaimed.

"I got a week off!" Tobi smiled.

"Well, there's something we need to tell..."

"Tobi!" a voice yelled. It was Will!

"Will!" Tobi ran towards her hubby. Will grabbed her and kissed her.

"Ten years went by really fast!" he exclaimed. "It seems like you died yesturday!"


"So how was life bringing souls to the after life"


"Wow! Ten years!"


Will stopped. "What?"

"It hasn't been ten years yet! It's only been a week!" Tobi explained.

"Oh. It has?" he asked. "Then what are you doing here?"

"I took some time off!" Tobi explained.

Will kissed her again. "How long?"

"A week, but I plan to spend as much time with you as possible!" Tobi told him.

"Well, there's someone I want you to meet." Will motioned for someone to come over.

Tobi gasped. Oh no. This was not happening. No! No! No!

A sandy brown haired girl now stood next to Will, all smiles.

"This is Elizabeth. I met her in Port Royal a couple days ago."

And that's when Tobi fainted...