A Fear, a Grim, and a Reaper

Fear's Arrival


I would just like to say before the story starts that I haven't seen season 5 at all, just the FIRST episode from that grouping. But this starts in a season I managed to watch so hopefully I'm not missing anything up to that point, plus I'll probably be making R/S's relationship go a bit faster then the show. Also the Character Fear was made from the basis of a person my lil brother made up so please excuse any faults that may show up in him.


A lovely evening in Jump city, and in a park a couple are enjoying a boat ride on a pond. Their ride is interrupted as their boat suddenly rocks violently. The two steady it only to glance around as the Jaws' music springs up.

The girl screams and points towards a shark fin heading towards the boat, which gets bitten in half by said shark. The guy grabs the girl and quickly swims to shore, the shark darting at and away from them the entire time.

Once on land the couple hugs only to freeze as the shark leaps out of the water, turns into a human, and lands in front of them.

The human looks up and stands to reveal that he's not normal: dark red skin, white hair with a green glow, black eyes with blue pupils, a black leotard with two glowing yellow eyes above a red hourglass on the front on his back is a brown fiddle with a scorpion tail above it. The human smiles revealing sharp teeth, he takes a deep breathe and exhales.

"Ahh I love the smell of fear in the morning. Cause Fear is who I am, and what I do." Fear howls like a wolf as he begins to shape shift, the couple stare in freight at the werewolf. The wolf howls until the couple runs away, he stops and chuckles, "yes run away in fear, from Fear."

Fear gives chase only to be stopped by a black force field a short distance away. "You like scaring people, well be scared of us."

Fear, now human, turns to smile at the titans, "the teen titans? My, my what an honor, shame you want to stop me." the titans watch as his skin becomes brown and burnt while wrinkling, his clothes changes to a somewhat burnt suit.

"Dude he just became Freddy Kruger." "Who?" Raven doesn't get her answer as Fear raises a hand revealing finger knives.

"One, two, Freddy's coming for you." he begins to walk forward the knives next to his face.

"Three, four better lock the door." he raises his other hand to brandish all his knives.

"Five, six grab a crucifix." Fear thrusts the knives in their direction, despite him not being close enough to really attack; Beastboy is the only one to cringe.

"Seven, eight better stay up late." Fear smiles as he stands straight up, arms down.

"Nine, ten never sleep again." at this he lunges forward, the titans scatter and Beastboy becomes a monkey to avoid a strike. Fear quickly turns and cuts a star bolt in half with the knives before his skin becomes black.

With a new set of wings he launches into the air and attacks Starfire, his finger weapons gone. "Now he's the Creeper, what is with this guy?" BB becomes a pterodactyl and flies up to help.

Robin and Cyborg on the ground blink at the aerial fight. "So he becomes movie monsters?" Robin brandishes a birdarang, "seems like it."

The boy wonder throws his weapon and knocks Fear out of the sky. The three flying stop and look down to see Robin pull out his Bo staff as he approaches the evil shape shifter.

A laugh familiar to Robin causes him to freeze, Fear stands, his hair now green, face white and wearing a purple suit with a corsage on it. "Not just movie monsters."

Fear smiles, and raises his hand, "that is correct sir. As a reward have a smell," Fear pulls on the corsage to squirt out acid.

Robin rolls to the side to avoid it only to become wide eyed right before a sledgehammer slams him into the ground. Fear, as Clayface, laughs as he retracts his arm.

Star bolts splatter some clay as they strike, Fear using Clayface's liquid-like body leaps up and pools in another area only to arise looking like another clown.

"Ha-ha welcome to the titan's final Fearful hour. Trumpsword," Fear starts to pull two swords from behind his back only to use them to block a punch from Cyborg. The half-Robot teen forces the 'Digimon' villain back, "oh yeah Piedmon don't scare me."

Cyborg attempts another punch only to blink in confusion as Fear has leaped backwards. Fear stands up to show he still has a white face, green hair once again, but instead of a purple suit he has a black and white stripped one.

"Don't mess with the ghost with the most tin man." the scene shifts to behind Fear, showing Cyborg blinking blankly at him. With a scream, Fear causes snakes to emerge from his head. He stops screaming and the snakes go away to reveal Cyborg with a pale face.

"I can't believe he just did that." Cy covers his mouth with his hand as he runs over to some bushes to hurl. Fear laughter stops as Raven throws a park bench at him, as an ass-blaster from Tremors 3 he blasts away from where he was and flies around Raven.

Fear, now a creature from Pitch Black, charges Raven only to be slammed into the ground. With a cry of pain he reverts to his human form as she lands next to him. "Your monsters don't scare me."

Fear grunts a few times trying to transform but fails, he sighs when he gives up. "Cool we caught him." BB jumps back as Fear looks up, smiling, "guess I'll have to find a monster that does scare you then."

Raven raises an eyebrow at him. "Oh how adorable!" all attention turns to Starfire as she picks up a small furry creature. "Where'd you find that Star?" Starfire points to where Fear, as Clayface, was earlier.

"Hey that's a twonkie!" Raven turns back to him, "you know what it is?"

"Hmm we're in a park…hey what time is it?" Raven raises an eyebrow at his question. "Why should we tell you?"

The sorceress doesn't get an answer as the shape shifter turns his attention towards an intercom as music comes on. Starfire gasps as the twonkie begins to twitch, she drops it when it transforms.

The monster twonkie growls as it jumps at Beastboy, who becomes a gorilla and knocks it away from him. The twonkie bounces off a tree and lunges at Raven only to get caught in a magic sphere.

She watches it try to break free before she turns back to Fear. "You know what it is, how do we stop it?" "Hey I'm not telling unless you let me go." Raven shrugs as she encases him in a sphere and combines the two.

The twonkie and Fear stare at each other before the small creature lunges at him. Fear yells out and dodges, he transforms into a nazgul's fell beast.

Before the twonkie can attack again he lets out a loud horrible screech. The titans drop to their knees, Raven's concentration breaks causing her magic to falter.

Fear, human, and the, now harmless, twonkie fall to the ground. Fear stands and looks at the little creature, he thinks for a minute before his body becomes green and a large tail comes out his back. Fear, as Cell from Dragonballz, expands his tail and flings it at the twonkie.

When he's done reabsorbing the creature he returns to normal and looks around to see the titans recovering. "I'd better split before you guys are battle ready again, but don't worry scare you later."

The shape shifter spins around and becomes XLR8, the fast alien form of Ben from Ben 10. With a final wave to the titans he zips off, the titans blinks as he vanishes. Fear stops a good distance away and looks down as a small device on him starts blinking.

With a flash he's human again. "Right, that one doesn't last very long. Hmm Beastboy knows horror movies so just about any monster gets him." Fear smiles knowing just how many movie monsters there are.

"Robin won't be surprised by my imitation of the monsters he's faced again but he won't know what attacks to expect. Cyborg just gross out, didn't get anything on Starfire or Raven." he thinks for a few seconds before he spots something in the sky, "Huh a shooting star?"


The 'shooting star' turns out to be a humanoid alien. He has black spiky hair a bang falling down over his left eye, black eyes, a deep tan, white bone-like armor, only covering chest and waist, black tights under the armor.

A brown tail wraps around his waist as he stops and looks down at the city. "Hmm sensed something down there. Heh this might be a fun planet after all, have some slow fun before I cause mass panic and blow the world up." the alien laughs manically.

The titans stop heading back to their tower when they hear an explosion. "Now what?"

"Titans go!" the 5 run in the direction they heard the explosion and find the alien, with a large crater behind him. "So sorry pitiful humans, but I wanted to make an entrance you'd remember when your dead."

The alien laughs as he raises a hand and shoots a ball of light towards a group of people. A birdarang hits it, causing it to explode early saving the people. "Don't know who you are or where you're from but attacking people lands you in jail here."

The alien smirks at the 5 teens, "a human, power lvl pretty high for his species."

He turns from a surprised Robin to glance at Starfire. "Hmm a Tamaranian and if my guess is right you're the princess." it's now Starfire's turn to be surprised at the info he knows before the alien's attention shifts again.

"A half robot half human, remarkable strength." Cyborg blinks then beams in pride, "oh yeah he said I had remarkable strength, Robin only had pretty high." Robin glares at Cy briefly before turning back to the alien.

"Don't know what you are but only above average strength." Beastboy growls as the other titans snicker at his analysis. "Hey, I'm human and watch this." Beastboy becomes a T-Rex and snorts in the alien's face.

The alien doesn't seem frightened as he calmly replies, "strength went up but the other two humans still stronger." disappointed Beastboy returns to normal, the others now laughing freely.

"And if what I am sensing is correct, then your father," the stranger turns to Raven. "Is someone dad has been fighting, somewhat, for complete control of HFIL. (1) you five are very interesting."

"How'd you figure all that out?" Raven glares, her magic encircling nearby items.

"I can sense life energy, the stronger you are the more you have. My name is Grim, and I'm here to kill everyone, then blow the planet up." the titans are pushed back by a blast of wind from Grim's direction. "Just try to stop me."


(1) HFIL is off of the dubbed versions of Dragonballz, it is supposed to be Hell but I prefer using HFIL since my character in Dragonballz is around those who shouldn't be cussed around quite often. Plus I'd rather say HFIL anyway.

Me: hmm a cliffhanger and I thought I'd never actually use these oh well.