9 years later...

"Megan Mary Winchester your going to be late for school!" Her father yelled.

She glanced at the clock. 7:00. School didn't start for another 40 minutes.

Her door opened. "Megan if you do not get out of bed I will pour cold water on you." her father threatened and closed the door.

She got up. He did that before so she knew he wasn't lying. Her cat Porkchop meowed when she moved off the bed. Megan looked at the cat.

"You can sleep all day if you want. Lucky." She muttered.

She went to her dresser and pulled out a pair of underwear,bra and clean socks. She pulled out an outfit and went into the bathroom and showered. After she brushed her teeth combed out her hair and ran downstairs with her book bag.

"Look who's finally up." Her father said.

"Please dad. It's not like you liked school either."

Her mom laughed.

There was a knock at the back door. Her mom went to answer it.

"Kathy come in."

Her best friend Kathy for 9 years. She lives just across the street.

"Megan, how come you always wake up late?" Kathy asked.

"Because I go to bed late." She said grabbing a pop tart.

"Have fun at school." Her mom said.

"Bye mom."

They walked to school and made it by a minute when the bell rang. They had almost every class together. First class she had English which meant her Uncle Sam was waiting for her. He smiled when her and Kathy made their seats right when the bell rang.

The day flew by real fast and it was Friday!

"Hey Kathy we doing our annual sleepover?" Megan asked as they walked home.

"Yeah. Your dad won't be spying again will he?"

"Probably. He freaks out too much."

Kathy laughed. They made it to their houses and Megan went straight to her room to tidy it up a little since Kathy was staying over. Kathy was kind of a neat freak when Megan was a slob. Her Uncle Sam said she got it from her dad but not his taste in music.Her music followed her Uncle's.

"Hey is Kathy staying over tonight?" Her father asked.

"Yes and we're just going to be watching horror movies and eating a bunch of junk food."

"Well you did get your taste for junk food from me."

Megan had threw all her clothes and everything else on the bed.


"Language. What are you looking for?"

"The remote to the dvd player. We can't watch the specials without it. Mom!"

"Yes dear?" She said walking in.

"Mom I can't find my remote again."

"Megan that's the 5th time." her mom said. She floated the bed in the air.

THERE IT IS! It was way on the side of the wall where she couldn't reach it. HOW THE HELL DID IT GET WAY OVER THERE? Megan thought.

Her mom lowered the bed. "Thanks mom." she said giving her a kiss.

"No problem."

Having a mom that can move things with her mind was pretty neat. And it came in handy when she couldn't find her shoes.

"Come on Dean. Let our daughter clean her room." her mom said.

"She'll just be throwing everything in the closet anyways." her father said leaving the room.

True. She did it anyways. She looked around for anything else. Crap! She could just vacum who cares about dusting something that'll have something on it after you clean it anyways? Then she just made her bed. Porkchop walked in the room and looked around. Her cat was used to it being messy too. Porkchop jumped on the bed and snuggled in between her pillows. Lucky cat.

So what do you think? Am I doing good so far?