Harry/Severus & Harry/Blaise
Warnings: Rape, abuse, slash (male/male pairings), violence, language, sexual situations… NOT KID FRIENDLY

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Chapter Four: Sweet Toy

Harry rose slowly from the grass his whole body ached. He searched through his pockets for a healing potion and cursed when his hand came away with a mix of blood and blue liquid. He would just have to live with it until he could get back to his trunk.

On his way back to the castle he stumbled a couple of times, but thankfully no one was on the grounds in his way. Harry pushed open the heavy oak doors with more effort than he usually needed but the sting of glass in his side had made its presence known. He only had an hour before class and he had seven flights of stairs between him and his pain killers.

Harry had never been more grateful for his free period, he had a long way to go and he prayed to every god he could think of that he wouldn't run into anyone. Holding his left side with one hand and the railing of the first staircase with the other Harry slowly made his way up. Looking down at his feet periodically to make sure he wouldn't fall he was startled when the stair case started to rumble under his shoes.

"Fuck, I don't need this right now." He mumbled as the stair he was standing on swung to the right sharply. Harry fell to his knees and groaned with lightheadedness. He closed his eyes against the nausea unaware of which direction he was traveling. There was a sudden lurch as the stairs stopped and Harry nearly thanked Hogwarts out loud to find himself at the seventh floor landing.

The brunette made his way through the hallways and toward the Fat Lady his vision was wavering with every step forward. Grunting the pass to the old woman in pink he made his way through the entrance and across the thick carpets clinging to chairs and sofas all the way across the room. His fingers dug into the buttery leather before her pushed off in the direction of the boys dormitory. He crawled on hands and knees up the spiral stairs and pushed the door to his rooms with much relief.

Harry opened the trunk with some difficulty pushing with his left hand he switched to the right hand when the strain on his left side became too much. He stretched thin fingers into the bottom of his trunk digging underneath robes and trinkets. He pulled out a new set of clothes to change into before grabbing at several blue and orange filled vials.

Potter swallowed half of an orange vial and one of the blue potions sitting back on his heels waiting for the effects to kick in. When the throbbing in his back and face subsided he stood slowly and closed his trunk. He leaned forward to the end of his four-poster to grab the clothes he had set aside. Making his way to the bath room he shed his robes and shirt and threw them in the hamper. He hoped the house-elves would be able to remove the deep stains.

Closing the door behind him Harry turned to face the mirror reluctantly. He wanted to avoid this at all costs but it was necessary to check on his injuries. Everything seemed to be healing quickly. The blooming black on his face was slowly yellowing before his swollen eyes. The puffiness would remain and would be tender the rest of the day he knew, but maybe he could convince everyone it was just an allergy. He frowned when he took in his ribs, they were staying a weird gray and rimmed in red around the glass from his potions. Harry opened his designated cabinet and pulled out a pair of tweezers and some muggle alcohol. These were followed by a small box of bandages.

Harry glared down at the wound and raised his arm up to pull the largest shard of glass from between his ribs. It was coated in a thick layer of blood and was about an inch and a half in length. Harry made quick work of the shards and used his wand to draw the rest of the powdered glass from his flesh. The pile by the sink was sitting in a puddle of his blood. He took a cloth and washed the wounds with hot water and held the rag to his side as he grabbed the alcohol and twisted the cap open with his teeth.

Harry grit his teeth and poured the stinging liquid over his side. Blood and froth cascaded across his stomach and hip and Harry knew something was wrong as he screamed grabbing the remainder of orange painkiller and swigging it like a sailor. He looked at the label again. It was alcohol he had poured not peroxide, so why the foam?

He looked at the clock on the wall. He didn't have time for this. He wrapped the bandages around his ribs and shoulder to hold the cotton pad in place, spelling the blood from his mouth and covering himself in a clean button down and uniform. He looked back in the mirror and ran a shaking hand through his hair. All he could think of was what a loser and moron he must be. He was grateful that Blaise hadn't gone too far this time; he would just have to avoid Snape as much as possible.

Harry cleaned up his mess and covered the bloody rag with a clean shirt in the hamper before heading back down the stairs to charms.

Hermione looked at Harry oddly as he entered the astronomy class. The room was dark, and he was just in time for the beginning of Sinistra's lesson. Ron nudged his shoulder and Harry had trouble fighting his wince.

"How's Blaise doing Har' he looked a little upset when you left class early?" Ron whispered with a worried look. Harry sighed.

"Blaise was Blaise… drop it." Ron didn't look reassured and Hermione looked a little worried at this comment. Harry nearly snapped, apparently Ron had been talking about the incident from earlier in the week.

The Professor hushed the class and the lesson began. Harry quickly lost himself in his notes and the rotation of glittering constellations and moons as they flittered across the ceiling.

The class ended and Harry went to stand, he grabbed the edge of the table he was sitting at as a wave of dizziness came over him his vision grayed and his whole body felt drained. He tried calling out to Ron and nothing seemed to escape his mouth. The gray turned black and colors burst behind his eyes as he tried to yell out to his friends but he couldn't seem to get loud enough.

He suddenly found himself on the floor between the wooden chairs with his legs under the table, books were spread around him and Ron and Hermione's faces loomed above him with a glass of juice in her hand.

"Here Harry take a sip, I don't remember you eating lunch today." At Harry's look she explained. " I summoned Dobby, don't worry everyone else already left the room, no one saw."

Harry heaved a sigh of relief and finished the orange juice off quickly before laying back on the floor for a moment.

"That was embarrassing, I'm sorry you two had to see that."

"Wait you mean you had this happen before?" Ron stared.

"Just at the Dursley's… Don't worry about it; I'll be fine in a minute. Thank God it's the end of classes. "Hermione and Ron looked startled, but stayed silent. Harry hadn't ever said it was that bad at the Dursley house. Sure they were told the whole family was dieting, but they weren't aware that he had passed out before.

"Come on Harry let's get you to dinner." Hermione said. Harry was lifted to his feet carefully by his elbows and the trio exited the tower making their way slowly down the steps. Blaise was waiting at the bottom of the stairs with his arms folded he looked up from checking his watch to see the Golden trio. He glared before catching himself and smiling large and predatorily at his little brunette toy.

"Harry, do you want us to stick around?" Ron asked quietly as he and Hermione let Harry go over to his boyfriend. Harry shook his head and they could just see his eyes water before he straightened up and walked over to the other boy.