Kira: It's me once again. Here's a small Xemnas/Saix oneshot. I personally think I didnt do too well, but it's based off that particular cutscene where Saix goes to see Xemnas on the Alter of Naught. Please R&R.

Disclaimer: I dont own Kingdom Hearts or any characters in this story.

The pale light of Kingdom Hearts shone down on one lone nobody, who stared up, letting the moonlight caress his face. His burning amber eyes were locked onto the moonheart, watching it grow fuller thanks to the countless hearts that the Heartless slain by the keyblade bearer have released.

"Yes… Kingdom Hearts… Rejoice, and feast on these hearts we offer! Shine your pale light on this empty realm… Share your power with all Nobodies!" The Superior said, raising his hands up to the moonheart. There was the unmistakable sound of a portal appearing behind him and he immediately sensed the arrival of the Luna Diviner. The Diviner stared at the back of the Superior for a moment.

"Xemnas… Is Kingdom Hearts ready?" the blue-haired berserker asked, his emotionless expression never leaving his face. His bright yellow eyes followed his superior's movements like a hawk.

"Very soon." Xemnas said, keeping his eyes on the moon above him. Saix was eager to finish the keyblade wielder, after the others failed; he knew that it was up to him. He had to do it, so he could have a heart.

"Then, I can end this charade?" the berserker asked, not letting his impatience mix into his voice. Xemnas slowly turned around to look at his second in command, finally having to tear his gaze from the moon above. He kept an indifferent expression on, not the type of person to show any emotion.

"Indeed." He simply said, nodding a bit at the other nobody, his dark silver hair swaying slightly, bangs sweeping in front of his face. Saix slowly blinked, a smirk breaking onto his lips. He couldn't wait to tear the keyblade wielder, Sora, and his friends apart.

"How I've waited to hear that." The Luna Diviner said, turning to leave. He held up a hand to make a portal, while Xemnas turned back to watch his precious Kingdom Hearts. Saix froze though, looking over his shoulder at his superior. He turned around and approached him, gathering up his courage. Xemnas, though, noticed that he hadn't heard Saix disappear and was about to turn around on his own, when he found someone's hand on his shoulder, gently turning him around.

"Saix… What are you doing?" Xemnas asked, looking at his second in command confused to what he was doing. Saix frowned at him, yellow eyes never leaving his amber ones.

"Something I should have done sooner." Saix said in a low voice, placing one of his hands on the back of Xemnas' neck and drawing him closer. Their lips met and Xemnas' eyes widened, wondering what the hell was going on, but then before he could respond, Saix drew back and entered a portal he hastily made, leaving his Superior to stare after him, in shock, and perhaps regret.

Saix entered Addled Impasse via the portal, striding over to the huge window that had the perfect view of Kingdom Hearts. It wasn't too long, after staring up at the moon for several minutes, when his sensitive ears picked up the footsteps of the intruders. He slowly turned around, a smirk on his face, now knowing that, if he failed, he'd go out fighting and protecting his Superior.