The Victorian Lace Café

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Warnings: Probably a lot of OOCness, some slight inaccurate information, and mentions of attempted rape.

Summary: He didn't know why he ended up like this. Cross-dressing as a female, and working in one of those oh so famous Cosplay Cafés dressed in Lolita. But what he really didn't get was why a certain Raven-haired man chose him to be his Hostess. SasuNaru. AU.

A/N: You may be confused with Shikamaru, Ino, Chouji, and Sasuke drinking alcohol in the previous chapter, but lets just say in this story they're in their twenties while the other characters are catching up :)

The Victorian Lace Café
By: Naoko-Miharu

Chapter Three: Moe Moe, Jan, Ken, Pon!

"Shikamaru was probably right… coming to Victorian Lace wasn't such a bad idea."

After a few seconds of eye lock, Sasuke pulled his hand away from Naruto's chin and slightly smiled.

'Whisker-like scars…' He thought.

Naruto tried to fight off the blush that was trying to ink his entire face and successfully did so.

The young Uchiha backed up and started to walk down the marble stairs to leave when Naruto grabbed his jacket sleeve.

"Y-you're not going to work tomorrow are you?"

Sasuke turned around, "Hm?"

The blonde released his grip on the Raven's arm, "I mean tomorrow is a weekend… and if you're not going to work or anything, will you come back tomorrow?"

Sasuke didn't respond, but he kept his gaze on Naruto.

The blonde beat down the blush that was definitely intruding his cheeks, "Uh, never mind… Oyasuminasai Sasuke-san."

"Hn, Oyasuminasai," The raven-haired man said, "and don't worry, you'll definitely see me sometime."

Naruto grinned. "Great! More time I get to poke fun at you," He said sarcastically.


With that, Sasuke casually left the café as if nothing had happened. Bells were heard as the double doors silently closed shut behind him.

Naruto touched his chin and smiled.


The locks snapped in place as the blonde finally closed the café for the night. He smoothed out his dress and finished buttoning up his jacket.

He looked around the busy street; pedestrians flooded the sidewalks and the still open cafés and bars. Naruto felt his bag vibrate; he knew Iruka was trying to reach him.

He took his cell phone out of his bag and flipped it open; the screen flashed ten missed calls and three very disappointed and worried voicemails.

"Iruka is gonna kill me for sure,' He thought.

Naruto slipped his cell phone back into his bag and started walking back home.


"Get lost you sick pervert!"

Naruto sighed. Being out this late wasn't that great. As the time passed, the sidewalks were being slowly filled with perverted drunk men, making Naruto hurry back to his apartment.

After a few blocks and a couple of tries to the key hole, Naruto finally made it back safe and sound. But when he slipped off his high heels and flicked on the light, he was surprised to see a very worried yet scary Iruka.

Naruto gulped, "Tadaima…"

"Okaerinasai Naruto," Iruka said sternly, "Do you have any idea what time it is?"

Naruto sighed and slipped off the blonde wig before nodding.

"Hai, hai," He said tiredly.

"Don't you just 'yes' me," The man said, "You're at least an hour late!"

The blonde fumbled with his jacket, along with the corset and took it off; he placed it along with his wig on a vacant chair. He walked over to his bedroom with Iruka on his tail.

"Iruka, I'm nineteen now, I think I can handle being out late," He said half truthfully.

Though Naruto was only nineteen, he always had a tendency to come back home from work no later than 11:45 PM. Naruto was a loyal and good person… but seriously, teenagers his age had always hung out this late at night and would usually come home around two in the morning. Why couldn't Naruto do that?

Naruto flopped on his bed and yawned.

Iruka leaned on the door frame and slapped his hand on his forehead.

"What am I going to do with you?" He said slightly annoyed.

The father-figure momentarily strolled over and flopped on the bed as well. He poked at the sleepy Naruto before shifting his position so one of his legs was on bed.

"Haruno-san called before, she told me that everything went well today," He said.

Naruto turned around, "Yeah, I guess it was… but you could never guess who came in half past ten."

Iruka thought for a moment before replying with an, "Uchiha Sasuke?"

The blonde's eyes widened as he shot up, "How did you know?"

"Sakura, remember?"

Naruto eased, "Ohhh, right, forgot about that." He let out a nervous chuckle before lying back down on the bed.

"Did something happen between you guys? I really hope you didn't do anything to make VL look bad."

Naruto scoffed, "Well… not really? I mean almost everyone's impression of Sasuke was a sadistic jackass, and he did come in all drunk and full of attitude, but I didn't do anything to ruin VL."

Iruka sighed in relief before he raised an eyebrow, "Wait… drunk?"

Naruto took hold of his pillow and curled up into a ball, "Yeah… well, he looked pretty sober, but his friends kinda drunked him up."

"Ah. Well, it doesn't really suit a guy like him to give in into peer pressure."

"Meh, maybe something happened to him at work or something of the sort. He did tell me that his friend was bugging him to take a break." Naruto explained, "And he did look like he hasn't slept in ages."

Iruka nodded and continued to listen.

"But anyways, he came in and surprisingly ordered a sandwich and a cup of coffee. Karin made me do that thing to cheer him up since she said that he looked depressed… and well things lead up to another, and when I was supposed to close up, he was dead asleep and refused to leave."

"Ah, I see," Iruka nodded.

"So after a few failed attempts at waking that guy up, I kinda…"

Naruto paused.

"You kind of… what?" Iruka questioned.

Naruto fidgeted with the pillow.

"It's nothing. But that last attempt didn't work, so I just yelled at him and then… he left?"

Iruka nodded, understanding the situation that made Naruto late.

"Seems like an interesting day," He said.

"It sure was," Naruto agreed.

The father figure got up from the bed and placed his hands on his hips.

He watched his ward pick at the edges of the pillow case. It slipped between his fingers and Naruto smiled. Iruka knew Naruto enjoyed that weird tingling feeling whenever you slip the pillow case edges between your fingers.

The blonde let out a soft sigh before looking at his dress, then at Iruka.

"Did you eat dinner?" He asked.

Iruka raised an eyebrow, "Me? I should be the one asking you."

Naruto smiled sheepishly, "So did you?"

Iruka smiled as well, "Yes, I finished eating a while ago. And I'm guessing that you haven't eaten a bite since lunch?"

The blonde nodded into his pillow.

"Hm, I'll go make some ramen for you. In the meantime, go get washed up, and hang your wig and jacket up while you're at it, please?"

Naruto groaned before waving his hand lazily, "Yes sir."

Iruka scoffed before shaking his head, "Isoginasai! You're going to have an extremely long day tomorrow Naruto."

With that Iruka left and headed to the kitchen.

Naruto grumbled to himself before pushing the pillow away from him and getting up from the bed.


The sound of water running could be heard inside the door leading to the extra bathroom within the blonde's bedroom.

The Loli-maid uniform hung neatly in the nearby closet, along with the jacket and wig.

The now nude Naruto begun to wash away the remaining make-up on his face in the sink, and within a few minutes his face was makeup-free.

After a last rinse, he then stepped into the shower, turned the knob for the water and... yelped.

'Too cold…' He said mentally.

Naruto grabbed the shower head and proceeded to do his daily shower routine of scrubbing and washing himself squeaky clean.


Before the guy could squeeze out a palm full of conditioner, he couldn't help but think about the young Uchiha.

The blonde shook his head and grimaced, "I should NOT be thinking about him at a time like this…"

Naruto took the bottle of hair product and re-squeezed the conditioner out of the dark blue bottle. He scrubbed his golden hair, enlarging the amount of jasmine-smelling foam while rubbing at his scalp.

'Man, Sasuke seemed to not want to go back home for some reason... I wonder why.'


Naruto turned the shower knob clockwise until the water came to a halt. He then slowly got out of the tub and onto the orange colored shower mat; he twitched at the awkward feeling of wet fuzziness between his toes.

He wrapped a dark colored towel around himself and leaned on the marble sink facing the fogged mirror. He lifted his right arm and quickly doodled a doodle of Sasuke with an arrow stuck through his head along with the word 'Jerk' at the end. Naruto smiled contentedly and opened the door to enter his bedroom to change.

The cool air enveloped around Naruto before streams of heat hit him. Iruka must have turned on the heater.

Naruto hung his towel up, and in a few minutes, changed into his pajamas and lazily entered the kitchen to see a nice hot bowl of ramen sitting on the table.

Iruka was seen in the kitchen cleaning up the not-yet washed dinner plates from the morning.

Even though Naruto had moved out of Iruka's own house, Iruka could never help himself but come over to check on his ward and occasionally do some housework. Naruto wasn't exactly the neatest person in the world.

The blonde said his thanks before ravishing himself to the warm meal.

Moments later, Iruka placed the now dried plates in the cabinet above the sink, and took a seat next to the kitsune.

Naruto slurped up the remaining pieces of noodles and soup contents before placing it down on the table and letting out a satisfied sigh.

"Glad you enjoyed it," Iruka said somewhat sarcastically.

Naruto let out a nervous chuckle before wiping his mouth with a tissue.

"Yup! It was really good," He said happily.

Naruto got off the chair and placed the empty bowl and chopsticks in the sink and begun to wash them.

Iruka placed an elbow on the table and rest his head on his hand.

"Naruto, I need something tell you."

Porcelain and wood clashing with one another could be heard, along with swishes of water before a small thunk and water stopping.

Naruto dried his hands with a towel and left the bowl and chopsticks on the kitchen counter to dry.

"What is it?" He asked curiously.

The blonde found his way back to his chair and plopped down.

Iruka sighed. "Well, I'll be going out of town for a while... and then out of the country."

Naruto flinched and blinked several times, "EH?! O-out of the country? Why?"

Iruka chuckled nervously before scratching the side of his face, "Well since Victorian Lace's popularity is growing by dozens, and we get numerous amounts of costumers almost every month. A few of our employees including myself decided to build and spread some other Cosplay Cafés around Japan and possibly in America. We've already bought the land there, and we should be able to get it up and running by the next two to three years."

Iruka continued, "And since I won't be here in Akihabara to watch everything that happens, I'm placing you, Izumo, and Kotetsu in charge."

Naruto was silent.

'I-Iruka out of the country?! A-and placing me of all people in charge?' He thought, his mouth gaping, 'This can't be good.'

"Are you okay with this Naruto? I mean, I know it's going to be a lot of trouble for you and all..."

Naruto snapped out of his thoughts, "Huh? Oh! Yeah, it's totally fine... but, I can still call you if something goes wrong, right?"

Iruka laughed, "Of course! Just don't destroy the place and expect me to fix it overnight."

Naruto scoffed, "I wouldn't do that!"

The brunette ruffled the blonde's hair before smiling, "I know you would never do that."

Iruka got up from his chair and stretched, "Izumo and Kotetsu will be in and out of the café since they have their own jobs to do, so I don't expect you to go crazy taking care of the café yourself."

Naruto nodded.

"How long will you be gone?" He asked. The kitsune definitely needed more information. He had taken care of the café once or twice, but never for this long amount of time.

Iruka thought for a moment, "I'll be leaving tomorrow morning, but I'll be outside of Akihabara not too long, so I'll be back within a week. But the day after I get back, I have to fly over to America and meet with the guys that are helping us with the cafés."

"Oh, okay." Was all Naruto's response.

"Don't worry Naruto; I'm sure nothing will go wrong. Just give me a call whenever you need something. And besides, Sakura, Hinata, and Karin are going to be taking their share in running VL, so it won't be that bad."

'Thank god...,' Naruto thought.

Iruka finished his stretching before he glanced at the microwave, "Wow, it's almost half past one. I suggest you hit the hay."

Naruto nodded, "Ossu!"

Iruka ruffled Naruto's head once more before walking over to the kitchen to shut the lights off.

The two men shut off the remaining lights and headed back to their rooms for a good night sleep.

The upcoming day will be a very long and intense one.


"Karin can draw a picture or a message with ketchup on your Omurice, nya! Would you like one Okyakusama?"

The men who were staring google-eyed at Karin and her neko uniform slowly nodded.

"What would you like me to write or draw for you?" She asked sweetly.

"I-If it's okay with you, d-do you think you can write your name?" One of the men asked nervously, his face flushing. The other man nodded in agreement.

Karin forced a smile, "Hai."

The twenty-two year old hated when she had to write her name. But knowing she can't do anything about it, she quickly yet gracefully wrote her name in ketchup on top of the first ordered rice omelet. When she finished, she placed it gently down in front of the first customer and wrote her name on the other omelet.

The men thanked her before digging in.

Karin curtseyed cutely before taking the tray she was using to bring the two orders from the table and headed downstairs.

Saturday mornings were usually busy. Regulars fled over to the café to enjoy the special food, freshly brewed coffee and adorable pastries VL had to offer.

Iruka had left Naruto's apartment earlier than usual and left a small list of things Naruto should do when he was away. Cleaning up after himself was one of the things that were definitely listed down.

All of the twenty-five hostesses were busy serving customers and chatting away in the conversation room, bringing regulars and newbies a great experience they would never forget.

Right after Iruka left, Naruto got dressed and got ready earlier than his regular time just to open up and to help set up the tables and chairs in the café.

Towards the end of September and the entire month of October, Victorian Lace held a small tradition where the hostesses would dress up in an animal-themed maid outfit or as an Anime character, and try their best to (cutely) imitate the animal or character they are assigned to.

Naruto, at this time of month was dressed as a 'Lolitified'-Kitsune-Maid, with his usual work attire on, but with a pair of fox ears and a fluffy scarlet-white tail. Sakura was also dressed in her usual work attire but was adorned with a pair of soft bunny ears and a small fluffy tail.

Both Karin and Hinata were dressed up in their own respected neko-uniforms, while the other Hostesses dressed up in other animal-themed costumes and certain characters from current mainstream anime.

Breakfast and early morning games with the Maids were being served and played heartily. Loud catchy beats of J-pop and Electro-pop music echoed around the café.

The morning ran smoothly, and eventually Izumo and Kotetsu dropped by and made sure the café was in order.

Morning turned into noon and noon turned into night. The music still blared happily and the atmosphere changed after the clock reached nine.

The stage set in the near center of the café was nicely decorated, its colorful lights flashed amongst the stage and throughout the large interior of the café.

Saturday nights were immensely crowded but that never stopped the hostesses from doing their jobs.

Four hostesses including Sakura were propped on stage happily dancing and playing games with the customers who were sitting a few feet away.

Naruto and Hinata were taking turns watching the bar and serving regulars while Karin managed the conversation room.

When the clock signaled it was nine-thirty, a loud and happy cheer was heard throughout the café.

Sakura took off the microphone that was on the stand and announced to all the customers that it was finally time for the most popular game throughout the Maid-café craze; Janken.


"Moe, moe, jan, ken… Pon!"

A loud happy cheer and a few crushed groans were heard.

"Awwh, you beat us!" Sakura exclaimed loudly.

"You! In the dark green hoodie! C'mon up here!" One of the hostesses dressed as Haruhi called out.

There were a few pats on the back for the man in the green hoodie before he happily ran on stage.

"Since you beat us, Oojisama, you get to sing with us!" The Haruhi hostess announced.

The man's face tinted pink before breaking out in song with everyone.

Naruto, who was watching from the vacant balcony in the almost vacant second floor smiled.

After serving his regulars, he couldn't help but to watch Sakura and the others on stage. His friend always attracted everyone downstairs, leaving the second floor almost empty on Saturday nights.

When he was content, he was about to head downstairs to the kitchen before someone grabbed his arm.

"Heh, don't chu look oh so lovely tonight."

Naruto cocked and eyebrow before he looked up to see two scruffy looking men that reeked heavily of alcohol.

"Let go of me, please," Naruto calmly said. He had been through this numerous amounts of times and this wasn't any different seeing how he always had the upper hand in turning them down. But this time, it was kinda different.

He winced at the grip that suddenly tightened on his arm.

"Why would I let go of someone as pretty as you?" The man said huskily.

His grip tightened even more and Naruto tried to push the hand on his arm away.

"Let go of me now, Okyakusama," Naruto said harshly, "I do not have any interest in you, and I don't think I ever will."

"Feisty now, are we?" The second man noted.

"Unhand me now!" Naruto shouted.

The man that had his grip on Naruto sneered, "Didn't I tell you? I ain't gonna let someone pretty as you get out of my sight."

Naruto grit his teeth. The man had both of the blonde's hands and legs pinned down to a nearby wall, and he couldn't move.

The pumping and energetic music that played on the stage still blared, deafening Naruto's muffled cries and attempt to escape.

'This jackass better unhand me or he won't see daylight again!" Naruto thought as he tried to wriggle free.

The alcohol reeked man smirked evilly at Naruto before leaning down for a kiss.

'Oh hell no, he isn't!'

Naruto clamped his mouth shut and quickly turned his head away, making the man kiss his cheek instead. The man's grip tightened even more as he placed a leg between Naruto's slender ones that hid under his dress.

"Stop it! What the hell do you think you're doing?!" Naruto yelled.

"A cute kitsune like you should shut up right about now," He said harshly.

Naruto growled.

The second man, who was behind the first one walked up to Naruto and touched his face, softly caressing his cheek.

"Don't touch me!" The blonde barked, "No one gives you the right to!"

The man scoffed, "You feisty little fox, you're going to regret talking back to us like that."

Naruto was in deep crap right about now, but he still wasn't going to give in to those two idiots.

The second man reached over to Naruto's corset and gently caressed the frills that adorned them. He then traveled lower to where the bottom of Naruto's dress reached and slowly lifted it up, layer by layer. But before he could reach up to Naruto's undergarments, the sound of a door opened.

They all turned around to see the open door that led the conversation room, only to find no one coming out.

"Kaaaarin-san! You forgot one more thing!"

"Ugh... yes, yes Oojisama, what is it?"

'Thank goodness, Karin!'

Naruto quickly looked back to the two men that were still looking at the door to see if Karin would come out, and with that, Naruto quickly yet forcefully released his arms from the reeked man and kneed him directly in the crotch.

"Bastard!" The blonde exclaimed.

The now crotch-pained man sunk down to his knees; hands covering his pained area.

Naruto quickly dashed for the stairs when the man yelled out to his friend to not let Naruto go just yet.

The kitsune looked back and clenched his teeth, his dashed down the stairs midway before he was caught by the arm again.

"Let me GO!" He screamed, breaking the contact and running towards the stage area.

The man grunted and attempted to grab Naruto once more before a figure stepped between them, his sharp and demanding voice was heard.

"What the hell do you think you're doing to Naruko?"

A few customers stopped what they were doing and turned around to see what the commotion was about.

"S-Sasuke... san?" Naruto whispered, 'W-what is he doing here? I thought he was too busy to come today...'

The man scoffed.

"Oi, I should be the one talkin'," He said, "The 'ell you doin' ruining our fun with her?"

"Fun? You think sexually abusing a hostess is fun?" Sasuke retorted.

The man laughed, "Ha, what do you know about fun, boy? All yous rich snobs know how to do is work and work and git money outta people, so don't you misinterpret what I do for fun."

Sasuke narrowed his eyes, "Well whatever the hell you're doing, she's not interested in you, so why don't you just leave?"

There was a deadly silent eye lock before the man from before walked down the stairs.

"You feisty little runt, you're going to pay for kicking me like that."

Naruto backed up while the Uchiha stood protectively behind him.

"No one is going to do anything to Naruko, so please leave."

Naruto flinched as the now aggravated men threw the first punch at Sasuke.

Sasuke quickly dodged the punch being thrown at him and flung both men to the floor.

The loud bang from the two men that hit the floor startled some of the customers, which made Sakura and the other hostesses stop performing. The large crowd of costumers stopped and watched as the men fought.

A few more punches were thrown at Sasuke before he eventually knocked both of them out, leading to police to take action moments later.

When the police arrived, Sakura quickly got off stage and ran towards her friend.

Naruto was sitting quietly in the corner, his heart was beating rapidly at the scene that was just presented not too long ago.

"Naruko! Are you alright? They didn't hurt you did they?" Sakura asked, concerned.

"Y-yeah, I'm fine Sakura-chan," Naruto whispered, "and no, my wrists just hurt, that's all."

Sakura relieved a sighed before placing an arm around her friend. Being a hostess was one thing, but this... this was something else.

As the police exited the two men out of Victorian Lace, Sasuke walked up to the blonde, making Sakura get up and go over to Hinata who was still in a semi-state of shock.

Naruto blinked at the dark haired man before turning away.

"So I don't get a thank you?" He asked sarcastically.

Naruto bit his lip, "Thank you..."

Sasuke smirked.

"Heh, I just thought I'd stop by to say hi but I'd never expect this to happen."

Naruto groaned, "I thought you were too busy to drop by."

The Uchiha sat down in a vacant chair beside Naruto. He placed an arm around the chair behind him.

"Were you expecting me?" He asked.

Naruto continued to advert his gaze before speaking up.

"Well you did leave an awkward silence last night... and well, I don't know."

Sasuke 'hmm'ed.

"But uh... thanks," Naruto whispered, "Sasuke…"

Before Sasuke could say anything, there was a large flash and a large group of reporters hoarding around him and Naruto.

And what do you know? Headlines made the front page, "Uchiha Sasuke, saves Maid in Akihabara."

A/N: ... Okay, before you throw tomatoes at me for not updating for 3 months, I just want to say I'm SORRY and that school has been eating away at me... most of the time. This chapter was pretty hard to finish up with, and I apologize for the colorful language that was thrown in here, lol. Uhm, as for the rating, it MAY go up later on and yeah. I'll be writing up Chapter four now... so off I go! And sorry for the weirdness of which is chapter three xD.

Btw, Okyakusama means guest; visitor; or customer.